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Among collectors the label IMPULSE is best known for the many John Coltrane records - but also for other musical highpoints by less known artists. You cannot go wrong with buying each record without even knowing the leader.
There are rumors that all originals are high priced among collectors nowadays. Better look into the foldout sleeves: All over Europe there were black-labeled Philips pressings inside original US-covers. First editions were mono carrying the prefix A- - later issued in stereo with the prefix AS-; all stereo originals carry AS-. The fold-out hard covers were laquered. They bear the orange/black labels up to 1968, second and later editions have red & black labels with the logo on top between 1969 through 1972. In 1973 and 1974 the label was black and from 1974 to 1978 purple and green.

Pressings from various catalogue number were made in Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany and some strange editions with different covers came from other countries. As far as I know not even in Japan the complete catalogue was issued. Jasmine (GB) and MCA (Italy) issues of some records came out shortly before the CD's came to the market.

The low price vinyl material plus some restrictions (lack of oil) of the time between 1960 and 1975 reflect in some bad
sound quality issues. Therefore in some cases better try the CD issues which are of excellent quality.(f.i. Archie Shepp's Fire music or Charles Mingus' Black Saint and Sinner Lady). Or if you are a hi-end-freak with some affection to vinyl better try the re-issues by Speakers Corner (see link)

Acknowledgements: Many thanks for informations which were sent by Fekete Csaba (from Hungary!)

Some numbers are up to now unknown. Please help with your additions! There are some singles with takes or sessions not issued on LP - I had problems to check them out, see end of the end - Please help along There are some additions about until now unissues session at the end. And at the very end you will find some ABC - Paramount records listed because both labels are related.
copyright Dr.Michael Frohne / Heinrich Lukas Lindenmaier
Send corrections to the following adress
P.S. not included are ABC Duke / ABC Dunhill

(prefix A- or AS- or ASD- or IA) A- was used for mono and stereo / AS- and ASD- only for stereo editions
1 Kai Winding: Great Kai
2 Ray Charles: Genius + Soul = Jazz
3 Kai Winding: Incredible Trombones
4 Gil Evans: Out Of The Cool
5 Oliver Nelson: The Blues And The Abstract Truth
6 John Coltrane: Africa Brass
7 Art Blakey: Jazz Messengers
8 Max Roach: Percussion Bitter Sweet
9 Gil Evans: Into The Hot
10 John Coltrane: Live At The Village Vanguard

