Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010


Records numerical listing

Compiled by Juergen Deeg

(with some additions and covers done by Michael Frohne in December 2018)

SUS 1001 Rhetta Hughes "Starpiece"

SUS 1002 Bobby Shew "Class reunion" Rec. 1980

SUS 1003 Bob Moses Quintet Family* Rec. 8/1979

SUS 1004 John Stubblefield Midnight Sun Rec. 1980

SUS 1005 Mike Nock Succubus Rec. 1980

SUS 1006

SUS 1007 Gordon Brisker Collective consciousness Rec. c. 1980

SUS 1008 Adrian John Loveridge Square one

SUS 1009 Craig Peyton Electric vibes Rec. c. 1982

SU 21006 Lionel Hampton 50th anniversary concert/Live at Carnegie Hall** Rec. 1.7.1978

Remaining issues in this serie are of no interest for jazz fans.

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