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I would like to add some excerpts of concerts. All are rare and have a certain connection with part of my life. Please keep in mind that neither do I have or somebody else has the publishing rights.

At the end of this post you can find a listing of all performances. First the ones in the Alte Kirche. Later I will add the other concerts in Rottweil etc. And maybe - if my life lasts long enough - some remembrances to some of the events and if notes still exist, the titles played.

James Newton
The first concert I organized in a small church in the Black Forest was a solo performance of James Newton. I was the local dentist in Fluorn-Winzeln and had the idea to invite musicians to do some work on their teeth and in return they would play a concert. 
The first who came was James Newton from L.A., at that time only known to few people in Europe. A very expensive poster for announcement was printed. Small handmade tickets were prepared, just two lights kept the abbey a bit dark, my Revox reel-to-reel with 7 1/2 speed was rolling and now after nearly 40 years everybody who likes James' music, can hear 3 titles. I hope that James still remembers and is not angry to hear part of his wonderful solo performance. Otherwise, dear James, drop a line and I will erase all immediately.
The 3 titles are from James' second appearance in 1981.

Michael Frohne

Alte Kirche, Fluorn-Winzeln October 24, 1981
James Newton solo-fl

1. Malac uqua be (05:10)
2. Unknown (05:45)
3. Rose '68 '69 (07:00)

additional titles played
How I felt - Nefertiti
Epre rao econ

Another concert from which I still have a recording is the one in autumn 1981. A week before the concert while drilling holes in teeth I got a phone call from Gabi Kleinschmidt who asked "Do you want to have the World Saxophone Quartet?" Of course, my answer was "Yes!" But what about the money? I remembered my meeting with the promoter of the Moers Festival some years before who showed me the contract with the WSQ, in which not only the money was above all imaginations but even company of the animal crackers to be served for the musicians was mentioned. But Gabi Kleinschmidt said "Just for the door". Great. But the troubles started when the day of performance came. All five - Ming Murray was also there - arrived with different trains. Interpol was behind them, because they didn't pay for the tickets back to US. I was able to solve this problem because the owner of the travel agency was a friend of mine. So the concert could happen. I rented four rooms in a small guest-house. But after the concert they wanted a bus immediately to go right back to Stuttgart to reach a plane. Even this was solved. Somebody from the audience was so kind to drive them. 
The concert was fantastic - the happenings before and afterwards horrible.
Don't worry about that, just enjoy listening to 3 wonderful titles from the second part of the concert in the Old Church.

Alte Kirche, Fluorn-Winzeln November 19, 1981
Julius Hemphill as, fl / Oliver Lake as, fl / David Murray ts, bcl / Hamiet Bluiett bs, fl, a-cl

Please remember Hamiet Bluiett. He died recently, but his big horn is still alive.

These are the dates and personnel of concerts in the Alten Kirche in Fluorn-Winzeln - not the big apple of Jazz but a tiny little place in the Black Forest

When you see running notes the concerts were recorded - with a Revox tape machine in most cases. Just 2 mikes. The Lee Konitz concert was also recorded on u-matic and later switched to VHS. The Sun Ra concert was recorded by somebody else (whose name I've forgotten). World Saxophone and Cecil Taylor were recorded by Werner Boschert - as far as I can remember. Many were not recorded, some might be by somebody in the audience.

1. Konzert
James Newton December 6, 1979
James Newton fl

2. Konzert
Doug Hammond Trio March 27, 1980
Doug Hammond dr / Suleiman Hakim as, ss / Rocky Knauer b
11:10 Abel's place

3. Konzert
Gunter Hampel Galaxie Dream Band April 25, 1980
Gunter Hampel vib, fl, bcl / Perry Robinson cl / Mark Whitecage as, fl / Thomas Keyserling ts, fl / Jay Oliver b / Martin Bues dr / Jeanne Lee voc