11 Quincy Jones: Quintessence

12 Benny Carter: Further Definitions

13 Curtis Fuller: Soul Trombone

14 Milt Jackson: Statements

15 Count Basie: and the Kansas City Seven

16 Max Roach: It's Time

17 Jackie Paris: Song Is Paris

18 McCoy Tyner: Inception

19 Manny Albam: Jazz Goes To The Movies

20 Shelly Manne: 234 (w. Coleman Hawkins)

21 John Coltrane: Coltrane

22 Curtis Fuller: Cabin In The Sky

23 Roy Haynes: Out Of The Afternoon

24 Michael Brown: Alarums and Excursions

25 Oscar Brand: Morality

26 Duke Ellington meets Coleman Hawkins

27 Freddie Hubbard: The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard

28 Coleman Hawkins: Desafinado

29 Chico Hamilton: Passin' Thru

30 Duke Ellington & John Coltrane

31 George Wein: The Newport All Stars

32 John Coltrane: Ballads

33 McCoy Tyner: Reaching Forth

34 Coleman Hawkins: Today And Now

35 Charles Mingus: The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady

36 (va) Americans In Europe Vol.1

37 (va) Americans In Europe Vol.2

38 Freddie Hubbard: Body And Soul

39 McCoy Tyner: Nights Of Ballads And Blues

40 John Coltrane: and Johnny Hartmann

41 Paul Gonzalves: Feelin'Jazzy

42 John Coltrane: Impressions

43 Sonny Stitt: Now!

44 Gordon Jenkins Presents MY Wife The Blues Singer Beverley Jenkins

45 Art Blakey: A Jazz Message

46 Gary McFarland: Point Of Departure

47 Gloria Coleman: Soul Sister

48 McCoy Tyner: Live Newport

49 Elvin Jones: Illumination

50 John Coltrane: Live At Birdland

51 Shirley Scott: For Members Only

52 Sonny Stitt & Paul Gonsalves: Salt And Pepper

53 Freda Payne: After The Lights Go Down Low

54 Charles Mingus: Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus

55 Paul Gonsalves: Way It

56 Yusef Lateef: Jazz Around The World

57 Johnny Hartmann: I Just Dropped By to say hello

58 Terry Gibbs: Take It From Me

59 Chico Hamilton: Man From Two Worlds

60 Charles Mingus: Mingus Plays Piano (solo)

61 Johnny Hodges: Everybody Knows

62 Lorez Alexandria: The Great

63 McCoy Tyner: Today And Tomorrow

64 Clark Terry: The Happy Horns

65 Ben Webster: See You At The Fair

66 John Coltrane: Crescnet

67 Shirley Scott: Great Scott

68 Jay Jay Johnson: Proof Positive

69 Yusef Lateef: Live At Peps

70 Milt Jackson: Jazz'n'Samba

71 Archie Shepp: Four For Trane

72 Billy Taylor: My Fair Lady Loves Jazz

73 Shirley Scott: Everybody Loves A Lover

74 Johnny Hartmann: Voice That Is

75 Oliver Nelson: More Blues And the Abstract Truth

76 Lorez Alexandria: More Of The Great

77 John Coltrane: A Love Supreme

78 Lionel Hampton: You Better Know It

79 McCoy Tyner: Plays Ellington

80 Russian Jazz Quartet: Happiness

81 Shirley Scott: Queen Of The Organ

82 Chico Hamilton: Chic Chic Chico

83 Lambert/Hendricks/Ross: Sing A Song Of Basie

84 Yusef Lateef: 1984

85 John Coltrane: The Quartet Plays

86 Archie Shepp: Fire Music

87 Coleman Hawkins: Wrapped Tight

88 Elvin Jones: Dear John C.

89 L.Brown: Inspired Abandon

90 (va) The New Wave On Jazz

91 Sonny Rollins: On Impulse

92 Yusef Lateef: Psychicemotous

93 Shirley Scott: Latin Shadows

94 (va) The New Thing At Newport

95 John Coltrane: Ascension

96 Pee Wee Russell: Ask Me Now

97 Archie Shepp: On This Night

98 Dannie Richmond: Jazz For The In Culture Set

99 (va) The Definitve Jazz Scene Vol.1

100 (va) The Definitve Jazz Scene Vol.2

9101 (va) The Definitve Jazz Scene Vol.3

9102 Chico Hamilton: El Chico

9103 John Lee Hooker: It Serves You Right To Suffer

9104 Gary McFarland: Tijuana Jazz

9105 Gabor Szabo: Gipsy

9106 John Coltrane: Kulu Se Mama

9107 Louis Bellson: Thunderbird

9108 Earl Hines: Oce Upon A Time

9109 Shirley Scott: On A Clear Day

9110 John Coltrane: Meditations

9111 Sonny Rollins/Oliver Nelson: Alfie

9112 Gary McFarland: Profiles

9113 Oliver Nelson: Plays Michelle

9114 Chico Hamilton: Further Adventures

9115 Stanley Turrentine: Let It Go

9116 Benny Carter: Addition To Further Definitions

9117 Yusef Lateef: A Flat G Flat And C

9118 Archie Shepp: Live In San Francisco

9119 Shirley Scott: Roll'Em

9120 John Coltrane: Expression

9121 Sonny Rollins: East Broadway Rundown

9122 Gary McFarland: Simpatico

9123 Gabor Szabo: Spellbinder

9124 John Coltrane: Live At The Village Vanguard Again

9125 Yusef Lateef: The Golden Flute

9126 Roswell Rudd: Everywhere

9127 Clark Terry: Spanish Rice

9128 Gabor Szabo: Jazz Raga

9129 Oliver Nelson: Sound Pieces

9130 Chico Hamilton: The Dealer

9131 Zoot Sims: Waiting Game

9132 Oliver Nelson: Happenings

9133 Shirley Scott: Soul Duo

9134 Archie Shepp: Mama Too Tight

9135 Chico O'Farrill: Nine Flags

9136 Steve Kuhn: Three Compositions Of McFarland

9137 Pee Wee Russel: College Concert

9138 Pharoah Sanders: Tauhid

9139 Marion Brown: Three For Shepp

9140 John Coltrane: Om

9141 Shirley Scott: Girl Talk

9142 Mal Waldron: Sweet Love Bitter

9143 Phil Woods: Greek Cooking

9144 Oliver Nelson: Kennedy Dream (Tribute To JFK)

9145 (va) Intercollegiate Music Festival Vol.1

9146 Gabor Szabo: Sorcerer

9147 Oliver Nelson/Pee Wee Russell: Spirit Of '67

9148 John Coltrane/Alice Coltrane: Cosmic Music

9149 Dizzy Gillespie: Swing Low, sweet Cadillac

9150 Al Collins: Jazzbo

9151 Gabor Szabo: Wind Sky And Diamonds

9152 Mel Brown: Chicken Fat

9153 Oliver Nelson: Live From L.A.

9154 Archie Shepp: The Magic Of Ju-Ju

9155 Albert Ayler: In Greenwich Village

9156 Alice Coltrane: Monastic Trio

9157 Clark Terry: What's Happening

9158 Rolf Kühn/Joachim Kühn: Impressions Of New York

9159 Gabor Szabo: Light My Fire

9160 Elvin Jones/Richard Davis: Heavy Sounds

9161 John Coltrane: Selflessness

9162 Archie Shepp: One For A Quarter

9163 Tom Scott: Honeysuckle Breeze

9164 Bill Plummer: Cosmic Brotherhood

9165 Albert Ayler: Love Cry

9166 Emil Richards: Journey To Bliss

9167 Gabor Szabo: More Sorcery

9168 Oliver Nelson/Steve Allen: Soulful Brass

9169 Mel Brown: The Wizard

9170 Archie Shepp: The Way Ahead

9171 Tom Scott: Rural Still Life

9172 (var) Irrepressible Impulses

9173 Gabor Szabo: Best of Gabor Szabo

9174 Chico Hamilton: The Best of Chico Hamilton

9175 Albert Ayler: New Grass

9176 Ahmad Jamal: At The Top Poinciana Revisited


9178 Ornette Coleman: At Twelve


9180 Mel Brown: Blues For We

9181 Pharoah Sanders: Kharma

9182 Emil Richards: Spirit Of 1976

9183 Charlie Haden: Liberation Music Orechstra

9184 Dave Mackay & Vicky Hamilton

9185 Alice Coltrane: Huntington Ashram

9186 Mel Brown: I'd Rather Suck My Thumb

9187 Ornette Coleman: Crisis

9188 Archie Shepp: For Losers

9189 Milt Jackson: Live At Shelly's Manne

9190 Pharoah Sanders: Jewels Of Thought

9191 Albert Ayler: Healing Force

9192 Buddy Montgomery: This Rather Than That

9193 Milt Jackson/Ray Brown Big Band: Memphis Jackson

9194 Ahmad Jamal: Awakening

9195 John Coltrane: Transition

9196 Alice Coltrane: Ptah The El Daoud

9197 Chris Coulter: Eastside San Jose

9198 Dave Mackay / Vicky Hamilton Rainbow

9199 Pharoah Sanders: Summun Bukmun Umyun

9200 John Coltrane: The best of John Coltrane - His greatest years (2lP)


9202 John Coltrane: Live in Seattle (2LP)

9203 Alice Coltrane: Journey In Satchidananda

9204 Gabor Szabo: His Greatest Hits (2LP)

9205 Genesis Trespass

9296 Pharoah Sanders: Thembi

9207 Howard Roberts: Antelope Freeway

9208 Albert Ayler: The Last Album

9209 Mel Brown: Mel Brown's Fifth

9210 Alice Coltrane: Universal Consciousness

9211 John Coltrane: Sun Ship

9212 Archie Shepp: Things Have Got to Change

9213 Chico Hamilton: His Great Hits (2LP)

9214 John Klemmer: Constant Throb

9215 Michael White: Spirit Dance

9216 Chris Coulter: Do It Now

9217 Ahmad Jamal: Freeflight

9218 Alice Coltrane: World Galaxy

9219 Pharoah Sanders: Black Unity

9220 John Klemmer: Waterfalls

9221 Michael White: Pneuma

9222 Archie Shepp: Attica Blues (2LP)

9223 John Coltrane: Best of John Coltrane - His greatest years Vol.2 (2LP)

9224 Alice Coltrane: Lord Of Lords

9225 John Coltrane: Infinity

9226 Ahmad Jamal: Outertimeinnerspace

9227 Pharoah Sanders: Live At The East

9228 (va) Energy Essentials (3LP)

9229 Pharoah Sanders: The Best Of Pharaoh Sanders (2LP)

9230 Milt Jackson: Just The Way It Had To Be

9231 Archie Shepp: The Cry Of My People

9232 Alice Coltrane: Reflection On Creation (2LP)

9233 Pharoah Sanders: Wisdom Through Music

9234 Charles Mingus: Reevaluation (2LP)

9235 McCoy Tyner: Reevaluation (2LP)

9236 Sonny Rollins: The Impulse Years (2LP)

9237 Freddie Hubbyrd: Reevaluation (2LP)

9238 Ahmad Jamal: Tranquility

9239 Sun Ra: Atlantis

9240 Keith Jarrett: Fort Yawuh

9241 Michael White: Land Of Spirit And Light

9242 Sun Ra: The Nubians Of Plutonia

9243 Sun Ra: The Magic City

9244 John Klemmer: Intensity

9245 Sun Ra: Angels And Demons At Play

9246 John Coltrane: Concert in Japan (2LP)

9247 En Medio/Gary Saracho: Saracho

9248 Gato Barbieri: Chapter One Latin America

9249 Mel Brown: Big Foot Country Girl

9250 Dewey Redman: Ear Of The Behearer

9251 Sam Rivers: Streams

9252 Marion Brown: Geechee Recollections

9253 (va) The Saxophone (3LP)

