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You will find a listing of V.S.O.P. re-issue serie. This contains the cover, number of this re-issue serie, original company #, leader, titel. (re-issue format is given when known).
More information about many of the recordings (recording or publishing date, original issue  #, pers. and titles) are available in the web at discogs.
At the end there is a listing of Studio West Re-issue serie on CD.

see this link about how is all started in the 1980's... with VSOP

copyright Dr.Michael Frohne

1 Studio 4; J.R.Monterose In Action; LP

2 Celebrity 209 Elmo Hope Here's Hope; LP

3 Beacon B 401 Elmo Hope High Hope; LP

4 Mode 124; Don Fagerquist Octet Music to fill a void; LP

5 Mode 112; Pepper Adams Quintet; LP

6 Mode 115; Lucky Lucy Ann Lucky Lucy Ann; LP

7 Mode 118; Eddie Costa Quintet; LP

8 Mode 125; Warne Marsh Music for prancing; LP (also issued on Criss Cross LP)

9 Tampa 25; Herbie Harper Quintet; LP, CD

10 Tampa 28; Marty Paich Quartet feat. Art Pepper; LP, CD

11 Tampa 8; Jimmy Rowles Let's Get Acquainted with Jazz; LP

12 Mode 127; Leonard Father presents 52nd street; LP

13 Mode 120; Vic Feldman Mallets a fore thought; LP, CD

14 Tampa 14; Bob Enevoldson Quintet; LP

15 Tampa 15; Moods In Jazz; LP,  CD (+ Tampa 14) (Gordon,Harper)

16 Mode 107; Frank Rosolino Quintet; LP, CD

17 Mode 102; Richie Kamuca Quartet; LP, CD

18 Mode 103; Mel Lewis Sextet; LP

19 Andex 3003; Bill Holman-Mel Lewis Quintet Jive for Five; LP, CD

20 Dig 101; Tanganyika (var); LP, CD (+ Tampa 34)

21 Tampa 24; Plas Johnson Bop Me Daddy; LP

22 Tampa 10; Oscar Moore Quartet; Cass, CD (+ VSOP 34), LP

23 Mode 110; Jazz Band Ball First Set; LP, CD

24 Omega OSL47; Virgil Gonzalves Jazz at Monterey; CD

25 Andex 3004; Bill Holman Big Band In A Jazz Orbit; LP, CD

26 Tampa 11; Tampa Hi Fi Jazz; LP

27 Tampa 23; Hot Piano feat. Marty Paich; LP, CD

28 Tampa 33; Gerald Wiggins Trio; LP, CD

29 Interlude 513; Hot Skins; LP

30 Omega ST7020; The Art of Pepper Vol.1; LP

31 Mode 128; Piano Playhouse; CD

32 The Metropolitan Bopera House Still Comin' On Up; LP

33 Omega ST2030; The Art of Pepper Vol. 2; LP

34 Skylark 19; Oscar Moore; CD (+ VSOP 22), LP

35 Rave 101; Red Norvo Naturally; CD

36 John Metzger; Out of the Dark; LP

 37 Omega OSL2; Dick Marx Marx Markes Broadway; LP

38 Mode 114; Herbie Mann/Buddy Collette Flute Fraternity; LP

 39 Mode 119; Harry Babasin; LP, CD

40 Mode 123; Jazz Band Ball #2; LP, CD

41 Mode 101; Stan Levey Quintet; LP, CD

42 Mode 106; Clora Bryant; Gal with a horn LP,CD

43 Mode 109; Conte Candoli; LP, CD

44 Art Monroe I Never Dreamed; LP

45 Tampa 19; Paul Smith Quartet: Fine, Sweet And Tasty; LP, CD

46 Motif 502; Max Albright Mood For Max; LP

47 Andex 3002; Mucho Calor; LP, CD

48 Andex 3007; Jimmy Rowles Weather In A Jazz Vane; LP, CD

49 Mode 100; Herbie Harper Sextet; LP, CD

50 Metropolitan Bopera House; Formidable; LP

51 Mode 104; Paul Togawa Quartet; LP, CD

52 Ava 39; Pete Jolly Sweet September; LP

53 Ava 11; Elmer Bernstein; LP, CD

54 Tampa 18; Drum Stuff; LP (G.Jenkins,Plas Johnson)

55 Tampa 29; Drum Magic; LP (G.Jenkins,Plas Johnson)

 56 Tampa 17; Something Different; LP (Donati,Katz)

57 Andex 3006; Dempsey Wright The Wright Approach; LP, CD

58 Mode 113; Joanne Grauer Trio; LP, CD

59 Ava 2/Choreo; Carol Lawrence This Heart of Mine; LP, CD

60 Art Monroe "Memories"; LP

61 Tampa 20; The Art Pepper Quartet Val's Pal; LP, CD