4. Konzert
Miriam June 19, 1980
Helmuth Lindlar b-g / Gerhard Daum g / Joachim Bernd „Uhuru“ Uhl dr

5. Konzert
John Handy solo December 30, 1980
John Handy as
07:05 How deep is the ocean
07:25 New theme
09:50 12 bar blues
06:05 A bad strode of luck
06:41 A night in Tunesia
07:30 All the things you are
07:20 Free Improvisation
05:25 What is this thing called love

6. Konzert
Jäckle-Sprenger Duo
Burkhard Jäckle fl / Peter Sprenger elp

7. Konzert
Chicago Blues Festival 1981 (exact date unknown)
Zora Young, Queen Sylvia Embry, LaVelle White voc / Larry Davis g / b, dr unknown

8. Konzert
SOS 1981 (exact date unknown)
Kabarett und Lieder mit Haidi Günthner-Schürmann rec

9. Konzert
Gunter Hampel Galaxie Dream Band January 11, 1981
Gunter Hampel vib, bcl / Thomas Keyserling as, fl / Martin Bues dr / Jeanne Lee voc
15:10 Surprise with Thomas
17:00 No.44
13:40 Spielplatz
40:30 All the things you could be if Charles Mingus was your daddy

10. Konzert
Smith – Kowald – Sommer February 12, 1981
Leo Smith tp, flh, thumb-piano, bamboo-fl / Peter Kowald b / Günter Sommer dr, perc, gongs

11. Konzert
Doug Hammond Trio March 26, 1981
Steve Coleman as / Muneer Abdul-Fataah cello / Doug Hammond dr
15:35 Mini Ensemble-Kone Pone
07:40 Fortune steps
06:15 Lush life
08:05 Murdxas
05:50 Figit time
04:20 Perspicuity
10:05 Spiess
05:55 Concentric dream
07:05 To Cozy and Max
04:55 Rizz Bizz
07:40 For Durrah
05:35 Warm up blues
05:05 Back home

12. Konzert
Christof Stählin April 26, 1981
Christof Stählin g, voc

13. Konzert
Dave Burrell solo-piano June 4, 1981
17:00 Contemporary rag
32:30 Windward passages act 1
20:45 Windward passages act 2
06:00 How deep is the ocean
03:52 Giant steps
06:45 Lush life
05:50 Stardust

14. Konzert
Akira Sakata Trio May 14, 1981
Akira Sakata cl / Hiroshi Yoshino b / Nobuo Fuji dr
01:00 Cho-Cho
17:20 Composition
09:00 Inanaki
29:10 Dance-Comme à Ia radio)
13:47 Kanjincho
12:00 Strange Island
04:10 Mitochondria

15. Konzert
Zeitenwende May 26, 1981

16. Konzert
Die Karrensalber (Bauernoper von Yaak Karsunke)

17. Konzert
Music Ensemble of Benares June 25, 1981
Pandit Shivanath Mishra sitar / Prakash Maharaj tabla / Günther Paust

18. Konzert
Afro Algonquin September 26, 1981
Lee Rozie as / Rick Rozie b / Doug Hammond dr
13:25 Mock chuckle one-Spirit of starlight
11:10 We need you Monk
16:20 Free creatively
08:30 Doesn't like horses
16:05 Zala
03:35 Rainbow over the waterfalls
14:05 Ask me who I am - Dancing with the Dolphins
11:20 Poco loco

19. Konzert
James Newton October 24, 1981
James Newton fl
05:10 Malac uqua be
07:00 Rose '68 '69
05:30 Wee
06:45 Play
08:05 How I felt - Nefertiti
05:50 Epre rao econ

20. Konzert
Orexis November 14, 1981
Georg Lawall g / Knut Rössler fl, ss, ts / Dizzy Pandtle tablas, perc, fl / Gert Kilian xylophon, ballaphon, perc

21. Konzert
World Saxophone Quartet November 19, 1981
Oliver Lake, Julius Hemphill, David Murray, Hamiet Bluiett sax
01:45 Hattie Wall
08:30 Steppin'
06:40 Connections
09:55 Cairo
05:00 Doll baby, aka Song Service
03:45 Fast life