9254 Pharoah Sanders: Village Of Pharoah's

9255 Sun Ra: Astro Black

9256 Duke Ellington : Reevaluation (2LP)

9257 Albert Ayler: Reevaluation (2LP)

9258 Coleman Hawkins: Reevaluation (2LP)

9259 Yusef Lateef: Reevaluation (2LP)

9260 Ahmad Jamal: The Impulse Years (2LP)

9261 Pharoah Sanders: Elevation

9262 Archie Shepp: Kwanza

9263 Gato Barbieri: Chapter Two Hasta Siempre

9264 (va) Impulse Artists On Tour

9265 Sun Ra: Jazz In Silhouette

9266 (va) Impulsively (3LP)

9267 (va) No Energy Crisis (2LP)

9268 Michael White: Father Music, Mother Dance

9269 John Klemmer: Magic And Movement

9270 Sun Ra: Fate In A Pleasant Mood

9271 Sun Ra: Super Sonic Sounds

9272 (va) The Drums (3LP)

9273 John Coltrane: Africa Brass Vol.2

9274 Keith Jarrett: Treasure Island

9275 Marion Brown: Sweet Earth Flying

9276 Ahmad Jamal: Poincana Revisited (Maybe this is Sun Ra "Bad and
beautiful" announced as 9276 in Jazz Hot No.322)

9277 John Coltrane: Interstellar Space

9278 John Coltrane: The Greatest Years Vol.3

9279 Gato Barbieri: Chapter Three: Viva Emiliano Zapata

9280 Pharoah Sanders: Love In Us All

9281 Michael White: Go With The Flow

9282 Milt Jackson: The Impulse Years (2LP)

9283 Elvin Jones: The Impulse Years (2LP)

9284 (va) The Bass

9285 (va) Ellingtonia 2

9286 Sam Rivers: Crystals

9287 Sun Ra The Night of the purple moon (never issued)

9288 Sun Ra Visits Planet Earth (later issued as Evidence ECD 22039-2)

9289 Sun Ra My brother the wind (later issued as Evidence ECD 22040-2)

9290 Sun Ra Sound sun pleasure (unissued ?) (later issued as Evidence ECD 22038-2)

9291 Sun Ra Cosmic tones for mental therapy (never issued) (later issued as Evidence ECD 22036-2)

9292 Sun Ra We travel the spaceways (never issued) (later issued as Evidence ECD 22038-2)

9293 Sun Ra Other planes of there (later issued as Evidence ECD 22037-2)

9294 Sun Ra Art Forms from dimensions tomorrow (later issued as Evidence ECD 22036-2)

9295 prob. Sun Ra Monorails and satellites (unissued ?) (later issued as Evidence ECD 22013-2)

9296 Sun Ra Cymbals (never issued) (later issued as Evidence ECD 22217-2)

9297 Sun Ra Crystal spears (never issued) (later issued as Evidence ECD 22217-2)

9298 Sun Ra: Pathways to Unknown Worlds (later issued as Evidence ECD 22218-2)

9299 Howard Roberts: Equinox Express Elevator

9300 Dewey Redman: Coincide

9301 Keith Jarrett: Death And The Flower

9302 Sam Rivers: Hues

9303 Gato Barbieri: Chapter Four Alive in New York

9304 Marion Brown: Vista

9305 Keith Jarrett: Back hand

9306 John Coltrane: The gentle side of John Coltrane

9307 Lucky Thompson: Dancing Sunbeam

9308 Brass Fever


9310 Yusef Lateef: A Club Date

9311 Gloria Lynne: I don't know how to love him

9312 Sonny Criss: Warm And Sonny

9313 Jimmy Ponder: Illusions

9314 John Handy: Hard Work

9315 Keith Jarrett: Mysteries

9316 Sam Rivers: Sizzle

9317 Bobby Bland & B.B.King Together again...Live

9318 Wade Marcus: Metamorphosis

9319 Brass Fever: Time Is Running Out


9321 Betty Carter: What A Little Moonlight Can Do

9322 Keith Jarrett: Shades


9324 John Handy Carnival

9325 John Coltrane: The Other Village Vanguard Tapes (2LP)

9326 Sonny Criss The joy of Sax

9327 Jimmy Ponder White room

9328 Blue Mitchell African violet

9329 Les McCann The Music lets me be

9330 Grady Tate: Master Grady Tate

9331 Keith Jarrett: Byablue

9332 John Coltrane: First Meditations (for quartet)

9333 Les McCann: Live at the Roxy

9334 Keith Jarrett: Bop-Be

9335 Oliver Nelson: Three Dimensions (2LP)

9336 Albert Ayler: The Village concerts (2LP)

9337 (va) The Bopmasters: Sonny Criss/Kenny Dorham (2LP)

9338 McCoy Tyner: The early trios (2LP)

9339 (va) The new breed: Taylor/Tolliver/Moncur/Shepp (2LP)

9340 (va) The Great Arrangers: Gil Evans/Gary McFarland (2LP)

9341 Shirley Scott: The great live sessions (2LP)

9342 Quincy Jones: The Quintessential charts (2LP)

9343 Hugh Masakela: The African Connection (2LP)


9345 John Coltrane: Vol.I Feelin' good (2LP)

9346 John Coltrane: Vol.II To the beat of a different drum (2LP)

9347 Blue Mitchell Summer soft

9348 Keith Jarrett: Best of Keith Jarrett (2LP)

9349 Sonny Rollins: There Will Never Be Another You

9350 (va) The Great Tenor Encounters (Ellington/Hawkins/Coltrane) (2LP)

9351 Count Basie: The Retrospective Sessions (2LP)

9352 Sam Rivers: The Live Trio Sessions (2LP)

9353 Yusef Lateef: The Live Session (2LP)

9354 (va) Foundations: (Tom Scott/John Klemmer/Gato Barbieri) (2LP)


9356 Paul Horn: Plenty of Horn (2LP)

9357 Archie Shepp: Further Fire Music (2LP)

9359 Pee Wee Russell: Salute To Newport (2LP)

9360 John Coltrane: Vol.III Jupiter Variation

9361 John Coltrane: Vol.IV Trane's modes (2LP)

Singles (Work in progress)

Impulse 45-203 John Coltrane: Greensleeves / It's easy to remember

Impulse 45-205 Larry Frazier: After six/Before six

Impulse 45-223 Yusef Lateef: Theme from The Price / Megeve

Impulse 45-229 Shirley Scott: Hoe down / Sent for you yesterday

Impulse 45-239 Shirley Scott: Can't get over the Bossa Nova / Soul sauce

Impulse 45-240 MyCoy Tyner: Duke's place / Searchin'

Impulse 45-244 Gabor Szabo: Yesterday / Walk on by

Impulse 45-248 Gabor Szabo: Bang Bang (My baby shot me down) / Gypsy queen

Impulse 45-249 Chico Hamilton: Monday, Monday / Evil eye

Impulse 45-250 Gary McFarland: Winter Samba / Summer's gone away

Impulse 45-264 Mel Brown: Chicken fat / Shanty

Impulse 45-265 Tom Scott: The honeysuckle breeze / Baby I love you

Impulse 45-266

Impulse 45-267 Bob Thiele/Gabor Szabo: Light my fire / Sophisticated wheels

IMP 5520 Billy Mitchell: Pickin' on the wrong chicken / Satellite beep bop

IMP 5521

IMP 5222 Bea Booker Big party /No mon, no hon


EP AS-29 The New Amazing Chico Hamilton Quintet Passin' Thru: The Second Time Around / El Toro / Passin Thru' / Transfusion

