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HAZEL SCOTT - A Discography
compiled by Michael Frohne

Just the start.
I hope Walter Bruyninckx doesn't mind that I used his discography as basics. And his entry as well.
More information will follow. And clips. And covers. And recordings as sidewoman. And some kind of biography.
I have the ones coloured in red in my collection - either as LP's, Singles or files. The other ones are still missing. If you have them please send a file. Thanks in advance.

(This is from Wikipedia - copyright owner unknown - taken from the trailer to "Rhapsody in blue")

taken from the internet - I don't have the copyright, so please drop a line if there is somebody who is the owner.

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Piano, vocal. Real name Dorothy Scott. Born Port of Spain, Trinidad, June 11, 1920 and died New York, October 2, 1981. Came to the States in 24 where her mother led an all-girl band. Studied classical music at Juilliard School of Music at 8 and in her teens she already played jazz in nightclubs and on some radio programs. At 18 she sang in a Broadway show and from 39 till 43 she was very popular playing at Café Society branches uptown and downtown. In the 40's she appeared in 5 films the most known of them is "Rhapsody in blue" 1945. Continued touring the States perfoming mostly in first class clubs. Late 40's she lived in Paris for 2 years. After her return to the States she mostly performed with a trio and kept playing until the year of her death.

-Paramount Picture-
Hazel Scott p, voc / unknown b and dr
Through thick and sin

-Swinging the classics-
Hazel Scott (p) J.C. Heard (d)

New York, December 11, 1940
68480-A Valse in D flat major De 18129, DL5130
68481-A Country gardens 18128, -
68482-A Ritual fire dance 18127, -
68483-A Prelude in C sharp minor 18128, - , Br (GB) 03476
68484-A Two-part invention in A minor 18127, -
68485-A Hungarian rhapsody no. 2 18129, - , -

New York, February 27, 1942
70410-A Embraceable you De 18341, 91077, DL5486
70411-A Hazel's boogie woogie 18340, Br (GB) 04799, Swingfan (D)  1021
70412-A Blues in B flat De 18340, 91078, DL5486
70413-A Hallelujah 18342, DL5130
70414-A Dark eyes - , -
70415-A Three little words 18341, -

Hazel Scott (p,vcl)

New York, May 1, 1942
70708-A The man I love (unissued) De

Hazel Scott (p,vcl) Sidney Catlett (d-1)

New York, August 27, 1943
D3MC-166 Get on board, lil children (hs vcl)(unissued)
D3MC-167 Body and soul (hs vcl) V-Disc 68, Fonit Cetra (It)VDL1014
D3MC-168 People will say we're in love (hs vcl) 30, -
D3MC-169 Honeysuckle rose (hs vcl,1,*) - , -
D3MC-170 C jam blues (1) 68, -
D3MC-171 I guess I'll have to change my plans (1)(unissued)

Note : (*) Also on Time-Life OPCD-4537/38 (CD) entitled "V-Disc-The songs that went to war", rest of this two CD set by others.

Hazel Scott (p,vcl) acc by Toots Camarata's Orchestra : prob similar pers. Nat Natoli, Yank Lawson, Pee Wee Irwin (tp) John Owens (tp,tb) Hymie Schertzer (as,bar) Joe Dixon (ts) Ellis Larkins (p) Carl Kress (g) Leonard Gaskin (b) Johnny Blowers (d) Toots Camarata (arr,cond + 4 unknown strings
New York, March 22, 1945
72790 Take me in your arms De 23551
72791 I'm glad there is you (unissued)

New York, May 3, 1945

72849 I'm glad there is you De 23551
72850 Fascinating rhythm 23429
72851 The man I love -

Hazel Scott (p) solos
New York, spring 1946
SRC196 Valse in C sharp minor (*) Signature 15023, Hi-Tone 176, Coral 9-60715
SRC197 How high the moon Signature 15025, Coral 9-60713
SRC198 A rainy night in G (*) - , Hi-Tone 176, Coral 9-60713
SRC199 I guess I'll have to change my plans (*) Signature 15023, Coral 9-60713
SRC200 Sonate in C minor – Toccata 15026, 9-60715
SRC201 Fantasie impromptu 15024, 9-60716
SRC202 Nocturne in B flat minor - , -
SRC203 Idyll 15026, 9-60714

Note : Entire session also on Coral CRL56057 entitled TWO TONES PIANO RECITAL.  
Also on Festival Records (Aus) CFR10-349 entitled HAZEL SCOTT PIANO SOLOS. (*) These titles also on Doctor Jazz/EPM (F)FDC5010 (CD), see also next session and rest of this CD by other artists.

Hazel Scott (p,vcl) acc by Toots Camarata's Orchestra : pers incl. Charlie Shavers (tp) Ernie Caceres (bar) + unknown others

New York, early 1947

338 On the sunny side of the street Signature 15073, Hi-Tone 175
339 I've got the world on a string (*) -
340 Butterfly kick (*) 15126, -
341 Ich vill sich spielen -

Note : (*) Also on Doctor Jazz EPM (F)FDC5010 (CD).