22. Konzert
Leszek Zadlo January 30, 1982
Leszek Zadlo ts, ss / Rocky Knauer b / Joe Nay dr
6:20 Miss B
23:20 Seven
50:40 Polenz – Orgasm – Blues
20:10 Secco cieco desir
14:30 Stella by starlight

23. Konzert
Lee Konitz – Albert Mangelsdorff March 13, 1982
Albert Mangelsdorff tb / Lee Konitz as
A minor blues in f 08:40
Mississippi mud 13:40
She’s as wild as springtime 07:15
Rootie Toot 09:20
Just friends 06:55
Hannover square 10:44
Mood Indigo 06:17
Donna Lee 06:20
What’s new 08:45
About time we looked at this 04:40
Doxy 05:20
Cherokee-One o’clock jump 06:40
KoMa 05:10

24. Konzert
Jemeel Moondoc & Muntu April 22, 1982
Jemeel Moondoc as, perc / Roy Campbell tp, flh, bells / Jay Oliver b / Steven McCraven dr
22:50 Devening of a blue man
23:05 Theme for Diane
36:20 Constance's delight
25:20 High rise

25. Konzert
Jazz aus der DDR June 27, 1982
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky as, cl, fl, bs / Heinz Becker tp, flh, fl / Klaus Koch b
20:50 Talar
06:10 8758
12:50 Der Bumerang

26. Konzert
Sam Rivers Quartet October 23, 1982
Sam Rivers ts, ss, fl, voice / Allan Ginape g / Jay Oliver b / Steve McCraven dr, voice

27. Theater
Elemente November 14, 1982
Christian Bollmann comp / Christiane Hagen movements

28. Konzert
New Trio November 28, 1982
Marty Ehrlich as, fl, bcl / John Lindberg b / John Betsch dr
13:30 Slow
13:15 Hybrid
12:00 Dusk
22:30 X 1
15:00 Mellow T
09:20 Dimension 5

29. Konzert
Luis Martin Diego December 4, 1982
Luis Martin Diego g

30. Theater
Drei Teile Tanz 1983 (exact date unknown)
Gabi Goos dance / Ilse Teipelke installation

31. Theater
Es war einmal / Gnome unter sich
Motte (Figurentheater)

32. Konzert
Hannibal Marvin Peterson January 22, 1983
Hannibal Marvin Peterson tp / Michael Cochrane or Ron Burton elp / Diedre Murray cello / T.M. Stevens b / Allan Nelson dr / Pat Peterson voc
21:45 Now’s the time
9:30 Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
21:00 Ghandi’s march to the sea

33. Konzert
Idris Ackamoor Duo March 26, 1983
Idris Ackamoor sax, keyboards / Rhodessa Jones dr

34. Konzert
Music Ensemble of Benares May 23, 1983
Pandit Shivanath Mishra sitar / Prakash Maharaj table / Ustad Khadim Ali Khan / Vikash Maharaj, Günther Paust

35. Konzert
Gunter Hampel - Marion Brown June 12, 1983
Marion Brown as / Gunter Hampel vib, bcl
07:50 No. 520
17:10 No. 521
06:50 The companion
06:40 Round midnight
12:20 Funky get down
03:50 After the rain

36. Konzert
ZuginsFeld July 10, 1983
Lukas H. Lindenmaier perc / Dieter Neuhaus rec
73:30 Zug ins Feld (Otto Nebel)

37. Konzert
Jazz from Los Angeles September 10, 1983
Vinny Golia bambooflute,alto-flute,fl ss bcl bs / Roberto Miranda b / Steve Clover dr

38. Konzert
Lee Konitz October 9, 1983
Lee Konitz as / Harold Danko p
10:38 Dreamstepper
13:50 Solar-Take the A train
04:58 Hairy Canary
07:19 Lover man
05:05 Play fiddle play-Kary's trance
07:25 Anthropology
06:15 Cherokee
05:33 Duende
05:47 Well you needn't
04:23 A child is born
00:55 All the things you are
04:00 Hi Beck
07:20 Round midnight
06:40 Strike up the band
05:18 What is this thing called love-Hot house-Subconsciously
04:50 Spinning waltz