Unissued Sessions (not to mention hours and hours of John Coltrane which are documented in various John Coltrane discos)

Tete Montoliu p / Richard Davis b / Elvin Jones dr

Recorded live at the Village Gate, NYC summer 1967

IMP 12462 John Coltrane Living Space

IMP 12472 Pharoah Sanders Jewels of thought

IMP 12482 Archie Shepp Mama too tight

IMP 12492 Sun Ra Space is the place

IMP 12502 Elvin Jones - Jimmy Garrison Illumination

IMP 12512 John Coltrane Live at he Village Vanguard The Master takes

IMP 12522

IMP 12532 Pharoah Sanders Thembi

IMP 12542 Archie Shepp Live in San Francisco

IMP 12552

IMP 12562

IMP 12572

IMP 12582 Gregory Tardy Serendipity

IMP 12592

IMP 12602

IMP 12612 Michael Brecker Two blocks from the edge

IMP 12812 Danilo Perez Central avenue

IMP 12822

IMP 12832 Donald Harrison Free to be

314 589 120 John Coltrane The Olatunji Concert: The Last Live Recording

MCA/Impulse 5707 Henry Butler Fivin' around

MCA/Impulse MC2-8023Henry Butler The Village

To be continued with the new numerical listing of MCA/Great Britain on Jasmine and MCA/GRP. And CD's of course. Maybe somebody's around who can follow up with these additions??

ABC - PARAMOUNT (first attempt to list this label)

Only included are ABC and ABC Paramount not seperated. Not included are sub-labels and labels with similar names like ABC-Dunhill, ABC DOT, ABC Duke, ABC Hickory,  ABC Blue Thumb, ABC Westminster  and others. More than 90 per cent are of no real interest for jazz fans.

Serie ABC xxx

ABC 100 Alec Templeton Smart Alec

ABC 101 Urbie Green Blues and other shades

ABC 102 Bobby Scott Scott Free

ABC 103 Cass Simpson Cass Simpson or Trio Shmeed

ABC 104 Dave McKenna Solo Piano

ABC 105 Glenn Derringer Young ideas

ABC 106 Don Elliot Musical offering

ABC 107 Don Costa Music to break a lease

ABC 108 Frank Froeba And I never took a lesson in my life

ABC 109 Four Most Guitars

ABC 110 Leonard Feather Swingin' on the Vibories

ABC 111 Lucky Thompson

ABC 112 Billy Taylor Evergreens

ABC 113 Bernie Wayne And then I wrote

ABC 114 Buddy Arnold Wailin'

ABC 115 (var) ABC Know your Jazz

ABC 116 Janet Brace Special delivery

ABC 117 Tom Stewart Tom Stewart 6

ABC 118 Don Stratton Modern Jazz with Dixieland roots

ABC 119 Roy Smeck South seas serenade

ABC 120 Jackie & Roy The glory of love

ABC 121 Brother Matthew with Eddie Condon

ABC 122 Kenny Dorham and the Jazz Prophets 1

ABC 123 Sid Feller Orchester Music for expectant mothers

ABC 124 Josh White Stories Vol.1

ABC 125 Candido featuring Al Cohn

ABC 126 Whitey Mitchell Sextette arr.N.Hefti

ABC 127 Ted Maksymowicz Polka melody time

ABC 128 Eisenhauer Story

ABC 129 Jimmy Raney feat.Bob Brookmeyer

ABC 130 Bob Hammack Quintet

ABC 131 Richard Hayes

ABC 132 Jerry Jerome On the wild side

ABC 133 Bob Madera Look, I'm doing the cha-cha-cha

ABC 134 Billy Taylor At the London House

ABC 135 Oscar PettifordOrchestra in Hi-Fi

ABC 136 Phil Sunkel Jazz Band

ABC 137 Urbie Green All about

ABC 138 Axidentals Hello, we're the Axidentals

ABC 139 Vinnie Burke All-Stars

ABC 140 Johnny Janis For the first time

ABC 141 Ruby Braff Ruby Braff featuring Dave McKenna

(ABC 141 Terrea Lea and her singing guitar) according to Goldmine!

ABC 142 Don Elliott At the modern jazz room

ABC 143 Valentino with Don Costa Orchestra Strauss in hi-fi

ABC 144 Johnny Keating Dance music

ABC 145 Marguarite Piazza sings torch songs

ABC 146 Hank Sylvern Christmas in H-Fi

ABC 147 Russ Garcia Johnny ever Green

ABC 148 Bobby Scott and two horns

ABC 149 Quincy Jones This is how I feel

ABC 150 Eydie Gorme

ABC 151

ABC 152

ABC 153

ABC 154

ABC 155 Zoots Sims plays as,ts and bs

ABC 156

ABC 157

ABC 158

ABC 159

ABC 160

ABC 161

ABC 162 Billy Taylor introduces Ira Sullivan

ABC 163 Jackie & Roy Bits and pieces

ABC 164 Meade Lux Lewis Out of the roaring twenties

ABC 165 John Glasel Jazz Session

ABC 166 Josh White Stories Vol.2

ABC 167 Jimmy Raney In three attitudes

ABC 168 Julia Ann Gilmer Cads, Blackguards and false true-loves

ABC 169

ABC 170 Vinnie Burke String Quartet

ABC 171 Lucky Thompson featuring Oscar Pettiford Vol.II

ABC 172

ABC 173

ABC 174 Roy Smeck Melodies with memories

ABC 175

ABC 176

ABC 177 Billy Taylor My fair lady loves Jazz

ABC 178

ABC 179 Buddy Collette Calm, Cool and Collette

ABC 180 Candido The Volcanic

ABC 181 Burt Bales Jazz from the San Francisco Waterfront

ABC 182

ABC 183

ABC 184 Original Dixieland Jazz Band in Hi Fi

ABC 185

ABC 186 Quincy Jones Go west man

ABC 187 Irving Fields at the St.Moritz

ABC 188

ABC 189

ABC 190 Don Eliott The voices

ABC 191

ABC 192

ABC 193

ABC 194 Bill Hayes Bill Hayes sings the best of Disney

ABC 195

ABC 196

ABC 197

ABC 198 Zoot Sims

ABC 199

ABC 200 Art Farmer Last night when we were young

ABC 201

ABC 202

ABC 203 Hugh O'Brian TV's Wyatt Earp sings

ABC 204

ABC 205

ABC 206

ABC 207 Jackie & Roy / Bill Holman Free and easy

ABC 211 Mount Alvernia Seminary Choir Christmas is a monastery: The sons of St.Francis

ABC 216 A million or more (various)

ABC 220 George Hamilton IV On Campus

ABC 221 Ferrante and Teicher Heavenly sounds in Hi-fi

ABC 222

ABC 223 Lambert, Hendrcks & Ross Sing a song of Basie

ABC 224

ABC ABCS 225 Gerry Mulligan Bob Brookmeyer Concerto Grosso

ABC 226 Billy Taylor The new Trio

ABC 227 Oscar Pettiford Orchestra in Hi-Fi Vol.2

ABC 228 Don Elliott / Gil Evans Jamaica jazz

ABC 229

ABC 230

ABC 231 George Sanders The George Sanders touch

ABC 232 Kai Winding TheAxidentals

ABC 233

ABC 234 Roy Smeck Hi-Fi paradise

ABC 235 Tony Scott South Pacific Jazz

ABC 236 Candido In indigo

ABC 237

ABC 238

ABC 239

ABC 240 Paul Anka

ABC 241 Alfred Apaka Hawaiian village nights

ABC 242

ABC 243

ABC 244 Johnny Nash

ABC 245

ABC 246

ABC 247 Russ Carlyle Second honeymoon dance

ABC 248 Ferrante and Teicher with Percussion

aBC 249

ABC 250

ABC 251 George Hamilton IV Sing me a sad song ( A tribute to Hank Williams)

