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ESP Label listing - new and revised edition with covers!

copyright Dr.Michael Frohne
This is a compilation of the label listing of ESP Original issues as complete as possible. I added no information about personnel, dates etc. because you can find most background infos on the ESP webside. But there is no complete listing, so enjoy this one.

You have to check out the Fontana issues from the Netherlands, BASE Re-iussues from Italy, LP's released only on Base (never as ESP) as well as the latest issues on CD.

Many thanx for information given by Mr.Randall L.Sannes

Serie 1000
Let's sing in Esperanto 1001
Albert Ayler Spiritual Unity 1002
Pharaoh Sanders Pharaoh's First 1003
New York Art Quartet 1004
Byron Allen Trio 1005
Ornette Coleman At Townhall 1006
Giuseppi Logan Quartet 1007
Paul Bley Barrage 1008
Bob James Explosions 1009
Albert Ayler Bells 1010
Ran Blake Plays Solo Piano 1011
Lowell Davidson Trio 1012
Giuseppi Logan More 1013
Sun Ra Heliocentric Worlds Vol.1 1014
Milford Graves Percussion Ensemble 1015
Albert Ayler New York Eye & Ear Control 1016
Sun Ra Heliocentric Worlds Vol.2 1017
The Fugs First Album Slum Goddess 1018
Coach with Six Insides James Joyce 1019
Albert Ayler Spirits Rejoice 1020
Paul Bley Closer 1021
Marion Brown Quartet 1022
Frank Wright Trio 1023
Burton Greene 1024
Patty Waters Black is the Color 1025
Henry Grimes Trio 1026
Timothy Leary Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out 1027
The Fugs Second Album Kill for peace 1028
Charles Tyler Ensemble 1029
Sonny Simmons On the Watch 1030
Noah Howard Quartet 1031
Sunny Murray 1032
ESP Sampler 1033
East Village Other Electric Newspaper 1034
Tuli Kupferberg No deposit, no return 1035

Byard Lancaster 1036 (unissued)

The Godz First Album Contact high 1037
The Fugs Virgin Fugs For Adults Minds Only 1038
Randy Burns Of Love And War 1039
Marion Brown Why Not? 1040
Karl Berger 1041
Gunter Hampel Music From Europe 1042
Sonny Simmons Music From The Spheres 1043
Marzette Watts 1044
Sun Ra Heliocentric Worlds Nothing Is Vol.3 1045

The Godz 2 1047
Alan Sondheim Ritual All-7-70 1048
Gato Barbieri In Search Of Mystery 1049
William Burroughs Call Me Burroughs 1050
ESP Sampler One Minute Excerpts 1051
James Zitro West Coast New Music 1052
Frank Wright Your Prayer 1053
Pearls before swine One Nation Underground 1054
Patty Waters Concert Tour 1055
Movement soul Documentary With Gospel Songs 1056
Peter Lemer Local Colour 1057

Sean Gagnier 1058 (unissued)

Charles Tyler Eastern Man Alone 1059
Steve Lacy The Forest And The Zoo 1060
Jerry Moore Ballad Of Birmingham 1061

Jacques Coursil Unit  (uniss.) 1062
N.Y. Electric String Ensemble 1063
Noah Howard Judson Hall Concert 1064
Orthodox Liturgy A Capella Ensemble 1065
Bud Powell Blue Note Paris 1961 1066
(ORO-5) Haryou Percussion Ensemble 1067
Holy Modal Rounders Indian War Whoop 1068
(ORO-1) Bruce Mackay Midnight Minstrel 1069
All that the name implies 1070

Paul Bley (untitled) 1071 (unissued)

Tony Snell Fungus And Englishmen Abroad 1072

Noah Howard Burn, baby, burn 1073 (unissued)

Burton Greene Trio On Tour 1074
Pearls Before Swine Balaklava 1075
Nedley Elstak The Machine 1076
The Godz Third Testament 1077
Seventh Sons Raga 1078

