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Freelance Records

Freelance Records

Compiled by Juergen Deeg

(I added the covers - mostly from discogs - and some further unknown numbers 
plus some corrections
Michael Frohne)

FRL 001 Cheik Tidiane Fall "Diom Futa" 79

FRL 002 Marion Brown "Back To Paris" '80

FRL 003 Curtis Clark "Dedications" '81

FRL 004 Richard Raux "Feel Good At Last" '83

FRL 005 Stephen McCraven "Interwining Spirit" '82

FRL 006 Mal Waldron/Marion Brown "Songs Of Love And Regret" '85
FRL 007 Roy Haynes "True Or False" '86

FRL 008 Santi Debriano "Obeah" '87

FRL 009 Judy Niemack "Blue Bop"

FRL 010 Mal Waldron/Marion Brown "Much More" '88

FRL 011 David Kikoski "Presage"

FRL 012 Santi deBriano "Soldiers of Fortune"

FRL 013 (prob. never used)

FRL 014 Judy Niemack "Long as you're living"

FRL 015 Cindy Blackman "Trio - Two"

FRL 016  Steve Lacy - Eric Watson "Spirit of Mingus"

 FRL 017 Bruce Gertz Quintet "Blueprint"

FRL 018 Judy Niemack "straight up"

FRL 019 Santi DeBriano "Panamiacs"

FRL 020 Franck Amsallem Tim Ries Quartet "Regards"

FRL 021 Judy Niemack "Mingus, Monk and Mal"

FRL 022 Eliot Zigmund Mike Richmond David Berkman "Darkstreet"

FRL 023 Eric Watson Trio "Punk Circus"

FRL 024 Yoron Israel Connection "A GIFT FOR YOU"

FRL 025 Steve Lacy "Bye-ya"

FRL 026 Judy Niemack "Night and the music"

FRL 027 Scott Colley "Portable Universe"

FRL-NS-201 Steve Lacy The Holy La

FRL-NS-202 Cheikh Tidane Fall Jom Futa

FRL-NS-203 Mal Waldron/Marion Brown Songs of love and regret

FRL-NS-304 Cindy Blackman Trio + Two

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