Samstag, 24. März 2018


I would like to add some excerpts of concerts. All are rare and have a certain connection with part of my life. Please keep in mind that neither do I have or somebody else has the publishing rights.

This was the first concert I organized in a small church in the Black Forest. I was the local dentist in Fluorn-Winzeln and had the idea to invite musicians to do some work on their teeth and in return they would play a concert. 
The first who came was James Newton from L.A., at that time only known to few people in Europe. A very expensive poster for announcement was printed. Small handmade tickets were prepared, just two lights kept the abbey a bit dark, my Revox reel-to-reel with 7 1/2 speed was rolling and now after nearly 40 years everybody who likes James' music, can hear 3 titles. I hope that James still remembers and is not angry to hear part of his wonderful solo performance. Otherwise, dear James, drop a line and I will erase all immediately.
Michael Frohne

Alte Kirche, Fluorn-Winzeln October 24, 1981
James Newton solo-fl

Malac uqua be (05:10)
Unknown (05:45)
Rose '68 '69 (07:00)

additional titles played
How I felt - Nefertiti
Epre rao econ