Karel Velebny & SHQ 1080
Various Artists - An evening at home with... 1081
Alan Sondheim All: T'Other Little Tune 1082
Free Music Quartet European New Music 1083

Lou Killen Sea Chanteys 1085



Randy Burns Evening of the magician 1089

Alan Silva 1091
Ed Askew Ask The Unicorn 1092


The Levitts We Are The Levitts 1095

(ORO-6) Todd Kelley 1097
MIJ Jim Holmberg Yodeling Astrologer 1098
Erica Pomerance You used to think 1099
Boots 'N' Roots (Sampler) 1111
Serie 2000

Octopus 2000

Cromagnon Cave Rock 2001

 Jayne County Goddess of Wet Dreams 2002 lp

Charles Manson & The family sing 13 songs 2003

Sweet Pie Pleasure Pudding 2004

Barry Titus Do Wappa Do 2005 prob. CD only

Old Timey Custard Suckin' Band 2006

Randy Burns Songs For An Uncertain Lady 2007

Joel Tobias God Is Watching America 2008 cd, lp

Barry Titus 42nd Street 2009 prob. CD only

Woodstock Workband Armed And Dangerous 2010


Woodstock Workband 2 Swored In The Hand 2012 cd

Jim LaLumia & The Psychotic Frogs Gr. Hits - Live at Max's 1981 2013 cd


Don Moore Band In The Groove 2015 cd

Don Moore Band Party Going On In Woodstock 2016 cd

The Godz Godzundheit 2017

Fugs 4, Rounders Score 2018 lp


Les Visible Too Old To Rock And Roll 2020

Les Visible Jews From Outer Space 2021

Woodstock Moods And Moments 2044 prob. CD only







Various 2051 lp

Various ESP-Disk' Guide to Funky 2222

Serie 3000

Charlie Parker Live Broadcasts Vol.1 3000

Charlie Parker Live Broadcasts Vol.2 3001

Billie Holiday Lady lives Vol.1 3002

Billie Holiday Lady lives Vol.2 3003

Tony Snell Medieval And Latter Day Lays 3004

Tony Kelly Busker boy 3005  or

Billie Holiday Lady lives Vol. 3 3005

Billie Holiday Lady lives Vol.4 3006

Revolutionary Ensemble Vietnam 1 + 2 3007

Jim McCarthy Alien 3008

Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band Smoke Dreams 3009
Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band  (7'') 2 titles from 3009

Tiger Tiger Sun country 3010 cd

Marc Black Big Dong Dharma 3011 prob. CD only

Rolf Kemp Daydreamer 3012

Frank Lowe Black Beings 3013

Peter Stampfel & Luke Faust Wendigo Dwain Story 3014

Helmut Nadolski New Music from Poland Vol.1 3015 (not released)

Niemen New Music from Poland Vol.2 3016 (no released)
Art Tatum Newly Discovered Performances 3016

