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NPR Piano Jazz 2 1990-1999


Marian McPartland – Michel Camilo

Recorded September 6, 1989
Broadcast January 6, 1990
Michel Camilo p
"Blue Bossa" (Dorham)
"Nostalgia" (Camilo)
"Night in Tunisia" (Gillespie, Paparelli)
"Close Enough for Love" (Mandel, Williams)
"In Love" (Camilo)
"All the Things You Are" (Hammerstein, Kern)
"Silent Pool" (McPartland)
"Michel and Marian's Blues" (McPartland, Camilo)

Marian McPartland – Shirley Horn

Recorded July 11, 1989
Broadcast January 13, 1990
Re-broadcast May 24, 2005
Re-broadcast February 18, 2011
Re-broadcast May 1, 2015
Shirley Horn p, voc
"But Beautiful" (J. Burke, J. Van Heusen)
"End of a Beautiful Friendship" (D. Kahn, S.H. Styne)
"Isn't It Romantic?" (R. Rodgers, L. Hart)
"Dreamsville" (R.B. Evans, J. Livingston, H. Mancini)
"It Could Happen to You" (J. Burke, J. Van Heusen)
"There Is No Greater Love" (I. Jones, M. Symes)
"It Never Entered My Mind" (R. Rodgers, L. Hart)
"For All We Know" (J.F. Coots, S. Lewis)
"I'm a Fool to Want You" (J. Herron, F. Sinatra, J. Wolf)
"Marian and Shirley's Blues" (S. Horn, M. McPartland)

Marian McPartland – Patty Moran-McCoy
Recorded July 14, 1989
Broadcast January 20, 1990
Patty Moran-McCoy p
Untitled selection
On green Dolphin Street
If I love again
It might as well be spring
I wish I knew
Stella by starlight
Too late now

Marian McPartland – Don Pullen

Recorded July 12, 1989
Broadcast January 27, 1990
Re-broadcast December 15, 2017
Don Pullen p
"Once Upon A Time" (Pullen)
"The Sixth Sense" (Dean, Pullen)
"All The Things You Are" (Hammerstein, Kern)
"Mad About The Boy" (Coward)
"On Green Dolphin Street" (Kaper, Washington)
"Jana's Delight" (Pullen)
"Clothed Woman" (Ellington)
"Don And Marian's Blues" (McPartland, Pullen)

Note: according to information on the homepage this was first broadcast in the fall of 1989. Date above according to my knowledge.

Marian McPartland – Benny Green
Recorded August 10, 1989
Broadcast Februar 3, 1990
Benny Green p
Ruby my dear
Do we agree
Parisian thoroughfare
Time and time again
The fruit
Glass enclosure
Straight no chaser

Marian McPartland – Ruth Laredo
Recorded September 5, 1989
Broadcast February 10, 1990
Ruth Laredo p
Rachmaninov Prelude in G minor
Scriabin Etude in Cis minor op.2, no.1
Scriabin Poeme op.32, no.1
Chopin prelude in c minor
There’ll be other times
Free piece
Rachmaninov Moment musical op.16
Chopin Etude no.3
Portrait of Ruth Laredo
Für Elise

Marian McPartland – Tommy Flanagan
Recorded October 4, 1989
Broadcast February 17, 1990
Tommy Flanagan p
That tired routine called love
Indian summer
Then I’ll be tired of you
Excerpt from Sophisticated lady
Glad to be unhappy
Rain check
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
What’s new
Au privave

Marian McPartland – Hal Galper
Recorded August 15, 1989
Broadcast February 24, 1990
Hal Galper p
Don’t blame me
I fall in love too easily
I should care
It’s too lat now
Just friends
Monk’s mood
It could happe to you
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland - Loonis McGlohon
Recorded September 7, 1989
Broadcast March 3, 1990
Loonis McGlohon p, voc
Dinner on the grounds
Dancing on the ceiling
Willow creek
It's a fine day for walking countrystyle
Where's that heartache
Starlight, starbright
Wine of May
Blackberry winter
Jazz waltz for a friend
While we're young

