Montag, 6. April 2015

Jazzrealities Productions

There were some discographies issued betweeen 1982 and 1985 by jazzrealities. All soft-cover bound, in case of Steve Lacy, Lee Konitz and Charles Mingus and the "Diskographie des deutschen Nachkriegsjazz 1945 - 1969" contained no cover photos. All were done as photocopies with a black and white cover. 
The Rahsaan Roland Kirk disco contained black & white scans - sadly the quality of the reprints are not good for nowadays eyes.  

Two are available now as sales. In case of Lee Konitz only 5 copies left, whereas in case of Steve Lacy more than a dozen are available.

The price for each is € 12. For more than one or for a package the price is € 11. Postage to be added.

The Rahsaan Roland Kirk disco and the German jazz disco covering the years 1945 to 1969 are available as print-on-demand.

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