Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

Konnex Records

Compiled by Juergen Deeg / Thanks to Karl-Michael Schneider

(I have added some covers from discogs; there you will find information about many more)

5001 Ken Hyder's Big Team "Under The Influence"

5002 The Quartet "Dedications"

5003 Jay Oliver "Dance Of The Robot People" RE!!

5004 Lajos Dudas "Sunshine State" featuring Toto Blanke

5005 The Quartet "Relation"

5006 Under Control (C. Doran, et al) "Kroumir"

5007 CL-4 (Joergensmann, Koltermann, Dudas, ...) "Alte und neue Wege" 1986

5008 The Quartet + E.L. Petrowsky "Interchange"

5009 Reto Weber-Nana Twum Nketia "Oneness"

5010 (most prob. never used)

5011 CL-4 "Seltsam Ist Propheten Lied" 1987

5012 Sibylle Pomorin Quartett "Winterkoenig" 1987

5013 Lajos Dudas-Tommy Vig "Mistral" 1986

5014 Theo Joergensmann Solo "Zeitverdichtung" 1986

5015 European Jazz Ensemble "Live" 1987

5016 The Quartet "Live" 1988

5017 Bruno Spoerri/Reto Weber "Controlled Risk"

5018 (prob. not used)

5019 Joelle Leandre - Jon Rose Les Domestiques

5020 (prob. not used)

many more to follow - in the meantime go to discogs


5021 John Rose "Paganini's Last Testemony"

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