39. Konzert
Evan Parker – Steve Lacy November 16, 1983
Evan Parker ss, ts / Steve Lacy ss

This was the last concert at the Old Church. I still had the dentist's office in the small village, but I couldn't rent it anymore. I moved to another even smaller village about 18 kilometers nearer to the sun - and for "foreigners" the Church was not available. Even in this case there was something behind the curtain: The "government" didn't want the Green Party ( dumb saying: "left wing - they are all communists - their hair and beards are too long") people.

The concerts in Rottweil were mostly arranged by myself, Uli Johannes Kieckbusch and the "Ton-Art" people. Dates as far as available. I have added information about the concerts promoted by Uli alone.

Irene Schweizer Kieckbusch Home, Weigheim, D April 13, 1984

Irene Schweizer p
(part of Rehearsal)
7:40 Ictus (P.Bley)
5:00 Friday the 13th  (T.Monk)

Irene Schweizer Kieckbusch Home, Hochschule für Musik, Trossingen, D November 25, 1984

Irene Schweizer p / Uli Johannes Kieckbusch p
26:10 (solo Schweizer)
6:30 (solo Kieckbusch)
3:00 (solo Kieckbusch)
24:30 Duo
16:40 Duo

Borah Bergman Kieckbusch Home, Trossingen, D August 2, 1985

Borah Bergman p
24:00 Round midnight – Lover man

Freiburger Kooperative, Stallhalle, Rottweil, D October 5, 1986 (recorded)

Jochen Riessler ts / Lukas Lindenmaier perc / others unknown

Maria Joao Stallhalle, Rottweil, D October 5, 1986 (not recorded)

Maria Joao voc / Christopf Lauer ts / Thomas Heidepriem b

Johnny Griffin Stallhalle, Rottweil, D October 5, 1986 (not recorded)

Johnny Griffin ts / Dado Moroni p / Jimmy Woode b / Alvin Queen dr

Misha Mengelberg - Han Bennink Zimmern, D November 11, 1986 (not recorded)

Misha Mengelberg p / Han Bennink perc

Sun Ra  Pflugsaal Rottweil, D December 3, 1986
Ra-p, org, synth; Tyrone Hill-tb; Marshall Allen-as, fl, cl, ob, picc; Pat Patrick-as; John Gilmore-ts, cl, timbales; Ronald Wilson-ts, picc; Eloe Omoe-as, bcl, fl; James Jacson-bsn, fl, Ancient Egyptian Infinity Drum; Danny Ray Thompson-bs, fl, EVI; Carl LeBlanc-eg; Bruce Edwards-eg; Tyler Mitchell-b; Buster Smith-d; Tommy „Bugs“ Hunter-d; poss. Stanley Morgan-cga.

Children of the Sun

East of the Sun
Yeah Man!
Day Dream
Blue Lou
Spontaneous Simplicity
Big John's Special
I Dream Too Much
Die Moritat von Mackie Messer (Mack the Knife)
Theme of the Stargazers
The Satellites are Spinning
Discipline 27
Queer Notions
Mood Indigo
The Shadow World
I'll Never Be the Same
Lights on a Satellite
Play Video
Prelude to a Kiss
Space Is the Place

Gerhard Lempp Anti-Apartheid Pflugsaal, Rottweil January 17, 1987

Gerhard Lempp recitation

Joe Malinga Pflugsaal, Rottweil January 17, 1987

Joe Malinga as, fl / Paul Stoker as / Curtis Clark p / Pablo Nahar b / Clarence Becton dr

Clive Bell Sitzungssaal des Alten Gymnasiums, Rottweil, D February 3, 1987

Clive Bell shakuhachi, krummhorn, fl, tapes, khene

Perry Robinson - Simon Nabatov Sitzungssaal des Alten Gymnasiums, Rottweil, D February 3, 1987 (not recorded)