62 Andex 5001; The Pilgrim Travelers Look Up; LP

63 Ava 22; Pete Jolly Little Bird; LP, CD

64 Mode 105; Marty Paich Trio; CD, LP

 65 Andex 3003; John Graas International Premiere in Jazz; CD

66 "The Fabulous Bill Harris";CD

67 Jon Metzger "Into the Light"; CD

68 Mode 108; Joy Bryan Sings; LP, CD

69 Mode 126; Delightful Doris Drew; LP, CD

70 Mode 122; Al Viola, Solo Guitar; LP, CD

71 The Danny D'Imperio Sextet; CD

72 John Marshall - Tardo Hammer Bopera House; CD

73 Stephanie Nakasia Comin' alive; LP

74 (?)

75 Mode 111; Bobby Troup Swings tenderly; LP

76 Mode 116; Don Nelson The Wind; LP, CD

 77 Mode 117; Bernie Nerow Trio; LP

78 Pete Jolly And Friends ; CD

79 Stephanie Nakasia French cooking; CD

80 Herbie Harper/Bill Perkins Two brothers; CD

81 Danny D'Imperio Blues for Philly Joe; CD

82 The Valiants This is the night for love; CD

83 (?)

84 George Wallington Pleasure of jazz inspriation; CD

85 Mode 201; Gabe Baltazar Back in action; CD

86 Mode 202; Danny D'Imperio 7 Hip to it; CD

87 Andex; Rene Block Orch. Mucho rock; CD

88 Tampa; J.D.King & Orch. Swinging Saturday night dance party; CD

 89 Herb Geller Quartet; CD

90 Jack Sheldon Jack Sheldon presents The entertainers; CD

91 Pete Jolly The red chimney and Sherry's Bar recordings.; CD

92 Lanny Morgan Quartet; CD

93 Bob Cooper & Conte Candoli Quintet; CD

94 Howard Roberts Live at Donte's; CD

95 Claude Williamson Trio Hallucinations; CD

96 Danny D'Imperio Glass enclosure; CD

97 Ralph Pena Master of the bass; CD

98 Pete Jolly Yeah!; CD

99 Jimmy Rowles Our delight; CD

100 Jon Metzger Quartet The spinner; CD

101 Jack Sheldon Live at Don Mupo's Gold Nugget; CD

102 Howard Roberts Magic Band II

103 Mike Barone Big Band Live at Donte's '68

104 The Modern Jazz Orchestra featuring Kenny Drew

105 The Pete Jolly Trio Timeless

106 The Herbie Brock Trio "Herbie's room"; CD

107 The Lon Norman Sextet Gold Coast Jazz; CD

108 The Ex-Hermanites featuring Bill Harris; CD

109 The Octet Gold Coast Jazz; CD

110 Stephanie Nakasian Lullaby in rhythm

111 Laurie Allyn Paradise; CD

112 The Warne Marsh Quartet featuring Joe Albany Live at Dana Point, 1957

113 Eric Felten meets the Dek-Tette

114 Johnny Holiday Holiday for lovers; CD

115 Pete Jolly and Ralph Pena The Duo; CD

116 The Turks "The Keen Records" Sessions; CD

117 Johnny Guitar Watson The Original Gangster of love; CD

118 Stephanie Nakosian Thrush hour; CD

119 Jesse Fuller Clarinet Portrait; CD

120 Ensign E-1001Stars of Bethlehem Above my head; CD

121 The Otis Rene Story; CD

122 Danny D'Imperio and the Bloviators Alcohol; CD


124 Danny D'Imperio and the Bloviators Booze; CD

125 American Jazz Quartet Volume 1; CD

126 Lighthouse All Stars Jazz Rolls Royce; CD

127 David Angel Camshafts and butterflies; CD

128 The Doug Webb Quartet Sets the Standard; CD

129 American Jazz Quartet Wade in the water;CD

Studio West Re-issues on CD

Studio West 101 Shorty Rogers Quintet with Jeri Southern

Studio West 102 Chico Hamilton Quintet Transfusion

Studio West 103 The Red Norvo Quintet

Studio West 104 The Buddy Collette Quintet with Irene Kral

Studio West 105 Ray Rivera Septet Night wind

Studio West 106 Joanie Sommers Look out! It's Joanie Sommers

Studio West 107 Sue Raney Breathless!

Studio West 108 Sue Raney Volume II

Studio West 109 Shelly Manne The navy swings!

In the meantime some were issued as CD's on the Spanish Fresh Sound label.

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