Sonntag, 29. März 2009

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The photo at the entry was taken by Woldemar von Kiparski. 
Oscar Pettiford was soloing with the Erwin Lehn Suedfunk Orchester in the Stuttgarter Liederhalle. The date was October 1958. The tapes were erased because the Suedfunk was short of money and somebody (I know his name!) found the music not interesting enough to keep. Can you imagine????

better take Lionel's advice...


Guess my former everyday work - although not all looked like this guy.


  1. It is very sad to hear that.
    My sincerest condolences to the family and relatives of the late great drummer Klaus Weiss.

    I'm not a drummer or musician nor work in the music industry myself, but as an avid fan of European Jazz I've been long aware of his influence on the scene. His recordings as a leader or sideman has given me lots of enjoyment, and I always took seeing his name in the credits as a recommendation for an immediate buy. Thanks a lot for your works Mr. Weiss.

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  3. Dear Dr. Michael Frohne, is there a way to communicate with you personally? Can't find any valid email anywhere..

  4. Lieber Michael, ich will Dir hiermit nur kurz mitteilen, dass ich kürzlich erfahren habe, dass Charlie Boussart aus Rheinberg gestorben ist. Bei meinem letzten Kontakt mit ihm hat er sich noch sehr postitif über die Lieblingssongs geäussert, die Du ihm geschickt hattest.