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Nagara Records
(numerische Listung)

Das ist keine LP Angebotsliste, es ist nur eine Hilfe für Sammler!
Please note: This is not a sales catalog! It is only a research tool for collectors.
I added all the covers from discogs. See there for more information concerning personnel, titles etc.
1013 seems to be unissued. Most probaby only one - 1021 - came out as CD as well (Michael Frohne)

Compiled by Juergen Deeg

mix 1010-n Peter Giger „Family of Percussuion“ Rec 1975 (Re-issued Aural Explorer AE 5010)

mix 1011-n Giger-Lenz-Marron „Beyond“ Rec. 1976

mix 1012-n Riot „Green And Blue“ Rec. 1977

mix 1013-n (unissued ?)

mix 1014-n Peter Giger „Illegitimate Music“ Rec.

mix 1015-n Giger-Lenz-Marron “Where The Hammer Hangs“ Rec 1978

mix 1016-n Family Of Percussion „Messages To The Enemies Of Time“ Rec. 1978

mix 1017-n Riot „Black Hill“ Rec. 1978

mix 1018-n Family Of Percussion & Guests „Sunday Palaver“ Rec. 1979

mix 1019-n Papa Oyeah Mackenzie & Peter Giger „Africa Meets Europe“ Rec. 1980

mix 1020-n Eddy Marron Solo „Por Marco“ Rec. 1980

mix 1021-n Family Of Percussion & Archie Shepp „Here Comes The Family“ Rec. 1980 (Reissue on CD as CDMIX 1021)

mix 1022-n Peter Giger Percussion Orchestra „For Drummers Only! Rec. 1982

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