Marian McPartland – Amy Duncan
Recorded August 14, 1989
Broadcast March 10, 1990
Amy Duncan p, voc
Dove’s tale
Monk creeps in
Hot house
I get along without you very well
Carnival no Rio
Sweet reunion
Passarinoho do Mato
Stella by starlight

Marian McPartland - Dwike Mitchell

Recorded September 8, 1989
Broadcast March 17, 1990
Re-broadcast July 7, 2015
Dwike Mitchell p
“Don’t worry ‘bout me” (Bloom-Koehler)
“Lush life” (Strayhorn)
“For all we know” (Coots-Lewis)
“Where are the good companions?” (Wilder)
“Everything I love” (Porter)
“What kind of fool am I” (Bricusse-Newly)
“All the things you are” (Hammerstein-Kern)
“When the world was young” (Mercer-Philippe-Gerard-Vannier)
“Autumn leaves” (Kosma-Mvercer-Prevert)

Marian McPartland – John Hicks

Recorded August 11, 1989
Broadcast March 24, 1990
Re-broadcast October 12, 2006
John Hicks p
Star-Crossed Lovers (Ellington, Strayhorn)
That Old Devil Called Love (Harburg, Lane)
Serenata (Anderson, Parish)
I Fall In Love Too Easily (Cahn, Styne)
Some Other Spring (Kitchings, Herzog)
After the Morning (Hicks)
Free Piece (Hicks, McPartland)
Prelude to A Kiss (Ellington, Mills, Gordon)
John and Marian's Blues (Hicks, McPartland)

Marian McPartland – Les McCann
Recorded September 27 or 29, 1989 South Carolina Educational Radio
Broadcast March 31, 1990
Les McCann p, voc
Everytime I See A Butterfly (Arthur "Tiny" Barge)
Prince Of Peace (Les McCann/Jon Hendricks)
Marian & Les Together (Marian McPartland/Les McCann)
Just Squeeze Me (Duke Ellington/Lee Gaines)
My Funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart)
With These Hands (Abner Silver/Benny Davis)
Bill Evans (Les McCann)
Why? (Alex Wilder)
Compared To What (Gene McDaniels)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12031 (lp), TJA-12031-2 (cd)

Marian McPartland – Stephane Grappelli

Recorded October 5, 1989
Broadcast April 7, 1990
Re-broadcast June 27, 2008
Re-broadcast September 7, 2012
Stephane Grappelli violin, p
"Pennies from Heaven" (Burke, Johnston)
"Willow Weep for Me" (Ronell)
"I Got Rhythm" (G.& I. Gershwin)
"I Can't Believe You're in Love with Me" (Gaskill, McHugh)
"Someone to Watch over Me" (G. & I. Gershwin)
"Looking at You" (Porter)
"Anything Goes" (Porter)
"Portrait of Stephane Grappelli" (McPartland)
"Shine" (Brown, Dabney McPherson)
"Nuages" (Reinhardt)
"Lady Be Good" (G. & I. Gershwin)

Marian McPartland – Stan Tracey
Recorded October 3, 1989
Broadcast April 14, 1990
Stan Tracey p
Darn that dream
Let’s cool one
In a mellow tone
In the blue of the eveing
Sophisticated lady
Free piece
I’m getting sentimental over you
Cotton tail


Marian McPartland – Renee Rosnes

Recorded prob. 1989
Broadcast spring 1990
Re-Broadcast July 2, 2018
Renee Rosnes p
"Four in One" (Monk)
"Summer Night" (Dubin, Warren)
"I Remember You" (Mercer, Schertzinger)
"Delicate Balance" (McPartland)
"You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To" (Porter)
"Fleur-de-lis" (Rosnes)
"Gone With the Wind" (Magidson, Wrubel)
"Portrait of Renee Rosnes" (McPartland)
"You and the Night and the Music" (Schwartz)

Marian McPartland – Buddy Montgomery
Recorded December 11, 1989
Broadcast April 28, 1990
Buddy Montgomery p
I didn’t know what time it was
In walked Bud
I’m a fool to want you
Personage Wes
By myself
My romance
In a circle
Love for sale

