Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

NATO Records

Compiled by Juergen Deeg

(I added the covers from discogs and some information about formerly unknown numbers)
Michael Frohne

Die auf den ersten Blick etwas kryptisch erscheinende Nummern-Systematik bei NATO Records ist wie folgt aufgebaut: Die erste Veröffentlichung trägt die Nr.: 0005 (+ 2 für die Zweite) = 0007 (+ 3 für die Dritte) = 0010 usw. usf.

Der Dank für diesen Hinweis geht an Peter Schlegel.

Nato 0005 Francoise Mechali / Beb Guerin Conversations

Nato 0007 Violetta Ferrer Poemas De Federica Garcia Lorca

Nato 0010 Lol Coxhill/Raymont Boni/Maurice Horsthuis Chantenay 80

Nato 0014 Louis Sclavis Ad Augusta Per Augustia

Nato 0019 Tony Coe Tournee Du Chat

Nato 0025/32 Lol Coxhill Instant Replay

Nato 0040 John Lindberg Haunt Of The Unresolved

Nato 0049 Günter Sommer Hörmusik Zwei

Nato 0059 The Satie Company (S. Beresford, T.Coe/L.Coxhill) Sept Tableaux Phoniques Erik Satie

Nato 0070 Francois Mechali Le Granadier Voitigeur

Nato 0082 Joelle Leandre Les Douze Sons

Nato 0095 Lol Coxhill The Dunois Solos

Nato 0109 Silvian Kassap L'Arlesienne

Nato 0124 Violetta Ferrer Poemas De Federica Garcia Lorca II

Nato 0140 Denis Levaillant Direct

Nato 0157 Lol Coxhill CousCous

Nato 0175 Radu Malfatti & Quartour A Vant Formu

Nato 0194 Andre Jaume Quartet/Groupe Tavanga Incontru

Nato 0214 Alan Hacker Hacker Ilk

Nato 0235 Maarten Altena Quartet Mière

Nato 0257 Tony Coe Le Chat Se Retourne

Nato 0280 Alterations My Favourite Animals

Nato 0304 The Alfred Hichcock Company Six Sequences Pour Alfred Hitchcock

Nato 0329 Günter Sommer Et Trois Vieux Amis Ascenseur Pour Le 28

Nato 0355 Fred Van Hove KKWTT

Nato 0382 Denis Levaillant Barium Circus

Nato 0410 Ulrich Gumpert Pieces Pour Piano D‘Erik Satie

Nato 0439 Lol Coxhill / Daniel Deshays 10:02

Nato 0469 Kahondo Style My Heart's In Motion

Nato 0500 Louis Sclavis Rencontres ...

Nato 0532 Michel Doneda Terra

Nato 0565 Steve Beresford Dancing The Line/Anne Marie Beretta

Nato 0599 Jean-Francois Pauvros Le Grand Amour

Nato 0634 The Godard Fans Godard Ca Vous chante?

Nato 0670 Mozart Music For Friends

Nato 0707 British Summertime Ends Pop Out Eyes

Nato 0745 William Lawes & Henry Purcell Private Musick

Nato 0784 Jac Berrocal Hotel Hotel 86

Nato 0824 Various Artists Alternate Cake

Nato 0865 Raymont Boni / M. Eastley / T. Day Les Mistrals

Nato 0907 The Recedents (Mike Cooper, Coxhill, R.Turner) Barbecue Strut

Nato 0950 Steve Beresford/David Toop/John Zorn/Tonie Marshall Deadly weapons

Nato 0994 Annick Nozati / Fred van Hove U I T

Nato 1039 Siracusa Slumberland

Nato 1085 Lol Coxhill Café DeLaPlace

Nato 1132 Alan Hacker Mozart

Nato 1180 Alan Hacker Hacker Ilk 2

Nato 1229 Terry Day Look At Me

Nato 1279 Kahondo Style Green Tea & Crocodiles

Nato 1330 Steve Beresford / Han Bennink Directly To Pyjamas

Nato 1382 Various Artists Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas Everybody)

Nato 1435 Tony Hymas Flying Fortress

Nato 1489 The Recedents Zombie Blood Bath On The Isle Of Dogs

Nato 1544 Jean-Francois Pauvros Hamster Attack

Nato 1600 Michel Doneda / Daunik Lazro General Gramofon

Nato 1657 Tohban Djan Poison Petal

Nato 1715/1774 Various Artists Bandes Originales Du Journal De Spirou

Nato VG 506-706240 Tony Coe Les Voix D'Itxassou

Nato 2560 Tony Hymas A winter's tale

Nato 2930 Jacques Thollot Tenga nina

Nato 3920 Tony Hymas De L'orgine du monde


(All also issued on CD with the same cover)

ZOG 1 SteveBeresford Avril Brisé

ZOG 2 Tony Coe Mere De Chine

ZOG 3 Steve Beresford Pentimento

ZOG 4 Ursus Minor Coup de sang


OH 5 The Melody Four La Paloma/Les Millions D‘Arlequin

OH 6 The Melody Four Love Plays Such Funny Games

OH 7 Steve Beresford Eleven Songs For Doris Day

OH 8 Tony Coe Mainly Mancini

OH 9 Lol Coxhil The Inimitable

OH 11 The Melody Four Si Senor!

OH 13 The Melody Four T.V.? Mais Qui!

OH 15 The Melody Four Little Pictures

OH 16 The Melody Four Hello! We Must Be Going!

OH 17 Lol Coxhill Before My Time

OH 18 Mike Cooper/Cyril Lefebvre Aveklei Uptowns Hawaiians

OH 19 The Melody Four Shopping For Melodies Vol. 1

OH 21 The Melody Four Shopping For Melodies Vol. 2

OH 23 Steve Beresford L’Extraordinaire Jardin De Charles Trenet


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  4. Where can I get a copy of this:

    OH 18 Mike Cooper/Cyril Lefebvre Aveklei Uptowns Hawaiians