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Silkheart - a label discography  copyright Dr. Michael Frohne

This is just a numerical listing - for more information check discogs. If you have the missing lp's and/or cd's enter discogs and add missing information. Here's the link to SILKHEART there.

The distribution of this label with basically modern jazz with some is rather confusing for customers in Europe. And in US??
ZYX had them in stock for some time - and now??
If you don't know how to get them ask OPEN DOOR in Freudenstadt. In US I think Cadence has the remaining part of the catalogue in stock.
# 101 - 125 were issued as LP (of course out of print), now the complete catalogue is available on CD.
What's going on after #151???

copyright Dr.Michael Frohne

101 Dennis Gonzales New Dallas Quartet: Stefan
102 Steve Lacy: The Gleam
103 Steve Lacy: One Fell Swoop
104 Ahmed Abdullah: Liquid Magic
105 Charles Brackeen: Bannar
106 Dennis Gonzalez: Namesake
107 Michael Bisio: In Seattle
108 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Ancestral Song
109 Ahmed Abdullah and the Solomonic Quintet
110 Charles Brackeen: Attaintment
111 Charles Brackeen: Worshippers Come Night
112 Dennis Gonzalez: Debenge Debenge
113 David S.Ware: Passage To Music
114 Booker T: Go Tell It On The Mountain
115 Charles Gayle: Always Born
116 Charles Gayle: Homeless
117 Charles Gayle: Spirits Before
118 Charles Tyler and Brus Trio: Autumn in Paris
119 William Hooker: Lifeline
120 Daniel Carter: Other Dimensions In Music
121 Dennis Charles: Queen Mary
123 Rob Brown: Breath Rhyhtm
123 William Hooker Ensemble: The Firmament/Fury
124 Dennis Gonzalez: The Desert Wind
125 Joel Futterman: Vision In Time
126 Roscoe Mitchell and Brus Trio: After Fallen leaves
127 David S.Ware: Great Bliss Vol.1
128 David S.Ware: Great Bliss Vol.2
129 Mattew Shipp: Points
130 (Sampler) Spirit Of New Jazz
131 Joel Futterman: Berlin images
132 Ernest Dawkins New Horizon Ensemble: South Side Street Songs
133 Jim Hobbs: Babadita
134 Charles Gayle: Vol.1 Translations
135 Hal Russell-Joel Futterman Quartet: Naked Colours
136 Jim Hobbs: Peace & pig grease
137 Charles Gayle: Vol.2 Raining fire
138 Bob Ackerman: Old & New Magic
139 Roy Campbell Pyramid: Communion
140 Ernest Dawkins New Horizon Enemble: Chicago Now - Thirty Years of Great Black Music Vol.1
141 Ernest Dawkins New Horizon Enemble: Chicago Now - Thirty Years of Great Black Music Vol.2
142 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: 21st Century Union March
143 Joel Futterman: Nickelsdorf
144 Steve Lacy: 5 x Monk, 5 x Lacy
145 David S.Ware Quartet: Oblations and Blessings
146 Andrew Cyrille - Richard Teitelbam: Double clutch
147 William Hooker & Billy Bang: Joy (Within)
148 Assif Tsahar Trio: Ain Sof
149 Aaly Trio & Ken Vandermark: Hidden in the stomach #
150 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Ka-Real
151 Thomas Borgman - Wilber Morris - Dennis Charles Last Concert

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