Marian McPartland – Jimmy McPartland

Recorded December 8, 1989
Broadcast spring 1990
Re-broadcast March 12, 2018 
Jimmy McPartland cornet
"St. James Infirmary" (Teagarden)
"In a Mist" (Beiderbecke)
"I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter" (Ahlert, Young)
"Basin Street Blues" (Williams)
"Summertime" (Gershwin, Gershwin)
"Singing the Blues" (Endsley)
"Struttin' with Some Barbecue" (Armstrong)
"Undecided" (Robin, Shavers)
"Cottontail" (Ellington)
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Alan Clare

Recorded October 12, 1989
Broadcast May 12, 1990
Re-broadcast June 3, 2016
Alan Clare p
“John O Groats” (Clare)
“Do nothin’ ‘till you hear from me” (Ellington, Russell)
“Squeeze me” (Ellington, Gaines)
“You and the night and the music” Dietz, Schwartz)
“Don’t get around much anymore” (Ellington, Russell)
“Holland Park” (Clare)
“Dreams of Castilla” (Clare)
“Twilight world” (McPArtland , Mercer)
“A girl like me” (Clare)
“Is it always like this?” (Wilder)
“Where are the good companions?” (Wilder)
“In a mellow tone” (Ellington, Gabler)


Marian McPartland – Richard Wyands
Recorded December 4, 1989
Broadcast May 26, 1990
Richard Wyands p
Warm valley
Sweet and lovely
Dearly beloved
I’m getting sentimental over you
I didn’t know what timem it was
Now’s the time
There’ll be other times
Cotton tail

Marian McPartland – Brian Lemon
Recorded October 10, 1989
Broadcast June 2, 1990
Brian Lemon p
A beautiful friendship
My ideal
Gone with the wind
My old flame
It’s you or no one
Georgia on my mind
If I love again
Lester leaps in

Marian McPartland – LeeAnn Ledgerwood

Recorded February 9, 1990
Broadcast June 9, 1990
Re-broadcast June 16, 2017
LeeAnn Ledgerwood p
"Renewal" (Ledgerwood)
"Nardis" (Davis)
"Alone Together" (Dietz, Schwartz)
"Maybe September" (Livingston, Evans, Faith)
"Miss Perfect" (Ledgerwood, Steig)
"I Want To Talk About You" (Eckstine)
"Free Piece" (Ledgerwood, McPartland)
"Portrait of LeeAnn Ledgerwood" (McPartland)
"Spring Street" (Ledgerwood)
"Broadway" (Bird, McRae, Woode)


Marian McPartland – Ellen Rowe
Recorded February 7, 1990
Broadcast June 23, 1990
Ellen Rowe p
Sylvan way
I love you
Lucky Southern
Sometime ago
Inn a mellow tone
Body and soul
Lonely woman

Marian McPartland – Onaje Allan Gumbs
Recorded January 10, 1990
Broadcast June 30, 1990
Onaje Allan Gumbs p
Morning glow
Palace of the seven jewels
All my love
Whisper not
Echoes of yesterday
Dolphin dance
First time we met
Pree piece
Time and time again
Softly as in a morning sunrise

Marian McPartland – Cy Coleman

Recorded prob. April 1990
Broadcast prob. 1990
Re-broadcast June 14, 2005
Cy Coleman p
"City of Angels" (C. Coleman, D.J. Zippell)
"Double Talk" (C. Coleman)
"What You Don't Know About Women" (C. Coleman)
"With Every Breath You Take" (C. Coleman, D.J. Zippell)
"The Best Is Yet To Come" (C. Coleman, C. Leigh)
"Why Try To Change Me Now" (C. Coleman, J.A. McCarthy)
"Witchcraft" (C. Coleman, C. Leigh)
"Let Me Down Easy" (C. Coleman)
"Hey Look Me Over" (C. Coleman, C. Leigh)

Marian McPartland – Geoff Keezer
Recorded January 5, 1990
Broadcast June 16, 1990
Geoff Keezer p
The old country
Bolivar blues
While my lady sleeps
I want a little girl
Free piece
A flower is a lovesome thing
Everything I love