-Great Scott!-
Hazel Scott (p,vcl) acc by unknown g, b and d

New York, October 1947
38226 Emaline Col 37997
38227 Nightmare blues 37999
38228 Mary Lou 37998
38229 Soon 37996

Hazel Scott (p,vcl) acc by unknown b and d

New York, October 1947
38238 Brown Bee boogie (inst) Col 37999, Rosetta RR1309
38239 Love me or leave me 37996
38240 Love will find a way 37997
38241 Dancing on the ceiling 37998

Hazel Scott (p,vcl) acc by George Hadjo (b) Gerard Pochonet (d)

Paris, November 20, 1951
P1118-2 Body and soul De (F)MF21594
P1119 Tea for two (F)MF21595
P1120 La ronde (hs vcl) (F)MF21596
P1121 The one I love belongs to somebody else -
P1122 How blue can you get (F)MF21595
P1123 Saint Louis blues (F)MF21594

-Late show-
Hazel Scott (p) acc by Red Callender (b) Lee Young (d)

Los Angeles, 1952
10310 The girl friend Cap H364
10313 The way you look tonight -
10314 Thou swell -
10316 I get a kick out of you -
10318 'S wonderful -
10319 I'll be around -
10320 I'm yours -
10323 That old black magic -

-Women in Jazz : Pianists-
Hazel Scott (p) acc by unknown g, b and d

'Round midnight Stash ST112

Note : Other titles by other leaders.

- Hazel Scott Trio-
Hazel Scott p / b / Kenny Clarke dr

Round and fine and brown Consul (F) CM 2053
This is always -
Gut bucket getaway -
Nuages -

Hazel Scott (p,vcl) Buddy Banks (b) Gérard Pochonet (d)

Paris, September 28, 1953

P1152 For all we know De (F)MF36243
P1153 Tinkle bells blow again (hs vcl) -
P1154-4 Soothe me (hs vcl) (F)MF36244
P1155-4 Un gamin de Paris -
P1156-2 Whatever happened to Captain Cook (F)MF36245
P1157-2 J'aime bien Paris (hs vcl) –

-Joue et chante-

Hazel Scott p, voc / unknown b-1

prob. Paris 1953

Avril a Paris (1) (April in Paris) unknown label
Reponds moi (Answer me)
L'homme que j'aime (The man I love)
Venez donc chez moi

-Le desordre et la nuit-

Hazel Scott p, voc + Orchestre -1

prob. Paris 1953

Simplement kiss me (Yatove, Contet) Polydor (F) 20 816
Ton pas dans la rue Yatove, Contet) -
Qu'on est bien (Beart)-
Oh! (C'est divin) (Simon, Vian) -

-Chante Gilbert Becaud-

Hazel Scott p, voc / unknown g / unknown b / unknown dr

prob. Paris, 1953

On s'est aime si tendrement Polydor (F) 20 842 
Viens danser -
Le piano de la plage -
Si je pouvais un jour revivre ma vie -

-Relaxed piano moods-

Hazel Scott (p) Charles Mingus (b) Max Roach (d)

Hackensack, N.J., January 21, 1955

Like someone in love Debut DLP16, 12DCD-4402-2, OJC 1702
Peace of mind - , - , -
Lament - , - , -
Lament (alt take) -
The jeep is jumpin' - , - , -
Git up from there - , - , -
Git up from there (alt take) -
A foggy day - , - , -
Mountain greenery (*) -

Note : Entire session also on Debut/Carrère (F)100012 (CD)(12 CD box), OJC CD1702-2 (CD), Debut (J)  VICJ-23059 (CD), ZYX Music (D) 12-DCD-4402-2 (12 CD box). Debut 12DCD-4420-2 entitled "Charles Mingus-The Complete Debut Recordings", rest of this 12 CD set by Mingus and other artists. (*)
This title also on Debut 4DCD-4420-2 (a 4 CD set) entitled "The Debut Records Story". OJC 1702 = Debut/Mythic Sound (It)DLP16.

-'Round midnight-

Hazel Scott (p) Everett Barksdale (g) unknown b and d

New York, December 27, 1956

101229 Just imagine (unissued)
101230 (In the) Wee small hours (of the morning) De DL8474
101231 It's you or no one -
101232 It's easy to remember -

Hazel Scott (p) with rhythm acc

New York, January 11, 1957

101259 Just imagine De DL8474

Hazel Scott (p) with rhythm acc

New York, January 21, 1957
101333 Lucky to be me De DL8474
101334 'Round midnight -
101335 I wish I didn't love you so -
101336 For you, for me, forevermore -
101337 Ev'ry time -
101338 Maybe -
101339 Love is the thing -
101340 Warm all over –

Hazel Scott (p) with orchestra & calypso vcl

New York, February 11, 1957

101629 Take me, take me De 9-30253
101630 Carnival -

Hazel Scott (p) with unknown acc

22008 Saint Louis blues (unissued) Merc
22009 After hours -
22010 My lil' guy -

Armand Migiani et son Orchestre

unknown pers. Hazel Scott voc, p

recorded prob. Paris

C’est si bon –

Polydor (F) 46107


Hazel Scott (vcl,p) acc by Allen Ross (sax,fl) Alan Roy Scott (synt,arr) Joel Diamond (p) Valerie Romanoff (g) Rafael Goldfeld, Nabil M. Totah (b) Gianpaolo Biagi, Grace Millan, Jim Pietsch (d) Carlos Rodriguez (cga) Sue Hadjopoulous (perc) Sandy Sandoval (arr)

prob New York, 1979

Let me hold you Image IM307
La vita (This is my life) -
Just the way you are -
Do you feel alright ? -
Always -
Be what you are -
No greater love –

-After hours-

Hazel Scott (p) George Duvivier (b) Oliver Jackson (d)

New York, April 14, 1980

Lover's leap Tioch TD1013
After hours -
Nancy with the laughing face -
Moving day -
Guess I gotta move -
St. Louis blues -