Lester Young Newly Discovered Performances 3017

Sea Ensemble We Move Together 3018

Thornton, Fradkin and Unger Pass on this side 3019 cd

or The Godz God bless California 3019 cd

Bill Horwitz Lies, Lies, Lies 3020

Bud Powell Winter Broadcasts 1953 3021

Bud Powell Spring Broadcasts 1953 3022

Bud Powell Summer Broadcasts 1953 3023


New Music from Japan 3023

Bud Powell Autumn Broadcasts 1953 3024

Anton Bruhin New Music from Switzerland 3025

Ronnie Boykins 3026


Michael Gregory Jackson Clarity 3028 prob. CD only

Sorgen/Rust/Windbile Trio Outlet 3029 prob. CD only

Albert Ayler Prophecy 3030

Albert Ayler At The Slug's Saloon Vol.1 3031

Albert Ayler At The Slug's Saloon Vol.2 3032

Sun Ra Concert for the Comet Kohoutek 3033 cd, lp

Charlie Parker Broadcasts Vol.2 BIRD-1

Charlie Parker Broadcasts Vol.1 BIRD-2

Charlie Parker Broadcasts Vol.3 BIRD-3

Bud Powell Broadcasts Vol.1 BUD-2

Sonodisc Serie
Not sure if the recordings made in France distr. by Sonodisc (F) had anything in common with ESP
Ray Stephen Oche and his Matumbo  (ESP 155.501)
Sam Lightnin' Hopkins Blue lightnin' (ESP 155.505)
Memphis Slim Blues for Nathalie (ESP 155.507)
Ray Stephen Oche  No discrimination  (ESP 155.508)
Max Collie Rhythm Aces Battle of Trafalgar (ESP 155.509)
Fats Waller Piano / Hammond Organ (ESP 155.517)
Marco Di Marco & Chris Woods Together in Paris  (ESP 155.518)
Noel McGhie and Space Spies (ESP 155.519)
Cortex Troupeau bleu (ESP 155.524)


Gilbert Shelton If I Was A Hells Angel / Southern Stock car man  4501


The Gods Lay in the sun / I want a word with you 4503



Ornette Coleman Sadness / Holy family  4506

Fugs Frenzy / I Want To Know 4507

Fugs Morning Morning / Kill For Peace 4508

The Original Prophets Ain't that loving you baby/ Birds 4509

Paul Bley Trio Ida Lupino / Cartoon 4521

The Godz Wiffenpoof song / Travelin' Salesman 4547+4548

Pearls before Swine Drop out / Morning song 4554+4555

Jerry Moore Ballad of Birmingham / Winds of change 4561

The New York Electric String Ensemble Fugue #2 4563

Pearls before Swine (Why don't) You Do Love / Song for S. in D. 4574
Pearls before Swine Images of April / There was a man 4575

Pearls before Swine I saw the world / Images of April 4576/1076

Bill Horwitz New American Guilt Trip / If I had a friend ESDJ-45-302

Thornton, Fradkin & Unger God bless California / Sometimes ESP 45-63019

Pearls before Swine Suzanne / There was a man 279 250 TP

Pony Poindexter Pancho / The game is love ESP Single ???


Ellis Marsalis Ruminations in New York 4000 cd

Albert Ayler Quintet 1970 LIVE 4001 cd

Sun Ra Heliocentric Worlds Vol. 3 the lost tapes 4002 cd

Pearls before Swing The Complete ESP-Disk' Recordings 4003 cd


Sun Ra Heliocentric Worlds 1+2 4005 cd

Albert Ayler Bells / Prophecy 4006 cd

Frank Wright The Complete ESP-Disk' Recordings 4007 cd

Pharaoh Sanders Pharoah's First 4008 cd



Marion Brown 4011 cd, lp

Sonny Simmons The Complete ESP-Disk' Recordings 4012 cd, lp







Patty Waters Patty Waters 4019 cd





Sun Ra Nothing is... 4024 cd, lp

Albert Ayler Slug's saloon 4025 cd, lp

Sun Ra Heliocentric World 1+2 4026 cd, lp


Frank Wright Unity 4028 cd, lp

Yma Sumac Recital 4029 lp

New Ghost Live upstairs at Nick's 4030 cd

Tammen Harth Dahlgren Rosen Expedition 4031 cd,lp

Don Cherry Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966 4032 cd, lp

Norman Howard Burn Baby Burn 4033 cd, lp

Movement Soul Volume 2 4034 cd

Albert Ayler The Hilversum Session 4035 cd, lp

Bud Powell Live at the Blue Note Cafe Paris 1961 4036 cd, lp

Sunny Murray Sunny Murray 4037 cd, lp

Burton Greene Bloom in the commune 4038 cd, lp

Billie Holiday Rare Live Recordings 1935 - 1959 4039 5cd's

Lester Young Live at Birdland 4040 cd, lp

Lindha Kallerdahl Gold 4041 cd, lp

Alan Roth Inside out in the open documentary on ESP 4042 dvd

Don Cherry Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966 Volume Two 4043 cd, lp