Perry Robinson cl / Simon Nabatov p / Ed Schuller b / Ernst Bier dr

Rova Saxophone Quartet  Kath.Gemeindehaus Rottweil,D 20.3.1987
Larry Ochs, Andrew Voigt, Jon Raskin, Bruce Ackley sax

05:24 The opener

11:34 The aggregate
10:01 Freedom of information
33:57 Knife in the times
33:08 Maintaining the wet-Paint another take of the shootpop
19:02 Terrains
05:53 EGN KBM 78 (A.Braxton)

Albert Mangelsdorf Sitzungssaal des Alten Gymnasiums, Rottweil, D  April 4, 1987
Albert Mangelsdorff tb

James Blood Ulmer Pflugsaal, Rottweil, D April 24, 1987 (not recorded)
James Blood Ulmer g, voc / Annie Whitehead tb / Amin Ali b / Warren Benbow dr

Ned Rothenberg Frohne Home, Flözlingen, D May 9, 1987

Ned Rothenberg  solo

Music Ensemble of Benares Pflugsaal, Rottweil, D May 28, 1987

Pandit Shivanath Mishra sitar / Prakash Maharaj tabla / Vikahs Maharaj sarod / Dulare Hussain Khan shahnai / Günter Paust

Experimentelles in Film und Freemusic AMG, Rottweil, D October 15, 1987 (not recorded)

Fred Frith g / Steve Beresford keyboards / Joelle Leandre b

Jon Rose violin

Toshiko Akiyoshi Gymnasium, Rottweil, D October 17, 1987 (not recorded)

Lew Tabackin reeds, fl / Toshiko Akiyoshi p / Brian Lynch tp / John Eckert tp, flh / Chris Pasin tp / Joe Mosello tp / Hart Smith tb / Conrad Herwig tb / Kenny Rupp tb / Matt Finders b-tb / Frank Wess reeds, fl / Jim Snidero as, cl, fl / Walt Weiskopf ts, cl / Scott Robinson bs / Jay Anderson b / Jeff Hirschfield dr

John Cage zum... AMG, Rottweil, D October 19, 1987

Ernst Blum recitation

Lee Konitz - Frank Wunsch Quartet  Sitzungssaal des Alten Gymnasium, Rottweil, D November 22, 1987

Lee Konitz as ss-1 / Frank Wunsch p / Gunnar Plümer b / Christoph Haberer dr

Invitation 14:30

Kary’s trance 14:16
Boo Doo (1) 08:50
Chick came around (nc) 07:06
Darn that dream 09:56
Candlelight shadows 10:30
September waltz (1) 06:50
It’s you 10:36
On my way to Dortmund (1) 05:50

F  Schramberg, D January 23, 1988 (not recorded)
Monika Haas ss, as / Heike Röllig ts / Heike Beckmann p / Ulla Oster b / Marianne Steffen-Wittek dr

Heinz Sauer Sitzungssaal des Alten Gymnasium,Rottweil,D February 19, 1988 (not recorded)
Heinz Sauer ts / Bob Degen p / Günter Lenz b / Thomas Cremer dr

British Summertime Ends Sitzungssaal Altes Gymnasium, Rottweil, D March 12, 1988

Clive Bell fl, shakuhachi, acc / Sylvia Hallett violin, tb / Stuart Jones b, tp, cello

Rottweiler Piano- und Orgeltage AMG, Rottweil, D April 16, 1988

Borah Bergman p / Uli Johannes Kieckbusch p

Rottweiler Piano- und Orgeltage Kirche, Rottweil, D April 17, 1988

Willibald Bezler org

Real Blues Band Pflugsaal, Rottweil, D May 10, 1988

Tom Martin ts, g / Harry Wille voc, g / Günter „Magu“ Lill b / Wolfgang Würth dr

Joseph Reinhardt Swingtet Pflugsaal, Rottweil, D September 1, 1988

Cornelius Winterstein violin / Joseph Reinhardt g / Harry Reinhardt g / Thilo Reinhardt g / Fred Baumgartner g / Karl-Ludwig Holtz b