1990-1013 or other date
Marian McPartland – Paul Halley
Recorded April 23, 1990
Broadcast October 13, 1990
Paul Halley p
Piano song
Ballad in 7/8
Free piece
Silent pool
Earth’s green mantle
Henry the Eighth
Willow creek
Appalachian morning
For the beauty of the earth
Unknown outtakes

1990-1013 or other date
Marian McPartland – Wynton Marsalis
Recorded March 13, 1990
Broadcast October 13, 1990
Wynton Marsalis tp, p
I cover the waterfront
New Orleans
The one I love belongs to somebody else
Blues Improvisation
Portrait of Wynton
Clothed woman
Squeeze me

Marian McPartland – Andre Previn

Broadcast poss. October 20, 1990
Re-Broadcast December 23, 2016
Andre Previn p
"Stormy Weather" (Arlen, Koehler)
"This Time the Dream's on Me" (Arlen, Mercer)
"Good Queen Bess" (Hodges)
"You're Gonna Hear from Me" (Previn, Langdon)
"After All" (Arlen, Koehler)
"Polka Dots and Moonbeams" (Burke, Van Heusen)
"It Could Happen to You" (Burke, Van Heusen)
"Stars Fell on Alabama" (Parish, Perkins)
"Twilight World" (McPartland, Mercer)

"Things Ain't What They Used to Be" (Ellington)

Marian McPartland – Walter Davis jr.

Recorded April 25, 1990
Broadcast October 27, 1990
Re-broadcast September 2, 2016
Walter Davis p
“Backgammon” (Davis)
“Love” (Ellington)
“Zany” (Davis)
“Body and soul” (Green,Heyman)
“Scratchin’ in the gravel” (Williams)
“Scorpio rising” (Davis)
“Blue Monk” (Monk)
Scrapple from the apple
Tempus fugit
Unknown outtakes

Note: Maybe Scrapple from the apple and Tempus fugit are some of the outtakes. both were not included in the re-broadcast September 2, 2016.


Marian McPartland – Jay McShann
Recorded February 3, 1990
Broadcast November 10, 1990
Jay McShann p / Milt Abel b / Tommy Ruskin dr
Jump the blues
Georgia on my mind
Hootie’s ignorant oil
Hootie’s blues
Take the A train
Prelude to a kiss
Things ain’t what they used to be
Deed I do
All of me
Marian and Jay’s blues (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Tony Bennett

Recorded June 12, 1990
Broadcast November 17, 1990
Re-Broadcast July 23, 2018
Tony Bennett voc
"Wait Till You See Her" (Hart, Rodgers)
"Stay as Sweet as You Are" (Gordon, Revel)
"Willow Creek" (McPartland)
"While We're Young" (Coots, Gillespie)
"Jazz Waltz For A Friend" (Wilder)
"Let There Be Love" (Rosnes)
"Portrait of Tony Bennett" (McPartland)
"Imagination" (Burke, Van Heusen)
"Watch What Happens" (Demy, Gimbel)
"Love Is Just Around the Corner" (Gensler, Robin)

"I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face" (Lerner, Loewe)

Marian McPartland – Bobby Enriquez

Recorded March 15, 1990
Broadcast November 24, 1990
Re-broadcast January 22, 2016
Bobby Enriquez p
“Just one of those things” (Porter)
“Memories of you” (Blake)
“Mean to me” (Ahlert-Turk)
“All alone” (Berlin)
“You make me feel so your” (Gordon-Myrow)
“Chelsea bridge – Lush life” (Strayhorn)
“No more blues” (Denniker)
“Spring will be a little late this year” (Loesser)
“Bumble rumble blues” (Enriquez)

Marian McPartland –Dick Hyman

Broadcast December 1, 1990 (according to Bruyninckx the broadcast date was December 7, 1990)
Dick Hyman p
"Carousel Memories" (Hyman)
"Handful of Keys" (Horwitz-Maltby-Waller)
"Gone With The Wind" (Wrubel/Herbert Magidson)
"Body And Soul" (Green-Eyton-Heyman-Sour)
"A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing" (Strayhorn)
"This Time The Dream's On Me" (Arlen-Mercer)
"Delicate Balance" (McPartland)
"Skylark" (Carmichael-Mercer)
"Lover Come Back To Me" (Hammerstein II-Romberg)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12012 (lp)