ABC 252

ABC 253 Russ Carlyle At Roseland Dance City

ABC 258 The Keyman Dance with Dick Clark

ABC 259 Creed Taylor Shock music in Hi-fi

ABC 260

ABC 261

ABC 262 Louis Prohut Polka-go-round

ABC 267 Jackie & Roy In the spotlight

ABC 268

ABC 269 Mat Mathews Come travel with me

ABC 270 Marty Allen & Steve Rossi Hello dere

ABC 275 Dinah Washington Memories

ABC 276 Johnny Nash Quit hour

ABC ABCS 277 Lloyd Price The exciting

ABC 278

ABC ABCS 279 Roy Smeck The magic Ukulele

ABC 285 Ferrante and Teicher blast off

ABC 286 Candido Latin fire

ABC ABCS 287 Georgie Auld plays for melancholy babies

ABC 288 The Keymen Dance with Dick Clark Vol.2

ABC 293 Elton Britt The wandering cowboy


ABC ABCS 295 Micki Marlo Married I can always get

ABC ABCS 296 Paul Anka My heart sings

ABC ABCS 297 Lloyd Price Mr.Personality


ABC ABCS 299 Johnny Nash I got rhythm

ABC ABCS 300 Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme We got us

ABC ABCS 301 Patricia Scot Once around the clock

ABC ABCS 308 Creed Taylor Lonelyville

ABC ABCS 309 Roy Smeck The happy banjo

ABC 310

ABC ABCS 311 Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme Steve and Eydie sing the golden hits

ABC ABCS 312 Dean Hightower Twangy guitar with a beat

ABC ABCS 313 Ferrante and Teicher play light classics


ABC ABCS 315 Lloyd Price Mr. Personality sings the blues

ABC 316

ABC ABCS 317 Creed Taylor The best of the barracks ballads

ABC ABCS 320 The Lombardi Singers Sing along in Italian

ABC ABCS 321 Cliff Richard Cliff sings

ABC ABCS 322 Elton Britt Beyond the sunset

ABC ABCS 323 Paul Anka sings his Big 15

ABC ABCS 324 Lloyd Price Mr.Personality's big 15

ABC 325

ABC 326 Mandolins of Rome Mandolini Italiano

ABC 327 Les Dijinns Singers 60 French girls Can't be wrong

ABC 328

ABC ABCS 329 Roy Smeck Adventures in Paradise (Vol.1)

ABC ABCS 330 Roy Smeck The haunting Hawaiian guitar

ABC ABCS 331 Elton Britt I heard a forest praying

ABC ABCS 335 Ray Charles The genius hits the road

ABC ABCS 336 Ferrante and Teicher Themes from Broadway shows

ABC ABCS 344 Johnny Nash Let's get lost

ABC 345

ABC ABCS 346 Lloyd Price The fantastic Lloyd Price

ABC ABCS 347 Paul Anka swings for young loves

ABC ABCS 351 Jon Thomas Heartbreak

ABC ABCS 352 Teddy Randazzo Journey to love

ABC ABCS 353 Paul Anka Anka at the Copa

ABC 354

ABC ABCS 355 Ray Charles Dedicated to you



ABC ABCS 358 Roy Smeck Adventures in Paradise (Vol.2

ABC ABCS 359 Lou Prohut The big 15 Polkas

ABC ABCS 360 Paul Anka It's Christmas everywhere

ABC 363 Betty Carter Te modern sound of Betty Carter

ABC 364

ABC 365 Erroll Garner Dreamstreet

ABC ABCS 366 Lloyd Price sing the million sellers

ABC ABCS 367 Exciting Hog Kong  (TV Serie Record)

ABC 368 Les Dijinns Singers 60 French girls Sing encore

ABC 371 Paul Anka Strictly instrumental

ABC 374 The Sociables Great for Dancing Vol.1

ABC 378 Jo Damita The big 15

ABC ABCS 379 Roy Smeck His singing guitar and paradise serenaders

ABC ABCS 382 Lloyd Price Cookin' with Lloyd Price

ABC ABCS 383 Johnny Nash Studio time

ABC 384

ABC 385 Ray Charles and Betty Carter

ABC 386

ABC ABCS 387 The Valiant Years  (TV Serie Record)

ABC 388 Oscar Brand sings for Adults

ABC 389 Don Martone Orchestra Mandolini Di Napoli

ABC 390 Paul Anka sings his Birg 15, Vol.2

ABC ABCS 391 Cliff Richard Listen to Cliff

AC 392

ABC 393 Jo Ann Campbell Twistin' and listenin'

ABC 394 Leon Mcauliffe Cozy Inn

ABC 395 Erroll Garner Closeup in swing

ABC 396 Mario Escudero

ABC 397 Les Dijinns Singers 60 French girls Joyeux Noel

ABC 398

ABC 399 Barry Mann Who put the bomp

ABC 400 Bryan Hyland Let me belong to you

ABC 407 Josh White Live!

ABC 408

ABC 409 Paul Anka sings his Big 15, Vol.3

ABC 410 Ray Charles Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music

ABC 411

ABC ABCS 412 Roy Smeck Stringing along

ABC 413

ABC ABCS 414 Roy Smeck Adventures in Paradise (Vol.3)

ABC 415 Ray Charles Greatest Hits

ABC 416

ABC 417

ABC 418 Les Dijinns Singers 60 French girls Les petites

ABC 419

ABC 420 Paul Anka Diana

ABC 421 Tony Randazzo twists

ABC 428 Mario Escudero Fiesta Flamenca

ABC 429

ABC 430 Ferrante and Teicher Postcards from Paris

ABC ABCS 431 Bryan Hyland Sealed with a kiss

ABC ABCS 432 Tommy Roe Sheila

ABC ABCS 433 Lonnie Donegan Sing Hallelujah

ABC ABCS 434 Mandolins of Venice Mandolini Di Venezia

ABC ABCS 435 Ray Charles Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music Vol.2


ABC ABCS 437 Ferrante and Teicher Popolar classics

ABC ABCS 441 Arthur Guitar Smith and voices

ABC ABCS 442 Frank Fontaine songs I sing on the Jackie Gleason show



ABC ABCS 445 Marty Allen & Steve Rossi One more time Hello dere!