Ernst Bloch Chor Pflugsaal, Rottweil, D November 20, 1988

TubaWADuo Pflugsaal, Rottweil, D January 19, 1989 (not recorded)

Pinguin Moschner tuba

Gräwe - Kellers Duo Pflugsaal, Rottweil, D February 24, 1989

Georg Gräwe p / Willie Kellers dr

Kareen Borca + KXU Trio Pflugsaal, Rottweil, D April 22, 1989

Kareen Borca bassoon / Harald Kimmig violin / Uwe Martin b / H.Lukas Lindenmaier dr

Paris Reunion Band  Erich Hauser Art Exhibition, Rottweil June 3, 1989
Claus Reichstaler tp / Curtis Fuller tb / Carlos Ward ts / Nathan Davis ts, ss / Kirk Lightsey p / Jimmy Woode b / Roy Haynes dr

1. Rue Chaptal

2. Down 'n under
3. Mornin'
4. Spring is here
5. Manteca
7. Tune down
8. Resolution
9. Old folks
10. Man from Potter's crossing

Charles McPherson Pflugsaal, Rottweil, D June 27, 1989 (not recorded)

Charles McPherson as / Helmut Müller ts / Reinhold Braig p / Uwe Frenzel b / Dieter Schumacher dr

Gabriele Hassler Pflugsaal, Rottweil, D September 1, 1989 (not recorded)
Gabriele Hasler voc / Manfred Bründl b / Jörn Schipper dr

Duo Sonnenschirm Pflugsaal, Rottweil, D October 25, 1989

Jerome Cooper Rathaus, Dunningen, D November 18, 1989

Jerome Cooper perc, dr, keyboards

Pierre Favre Theater, Rottweil, D December 2, 1989

Pierre Favre dr, perc

Ernst Reijseger Kieckbusch Home, Trossingen, D February 3, 1990

Ernst Reijseger cello / Uli Johannes Kieckbusch p

Trio Wierbois Waldtorstrasse, Rottweil, D May 26, 1990 (not recorded)

Walter Wierbois tb / Paul Kemenade as / Jan Kuiper g

Aparis Ernst Hauser Exhibition, Rottweil,D June 23, 1990

Markus Stockhausen tp / Simon Stockhausen sax, keyboards / Jo Thönes dr 

Myra Melford Trio Rottweil, D October 27, 1992

Myra Melford p / Lindsay Horner b / Reggie Nicholson dr

Unknown dates, pers. and titles

Mal Waldron Gymnasium, Rottweil, D (not recorded)

Ulrich Gumpert Gymnasium, Rottweil, D (not recorded)

Uli Johannes Kieckbusch Gymnasium, Rottweil, D (not recorded)

Red Holloway Erich Hauser Art Exhibition, Rottweil, D

Myra Melford - Marty Ehrlich (not recorded)

Marilyn Crispell (not recorded)

Paul & Limpe Fuchs Forum Kunst, Rottweil, D (not recorded)
Paul Fuchs fuchshorn / Limpe Fuchs perc

Maria Joao - Aki Takase Fabrik, Frohnstetten, D (not recorded)
Maria Joao voc / Aki Takase p

Myra Melford Kieckbusch Home, Trossingen, D April 25, 1994
Myra Melford p

8:26 Shout
8:26 Over the river Club
19;15 Impro
8:10 End silence
8:40 Frank Lloyd Wright – Don’t you know
9:30 Even the sound shines
10:18 Breaking light
8:40 Is this that way

Cecil Taylor Kieckbusch Home Trossingen, D

Kieckbusch - Roberts - Newton Hauser's Exhibition Art, Rottweil 1995
Uli Johannes Kieckbusch voc / Laureen Newton voc / Judy Roberts voc

4:04 Präludium Arie für Erich Hauser
8:30 Pyramis


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