Yudganaut This musicship 4044 cd, lp

Holy Modal Rounders Live in 1965 4045 cd, lp

Totem Solar Forge 4046 cd, lp

Yximallaa unpop 4047 cd

Chris Speed, Chris Cheek, Stephane Furic Leibovici Jugendstil 4048 cd, lp

Barcled Charles 4049 cd

Charlie Parker Bird in Time 1940-1947 4050 4 cd's

Don Cherry Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966 Volume Three 4051 cd, lp

Flow Trio Rejuvenation 4052 cd, lp

The Naked Future Gigantomachia 4053 cd, lp

Sun Ra featuring Pharoah Sanders & Black Harold 4054 cd, lp

Talibam Boogie in the breeze blocks 4055 cd, lp

Joe Morris Colorfield 4056 cd, lp

Tsigoti PrivatePovertySpeaksToThePeopleOfTheParty 4057 cd, lp

Paul Dunmall - Chris Corsano Identical sunsets 4058 limited edtion on vinyl

Lee Konitz Jugendstil II 4059 cd, lp

Sun Ra College Tour vol. 1 The Complete Nothin' is 4060 cd, lp

Eli Keszler Oxtirn 4061 limited edition on vinyl

Sun Ra The Heliocentric Worlds 4062 (3 CD's)

Joe Morris Camera 4063 cd, lp


Talibam! Cosmoplitude 4065 cd, lp

Frank Lowe The Loweski 4066 cd, lp


Frank Wright Blues for Albert Ayler 4068 cd, lp

Pharoah Sanders In the beginning 4069 (4 CD-Album)

Charles Gayle Look up 4070 cd, lp

Oscar Brown jr. & Maggie Brown We're live 4071 cd

Albert Ayler Story 4072 cd

Bud Powell - Birdland 1953 4073 cd


Last Exit Iron path 4075 cd, lp

Albert Ayler Bells (Extended version) 4076 2 cd's

Masahiro Shiba Bill Laswell Rissurrezione Dubopera 4078 cd, lp

Various Artists - ESP New Artist Sampler 2008 4111

Serie 5000
ESP-Disk' Fire Music Vol. 1 5001

Arborea Fortress of the sun 5002 cd, lp

Tiger Hatchery Sun Worship 5003 cd, lp

Alan Sondheim with Christopher Diasparra & Edward Schneider Cutting board 5004 cd, lp

Extremely Serious Business Headwall 5005 cd,lp

John D. Thomas Extremely Serious Business 5006 cd, lp

Matthew Shipp / Mat Walerian Duo The uppercut Live at Okuden 5007 cd

defunkt Live at Channel Zero 5008 cd, lp

Jungle / Mat Walerian Matthew Shipp Hamid Drake Live at Okuden 5009 2 cd's, lp

5010 Matt Lavelle / Reggie Sylvester Retrograde

5011 Toxic / Mat Walerian Matthew Shipp William Parker This is beautiful because we are beautiful people



5014 Buck Curran Immortal light  cd, lp (limited)

5015 Talibam! Matthew Nelson / Ron Stabinsky 


5017 The Delegation Evergreen (Canceled World) 

5018 Matthew Shipp Sonic Fiction 

5019 Stephen Dydo / Alan Sondheim Dragon and Phoenix

5020 Thollem / Du Roche / Stjames Trio Live in our time

5021 Amina Baraka & The Red Microphone

5022 Matthew Shipp Zer(0)

5023 Megumi Yonezawa / Masa Kamaguchi / Ken Kobayashi Boundary

5024 Robbie Basho Live in Forli, Italy 1982




5028 Buck Curran Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas


5030 Mars Williams presents An Ayler Xmas Volume 2

Charlie Parker Bird in Time 1940 - 1947 5050 cd

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