ABC ABCS 446 Curtis McPeak Bluegrass Hillbillies

ABC ABCS 450 The Impressions

ABC ABCS 451 Sabicas French reflections

ABC ABCS 452 Roy Smeck The many guitar moods


ABC ABCS 454 Ferrante and Teicher The Artistry of Ferrante and Teicher

ABC ABCS 455 Fats Domino Here comes Fats Domino

ABC ABCS 456 B.B.King Mr.Blues

ABC ABCS 460 Frank Fontaine Sings like crazy

ABC ABCS 461 George Hamilton IV's Big 15

ABC ABCS 462 Roy Smeck Adventures in Paradise (Vol.4)

ABC ABCS 463 Bryan Hyland Country meets Folk


ABC ABCS 465 Ray Charles Ingredients in a recipe for soul

ABC ABCS 466 Les Dijinns Singers 60 French girls Chansons Americaines

ABC ABCS 467 Tommy Roe Something for everybody

ABC ABCS 468 The Impressions The never ending

ABC ABCS 469 Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme Our best to you

ABC ABCS 470 Frank Fontaine sings "How sweet it is

ABC ABCS 479 Fats Domino Fats on Fire

ABC ABCS 480 Ray Charles Sweet & sour tears

ABC ABCS 481 The Tams Presenting the Tams

ABC ABCS 482 Toots Thielemans The whistler and his guitar

ABC ABCS 483 Martin Walker From Scotland with love

ABC ABCS 484 Roy Smeck I love to hear a banjo

ABC ABCS 490 Frankie Fontaine More songs I sing on the Jackie Gleason Show

ABC ABCS 495 Ray Charles Have a smile with me

ABC ABCS 496 Hank Jones This is Ragtime now!

ABC ABCS 497 Bob Hammer Beatle jazz


ABC ABCS 499 The Tams Hey girl, don't bother me!

ABC ABCS 500 Ray Charles Live in Concert

ABC ABCS 501 Steve Alaimo Starring Steve Alaimo

ABC ABCS 502 The Spats Cookin' with the Spats

ABC ABCS 503 Soupy Sales Spy with a pie

ABC ABCS 506 Jim Doval and the Gauchos The Gauchos featuring Jim Doval

ABC ABCS 507 Bill Doggett Wow

ABC 508

ABC 509 B.B.King Live at the regal

ABC 510 Fats Domono Get away with Fats Domino

ABC 511

ABC 512

ABC 513 Frank Devol Theme from Peyton Place and other 11 Great Themes

ABC 514 Frankie Fontaine I'm counting on you

ABC ABCS 517 Soupy Sales sez do the mouse and other teen hits

ABC 518 B.B.King Confessin' the blues

(ABC 518 Yank Lawson Big Yank is here)

ABC 519

ABC 520 Ray Charles Together again

ABC 521 Elton Britt The singing hills

ABC 522 The Highwaymen On a new road

ABC 523

ABC 524 Della Reese C'mon and hear Della Reese

ABC 525 The Dixie Cups Riding high

ABC 526

ABC ABCS 527 The big valley (TV Serie Record)

ABC ABCS 528 B.B.King Confessin' the blues

ABC ABCS 529 Chris Connor Gentle Bossa Nova

ABC ABCS 530 The McGuire Sisters Today

ABC 531 Steve Alaimo Where the action is

ABC 534 Frank Devol Italian romance American style

ABC 535 George Hamilton By George

ABC 536

ABC 537 Don Cornell Incomparable

ABC 538 Shirley Horn Travelin' light

ABC 539 Wade Ray A Ray of country sun

ABC 540 Della Reese I like it like dat

ABC 541 Frankie Fontaine All tiem great hits

ABC 542 Jerry Fileding Hollywood Brass

ABC 543

ABC 544 Ray Charles Cryin' time

ABC ABCS 549 Guy Marks Hollywood sings

ABC 550 Ray Charles Ray's mood

ABC 551 Steve Alaimo sings and swings

ABC ABCS 552 Phyllis McGuire sings

ABC 553 Ferrante and Teicher World's greatest semi-classical favorites

ABC 554 Ferrante and Teicher Memories

ABC 555 Ferrante and Teicher Heaven Sounds

ABC 556 Ferrante and Teicher We've got rhythm

ABC 557 Ferrante and Teicher Twin Piano Magic Vol.1

ABC 558 Ferrante and Teicher Autumn leaves

ABC 559 Ferrante and Teicher Twin Piano Magic Vol.2

ABC 560 Ferrante and Teicher Bolero

ABC 561 Ferrante and Teicher Temptation

ABC 566 Elton Britt Somethin' for everybody

ABC ABCS 567 Yank Lawson Ole Dixie

ABC 568

ABC 569 Della Reese Live

ABC 570 Count Basie Swingin', voices singin'

ABC 571

ABC 572

ABC ABCS 573 Ruth Olay Soul in the night

ABC 574

ABC 575 Tommy Roe Sweet Pea

ABC 576 Johnny Hartman I love everybody

ABC 585 Chris Connor Chris Connor now

ABC 589 Della Reese One more time

ABC 590 Ray Charles A man and his soul

ABC 594 Tommy Roe It's now winters day

ABC 595 Ray Charles Invites you to listen

ABC ABCS 596 The Tams Time for the Tams

ABC 599 Dion and the Belmonts Together again

ABC 604 Frankie Laine I'll take care of your cares

ABC 605

ABC 606 The Impressions The Fabulous Impressions

ABC 607

ABC 608 Frankie Laine I wanted someone to love

ABC 609

ABC 610 Tommy Roe Phantasy

ABC ABCS 611 Sheila MacRae How sweet she is

ABC 612 Della Reese Della on strings of blue

ABC 616 The Candymen

ABC 617

ABC ABCS 618 Curly Putman Lonesome

ABC 619

ABC ABCS 620 Judy Garland Judy Garland at home at the Palace Opening night

ABC 621

ABC 622

ABC ABCS 623 Salvation

ABC ABCS 624 Eden's children

ABC ABCS 625 Ray Charles A portrait of

ABC 626

ABC ABCS 627 The Tams A little more soul

ABC ABCS 628 Frankie Laine To each his own

ABC ABCS 629 Pistilli and West Cashman Bound to happen

ABC ABCS 630 Influence

ABC ABCS 631 Kay Starr When the lights go on again


ABC ABCS 633 The Candymen bring you Candypower


ABC ABCS 635 The Impressions We're a winner

ABC ABCS 636 Della Reese I gotta be me...This trip out


ABC ABCS 638 Ruby and the Romantics More than yesterday

(ABC ABCS 638 Jane Morgan The happening) according to Goldmine


ABC ABCS 640 Bit 'A Sweet Hypnotic 1



ABC ABCS 643 The Marvelows The Mighty Marvelows




ABC ABCS 647 The Fraternity of Man

ABC ABCS 648 Guy Marks Loving you has made me bananas


ABC ABCS 650 Louis Armstrong What a wonderful world


ABC ABCS 652 Eden's Children Sure looks real

ABC ABCS 653 Salvation Gypsy carnival caravan

ABC ABCS 654 The Impressions The Best of the Impressions

ABC ABCS 655 The Glad Feelin' glad

ABC ABCS 656 Joey Bishop sings Country and Western

ABC ABCS 657 Frankie Laine Take me back to Laine Country

ABC ABCS 658 The Ford Theatre Trilogy


ABC ABCS 660 Ahmad Jamal Tranquility

ABC ABCS 661 Fire


ABC ABCS 663 Graffiti

ABC ABCS 664 The O'Kaysions Girl watcher

ABC ABCS 665 Ray Pillow sings

ABC ABCS 666 The Queen's Nectorine Machine The mystical powers of roving Tarot gamble


ABC ABCS 668 The Impressions The versatile Impressions

ABC ABCS 669 The Evergreen Bleus Comin' on


ABC ABCS 671 Puzzle

ABC ABCS 672 Strangebrew Very strangebrew

ABC ABCS 673 The Tams A portrait of the Tams

ABC ABCS 674 Tricycle Tricycle

ABC ABCS 675 Ray Charles I'm all yours, baby!