Marian McPartland – Lynne Arriale
Recorded July 24, 1990
Broadcast December 8, 1990
Lynne Arriale p
Little Rootie Tootie
Intimacy of the blues
A delicate balance
My one and only love
Night mist blues
Blue in green
Softly as in the morning sunrise
Night mist blues (outtake 2)
Night mist blues (outtake 3)
Night mist blues (outtake 4)

Marian McPartland – Bernie Senensky
Recorded August 11, 1990
Broadcast December 15, 1990
Bernie Senensky p
One is enough
My one and only love
How deep is the ocean
Someday my prince will come
Everything happens to me
Time and time again
In my life
Rock ‘n rhythm

Marian McPartland – Norman Simmons
Recorded July 27, 1990
Broadcast December 22, 1990
Norman Simmons p
Time was
Your’e blasé
Kelly’s blues
In the blue of the evening
Willow weep for me
Karen’s fantasy
I cover the waterfront
Scrapple from the apple

Marian McPartland – Jon Ballentyne
Recorded Augsut 13, 1990
Broadcast December 29, 1990
Jon Ballentyne p
You don’t know what love is
Prelude to a kiss
Body and soul
Search for solemnity
You and the night and the music
Melancholy mood
Blues in the closet

Marian McPartland – Cleo Laine – John Dankworth
Recorded September 19, 1990
Broadcast January 5, 1991
Cleo Laine voc / John Dankworth p, sax, cl
Oh lady be good
I’m old fashioned
In the days of our love
There’ll be other times
On a slow boat to China
Here’s that rainy day
Mood indigo
Fine and mellow
I’m old fashioned (outtake)
Here’s that rainy day (outtake)
Always (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Joanne Brackeen
Recorded October 12, 1990
Broadcast January 12, 1991
Joanne Brackeen p
Thou swell
Marian’s castle
I’m old fashioned
Cosmic ties or mad pies
Estilo magnifico
Don’t worry ‘bout me
Estilo magnifico (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Jason Rabello
Recorded September 18, 1990
Broadcast January 19, 1991
Jasonn Rabello p
Over the rainbow
Play, piano, play
In your own sweet way
Dolphin dance
Up in the air
All the things you are
Au privave
Au privave (not complete) (outtake)
Au privave (outtake)
Over the rainbow (outtake)
Punch and Judy (outtake)
Clothed woman (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Walter Norris
Recorded October 18, 1990
Broadcast January 26, 1991
Walter Norris p
The song is you
Waltz for Walt
My buddy
Everything I love
It’s always spring
B minor waltz
Waltz for Waltz (outtake)
Silent pool (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Hickory House Trio

Recorded October 17, 1990
Broadcast February 2, 1991
Re-broadcast July 3, 2007
Re-broadcast July 15, 2011
Re-broadcast January 17, 2014
Bill Crow b / Joe Morello dr
"I'm Beginning to See the Light" (E.K. Ellington, George, Hodges, James)
"Love You Madly" (E.K. Ellington)
"I Hear Music" (Loesser, Lane)
"Emily" (Mandel, Mercer)
"Everything but You" (Ellington)
"Falling in Love With Love" (R. Rodgers, L. Hart)
"Skylark" (H. Carmichael, J. Mercer)
"Things Ain't What They Used to Be" (M. Ellington, Persons)
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Brian Dee
Recorded September 17, 1990 (England)
Broadcast February 9, 1991
Brian Dee p
Just in time
Second sight
Dream dancing
Autumn nocturne
When lights are low
The green tree
There will never be another you
Portrait of Joyce
Exactly like you
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Branford Marsalis
Recorded September 26, 1990
Broadcast February 16, 1991
Branford Marsalis sax
The nearness of you
Just one of those things
Lonely woman
These foolish things
Portrait of Branford
Royal garden blues

Marian McPartland – Lorraine Desmarais

Recorded November 12, 1990
Broadcast February 23, 1991
Re-broadcast January 1, 2018
Lorraine Desmarais p
"The Third King" (Desmarais)
"Memoire" (Desmarais)
"Mr. PC" (Coltrane)
"Someone to Watch Over Me" (Gershwin, Gershwin)
"There Will Never Be Another You" (Gordon, Warren)
"Hold Up" (Desmarais)
"Sometime Ago" (Corea)
"Donna Lee" (Parker)

