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India navigation - a short discography compiled by Dr. Michael Frohne

A new revised version with covers. For more information go to discogs. There you'll find pers., dates, titles.

Not all are issued on CD!

1023 Revolutionary Ensemble: Manhattan Cycles (first # released)

1024 Alan Braufman

1025 Hamiet Bluiett: Endangered Species

1026 David Murray: Flowers For Albert

1027 Pharoah Sanders: Pharoah

1028 Leroy Jenkis: Solo Concert

1029 Arthur Blythe: The Grip

1030 Hamiet Bluiett: Birthright

1031 Chico Freemna: Chico

1032 David Murray: Live At The Lower Manhattan Ocean Club Vol.1

1033 Joseph Jarman/Don Moye: Egwu Anwu (2LP)

1034 Munoz: Rendez-Vous

1035 Chico Freeman: Kings Of Mali

1036 Anthony Davis: Songs For The Old World

1037 James Newton: Paseo Del Mar

1038 Arthur Blythe: Metamorphosis

1039 Hamiet Bluiett: S-O-S

1040 Jay Hoggard: Solo

1041 James Newton/Anthony Davis Quartet

1042 Chico Freeman: Outside Within

1043 Cecil McBee: Alternate Spaces

1044 David Murray: Live At The Lower Manhattan Ocean Club Vol.2

1045 Chico Freemna: Spirit Sensitive

1046 James Newton: Music For Wind Quintet

1047 Anthony Davis: Ladies Of The Mirror (solo)

1048 Amiri Baraka/David Murray: New Music/New Poetry

1049 Jay Hoggard: Mystic Winds, Tropic breezes

1050 Bob Neloms: Pretty Music

1051 James Newton: Portrait

1052 Chet Baker / Lee Konitz: Live

1053 Cecil McBee: Flying Out

1054 Ted Curson: Curson & Co.

1055 Dennis Moorman: Circle Of Destiny

1056 Anthony Davis: Variations

1057 Air: Air Song (ex Whynot)

1058 Muhal Richard Abrams (ex Trio)

1059 Chico Freeman: The Search

1060 Craig Harris: Aboriginal affairs

1061 Big Nick Nicholas

1062 Clarinet Summit Vol.1

1063 Chico Freeman: Morning prayer (ex Whynot)

1064 Air: Air Raid (ex Whynot)

1065 Alvin Batiste: Musique d'Afrique

1066 Big Nick Nicholas: Big Nick

1067 Clarinet Summit Vol.2

1068 Jay Hoggard: Riverside Dance

1069 Alvin Batiste: Bayou Magic

1070 Chico Freeman/Von Freeman: Freeman & Freeman

1071 Chico Freeman Still Sensitive

1072 Hamiet Bluiett Impossible to keep

3023 Tom Johns Nine bells

3024 Arnold Dreyblatt Nodul Excitation

3025 Yoshi Wada

3026 Phil Nibock Notin to look at just a record

3027 Phil Niblock Niblock for celli

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