ABC ABCS 681 The Ford Theatre Time changes

ABC ABCS 682 Frankie Laine You gave me a mountain

ABC ABCS 683 Tommy Roe Dizzy



ABC ABCS 686 Curly Putman World of Country music


ABC ABCS 688 The James Gang Yer'a Album


ABC ABCS 690 White Lightnin' File under Rock

ABC ABCS 691 Jan and Lorraine Gypsy people



ABC ABCS 694 Silk Smooth as raw silk

ABC ABCS 695 Ray Charles Doing his thing

ABC ABCS 696 Maximillian

ABC ABCS 697 Blues Magoos Never goin' back to Georgia



ABC ABCS 700 Tommy Roe 12 in a roe

ABC ABCS 701 Eddie Holman I love you



ABC ABCD 704 B.B.King Blues is king



ABC ABCS 707 Ray Charles Love country style


ABC ABCD 709 B.B.King Blues on top of blues

ABC ABCD 710 Blues Magoos Guld Coast Bound

ABC ABCD 711 The James Gang Rides again

ABC ABCD 712 B.B.King Lucille

ABC ABCD 713 B.B.King Indianola Mississippi seeds

ABC ABCS 714 Tommy Roe We can make music

ABC ABCX 715 Rare Bird As your mind flies

ABC ABCS 716 (according to Goldmine 715 !) Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution

ABC ABCS 717 Jimmy Witherspoon Handbags and gladrags

ABC ABCS 718 Demian

ABC ABCS 719 Cherokee

ABC ABCS 720 John Lee Hooker Endless boogie

ABC ABCS 721 The James Gang Thirds

ABC 722

ABC ABCD 723 B.B.King Live in Cook County Jail

ABC ABCD 724 B.B.King Live at the regal

ABC 725

ABC ABCS 726 Ray Charles Volcanic action of my soul

ABC ABCS 727 The Impressions 16 Greatest Hits

ABC 728

ABC ABCS 729 Cotton Wood Camaraderie

ABC ABCD 730 B.B.King B.B.King in London

ABC ABCH 731 Ray Charles A 25th Anniversary in show business salute to Ray Charles

ABC ABCS 732 Tommy Roe Beginnings

ABC ABCS 733 The James Gang Live in Concert

ABC ABCX 736 John Lee Hooker Never get out of these blues alive

ABC ABCX 741 The James Gang Straight shooter


ABC ABCD 743 B.B.King L.A.midnight

ABC ABCX 750 George Hamilton IV 16 Greatest Hits

ABC ABCX 755 Ray Charles A message from the people



ABC ABCX 758 Steely Dan Can't buy a thrill

ABC ABCX 759 B.B.King Guess who

ABC ABCX 760 The James Gang Passin' thru

ABC ABCX 761 John Lee Hooker Live at Soledad Prison

ABC ABCX 762 Tommy Roe 16 greatest hits

ABC ABCX 763 Lloyd Price 16 greatest hits

ABC ABCX 764 Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme 20 Golden performances

ABC ABCX 765 Ray Charles Throught the eyes of love

ABC ABCX 767 B.B.King The best of

ABC ABCX 768 John Lee Hooker Born in Mississippi raised up in Tennessee

ABC ABCX 774 The James Gang The Best of the James Gang faturing Joe Walsh


ABC ABCX 776 Ferlin Husky True true lovin'

ABC ABCS 777 Billy Crash Craddock Afraid I'll want to love her one more time

ABC ABCX 779 Steely Dan Countdown to ecstasy

ABC ABCD 780 The Impressions Curtis Mayfield / His early years with the Impressions

ABC ABCX 781/2 Ray Charles All-time great Country and Western Hits

ABC ABCS 783 Rufus

ABC ABCX 784 14 Golden Recordings from the Historic Vaults of Duke-Peacock Records (various)

ABC ABCX 788 Billy Crash Craddock Mr.Country Rock

ABC ABCX 789 14 Golden Recordings from the Historic Vaults of Duke-Peacock Records, volume 2 (various)

ABC ABCX 792 Johnny Carver Tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree

ABC ABCX 793 Shaft in Africa (Soundtrack)

ABC ABCX 794 B.B.King To know you is to love you

ABC ABCX 798 Chuck Jackson Through all times

ABC ABCX 799 Lefty Frizzell Lefty


ABC ABCX 801 The Jame Gang 16 Greatest Hits


ABC ABCX 803 Frankie Avalon 16 Greatest Hits

ABC ABCX 806 Fabian 16 Greatest Hits


ABC ABCX 808 Steely Dan Pretzel logic

ABC ABCS 809 Rufus Rags to Rufus

ABC ABCX 812 Johnny Carver Double explosure

ABC ABCD 813 B.B.King His Best

ABC ABCX 816 Genesis Trespass

ABC ABCX 817 Billy Crash Craddock Rub it in

ABC ABCX 818 Ferlin Husky Freckles adn polliwog days

ABC ABCD 819 B.B.King Live and well

ABC ABCD 825 B.B.King Friends

ABC ABCD 828 The Lords of Flatbush (Soundtrack)

ABC ABCD 831 George Clinton The George Clinton Band arrives


ABC ABCX 833 Clarence Carter Real

ABC ABCD 837 Rufus Rufusized

ABC ABCX 838 John Lee Hooker Free beer and chicken

ABC ABCD 842 Bobby Wright Seasons of love

ABC ABCX 843 Johnny Carver Please don't tell (that sweet ole lady of mine)

ABC ABCX 846 Steely Dan Katy lied

ABC ABCX 849 Ferlin Husky Champagne ladies adn blue ribbon babies

ABC ABCX 850 Billy Crash Craddock Greatest Hits Volume One

ABC ABCX 851 Bobby Vinton Melodies of love

ABC ABCD 855 Gold (Soundtrack)

ABC ABCD 856 Pavlov's Dog Pampered manial

ABC ABCD 858 B.J.Thomas Reunion

ABC ABCD 862 Four Tops Night lights harmony


ABC ABCX 864 Johnny Carver Strings

ABC ABCD 867 The Dramatics The dramatic jackpot

ABC ABCD 868 B.B.King Completely well

ABC ABCX 875 Billy Crash Craddock Still thinkin' about you

ABC ABCD 878 B.B.King Back in the alley

ABC ABCD 887 Charles Wright Lil' encouragement

ABC ABCD 888 Three Dog Night Coming down your way

ABC ABCD 890 Poco Heads over heels

ABC ABCD 891 Bobby Vinton Heart of hearts


ABC ABCD 893 Nashville (Soundtrack)

ABC ABCX 894 Ferlin Husky The Foster-Rice Songbook

ABC ABCD 895 Bobby Bland Get on Down with Bobby Bland

ABC ABCX 896 Clarence Carter Loneliness & temptation

ABC ABCD 897 The Fifth Dimension Earthbound

ABC ABCD 898 B.B.King Lucille talks back

ABC ABCD 899 Mighty Clouds of Joy Kickin'


ABC ABCD 901 Freda Payne Out of Payne comes love

ABC ABCD 909 Rufus Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

ABC ABCD 912 B.J.Thomas Help me make it to my rockin' chair

ABC ABCD 913 Amazing Rhythm Aces Stacked deck

ABC ABCD 914 Jimmy Buffett HAvana daydreamin'

ABC ABCD 916 The Dramatics Drama V

ABC ABCD 924 Bobby Vinton The Bobby Vinton Show


ABC ABCD 926 John Mayall Notice to appear


ABC ABCD 928 Three Dog Night American Pastime

ABC ABCD 929 Buffy Sainte-Marie Sweet America


ABC ABCD 931 Steely Dan The Royal scam

ABC ABCD 932 Joe Walsh You can't argue with a sick mind

ABC ABCD 940 Amazing Rhythm Aces Too stuffed to jump

ABC ABCX 943 Clarence Carter A heart full of song

ABC ABCD 946 Poco Rose of Cimarron

ABC ABDP 948 Diana Trask Believe me now or believe me later

ABC ABCD 955 The Dramatics Joy ride


ABC ABCD 957 Bobby Vinton Serenades of love

ABC ABCD 958 John Mayall A banquet in blues

ABC ABCD 968 Four Tops Catfish

ABC AB 969 Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes Reaching for the world

ABC ABCD 975 Rufus Ask Rufus

ABC AB 977 B.B.King King size

ABC AB 981 Bobby Vinton The name is love

ABC ABCD 986 Mighty Clouds of Joy The truth is the power

ABC ABCD 988 Eric Burdon & War Love is all around

ABC ABCD 989 Poco Indian summer

ABC AB 990 Jimmy Buffett Changes in lattitudes, changes in attitudes


ABC ABCD 992 John Mayall Lots of people

ABC AB 1005 Amazing Rhythm Aces Toucan do it too

ABC AA 1006 Steely Dan Aja

ABC AB 1007 John Klemmer Lifestyle

ABC AK 1008 Jimmy Buffett You had to be there

ABC AB 1009

ABC AB 1010 The Dramatics Shake it well

ABC 1014 Four Tops The show must go on

ABC AB 1018 Bobby Bland Reflections in Blue

ABC 1027 Mills Brothers The best of Vol.2

ABC 1038 Mighty Clouds of Joy Live and Direct

ABC 1039 John Mayall A hard core package

ABC 1040

ABC AB 1041 Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes Now is the time

ABC AB 1044 Washington; Behind closed doors  (TV Serie Record)

ABC AA 1046 Jimmy Buffett Son of a son of a sailor

ABC AA 1049 Rufus Street player

ABC AB 1051 Red Steagall Hang on feelin'

ABC AB 1053 Roy Clark Labor of love

ABC AB 1054 Roy Head Tonight's the night

ABC AB 1056 John Wesley Ryles Shine on me

ABC AA 1061 B.B.King Midnight believer

ABC AA 1062

ABC AA 1063 Amazing Rhythm Aces Burning the Ballroom down

ABC AA 1064

ABC AB 1065 The Oak Ridge Boys Room service

ABC AB 1066 Tommy Overstreet Better me

ABC AA 1069 Don Williams Expressions

ABC AA 1072 The Dramatics Do what you wanna do

ABC AA 1075 Bobby Bland Come fly with me

ABC AB 1078 Billy Crash Craddocksings his greatest hits

ABC AA 1083 Joe Walsh The best of

ABC AY 1084 Roy Clark and Buck Trent Banjo bandits

ABC ABCD 1086 John Mayall Last of the British Blues

ABC AB 1087

ABC AB 1088 Barbara Mandrell Moods

ABC AA 1092 Four Tops At the top

ABC AB 1095 Hank Thompson Brand new Hank

ABC AA 1098 Rufus Numbers

ABC AA 1099 Poco Legend

ABC AA 1100 The Dells New beginnings

ABC AA 1104 David Clayton-Thomas Clayton

ABC AK 1107 Steely Dan Greatest hits

ABC AB 1112 John Wesley Ryles Love's sweet pain

ABC AB 1113 The Dells Face to face

ABC AB 1119 Barbara Mandrell The best of

ABC AA 1123 Amazing Rhythm Aces The Amazing Rhythm Aces ( reissued as Columbia JC 36083)

ABC AA 1124

ABC AA 1125 The Dramatics Anytime, anyplace

ABC AA 1135 The Oak Ridge Boys Have Arrived

ABC Records AB 2 Al Bowlly Berlin und London

ABC S 19517 Ray Charles Love country style

ABC 4002 Liberace 16 great performances

ABC 4003 The Andrew Sisters 16 great performances

ABC 4004 Mills Brothers 16 great performances

ABC 4005 Billy Vaughan 16 great performances

ABC 4006 Pat Boone 16 great performances

ABC 4009 Mac Wiseman 16 great performances

ABC 4014 Ike and Tina Turner 16 great performances

ABC AC-30002 Della Reese The ABC Collection

ABC AC-30003 The Grassroots The ABC Collection

ABC AC-30004

ABC AC-30005 The Mamas and the Papas The ABC Collection

ABC AC-30006 Lloyd Price The ABC Collection

ABC AC 30007 Judy Garland THE ABC Collection

ABC AC-30008 Steppenwolf The ABC Collection

ABC AC-30009

ABC AC-30010 Junior Parker The ABC Collection

ABC AC-30027 Sonny James The ABC Collection

ABC AC-30030 Diane Trask The ABC Collection

ABC AC-30031

ABC AC-30032 George Hamilton IV The ABC Collection

ABC AC-30033 Mac Wiseman The ABC Collection

ABC AC-30034

ABC AC-30035 Lefty Frizzell The ABC Collection

ABC SQBO-91036 Ray Charles The Ray Charles Story

ABC ST-90144 Ray Charles Live in Concert

ABC ST-90167 Fats Domino Get away with Fats Domino

ABC ST-90625 Ray Charles Crying time

ABC T-90883 Tommy Roe Sweet pea

ABC ST-91233 Ray Charles invites you to listen

ABC SPDJ-43 Jimmy Buffett Special Jimmy Buffett Sampler

Serie 22xx

ABC 2265 Sabicas The day of the bullfight

ABC 2266

ABC 2267

ABC 2268

ABC 2269 Kenyon Hopkins The sound of New York

ABC 2270 Marty Allen & Steve Rossi Hello dere

Special Serie

ABC SPDJ-43 Jimmy Buffett Special Jimmy Buffett Sampler

Original Cast Recordings / Soundtracks


ABC ABCS OC 2 Original Cast Album Cindy

ABC ABCS OC 3 Original Cast Album Fade out - fade in

ABC ABCS OC 4 Original Cast Album Henry, Sweet Henry

ABC ABCS OC 5 Original Cast Album Custer of the West




ABC ABCS OC 9 Original Cast Album Candy

ABC ABCS OC 10 Original Cast Album They shot horses, don't they?

ABC ABCS OC 11 Original Cast Album Laureen Bacall in Applause


ABC ABCS OC 13 Original Cast Album Zachariah

ABC ABCS OC 14 Original Cast Album Song of Norway

ABC ABCS OC 15 Original Cast Album Lovers and other strangers

Question corner

Frank Melrose Kansas City Frank Melrose unknown number ABC or ABC Paramount

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