Unknown (outtakes)

Marian Mc-Partland – Harold Mabern

Broadcast spring 1991
Re-broadcast March 18, 2016
Harold Mabern p
“Milestones” (Lewis)
“While my lady sleeps” (Kahn,Kaper)
“Just squeeze me” (Ellington,Gaines)
“In the blue of evening” (Adair,D’Artega)
“Thou swell” (Hart,Rodgers)
“You don’t know what love is” (DePaul,Raye)
“A child is born” (Jones)
“Love is the sweetest thing” (Noble)
“I get a kick out of you” (Porter)

Marian McPartland – Willie Ruff

Recorded November 16, 1990
Broadcast March 2, 1991
Re-broadcast July 10, 2015
Willie Ruff frh
“Prelude to a kiss” ‘(Ellington-Gordon-Mills)
“There is no greater love” (Jones-Symes)
“Sophisticated lady” (Ellington-Mills-Parish)
“Blood count” (Strayxhorn)
“So many times” (McPartland)
“Portrait of Willie Ruff” (McPartland)
“Au privave” (Parker)

Marian McPartland – Beegie Adair
Recorded December 5, 1990
Broadcast March 9, 1991
Re-broadcast December 8, 2017
Beegie Adair p, voc
"I Hear a Rhapsody" (Brackeen)
"Come Ride with the Wind" (Bartles, Lindsay)
"What is this Thing Called Love" (Porter)
"Echoes of Yesterday" (McPartland, Ross)
"Sylvia's Mayonnaise" (Adair)
"Poor Butterfly" (Golden, Hubbell)
"All Too Soon" (Ellington, Sigman)
"Cherokee" (Noble)

Unknown outtakes


Marian McPartland –Diana Robinson
Recorded February 3, 1990
Broadcast March 23, 1991
Diana Robinson p, keyboard
Man of my sorrow
Zephyr (Nina)
Such a lonely girl am I
Jazz waltz for a friend
Time and time again
Jazz quartet for one
For Bill
Free piece
Blues for Monk
Jack’s blues (outtake)
Jack’s blues (not complete (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Monty Alexander
Recorded December 10, 1990
Broadcast March 30, 1991
Monty Alexander p, voc
Look up
Brown skin gal
It’s you or no one
Too late now
Nat King Cole Medley: Unforgettable – Walkin’ my baby back home – Nature boy – Sweet Lorraine
Twilight world
The Flinstones theme
Yesterdays (outtake)
Love you madly (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Ray Charles

Recorded January 9, 1990
Broadcast April 6, 1991
Re-broadcast March 20, 2007
Re-broadcast July 11, 2008
Ray Charles p, voc
"Summertime" (G.& I. Gershwin, Heyward)
"The Man I Love" (G. & I. Gershwin)
"Willow Weep for Me" (Ronell)
"Blues" (Charles, McPartland) & Things Ain't What They Used to Be (Ellington)
"Am I Blue" (Akst, Clark)
"Portrait of Ray Charles" (McPartland)
"Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" (Rodgers, Hammerstein)
"Ray and Marian's Blues" (Charles, McPartland)
Georgia on my mind (outtake)
Nature boy (outtake)
Willow weep for me (outtake)
Yesterdays (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Barbara Carroll

Recorded January 30, 1990
Broadcast April 13, 1991
Barbara Carroll p
"Too soon" (Gershwin)
"My man’s gone now" (Gershwin-Gershwin-Heyward)
"This time the dream’s on me" (Arlen-Mercer)
"Imagination" (Burke-VanHeusen)
"Old friends" (Sondheim)
"Marbara" (Caroll-McPartland)
"There will never be another you" (Warren)
Barbara’s carol (outtake)
I wished on the moon (outtake)
Barbara’s carol (outtake)
I wished on the moon (outtake)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12008 (lp)

Marian McPartland – Peggy Stern
Recorded January 28, 1991
Broadcast April 27, 1991
Peggy Stern p
In your own sweet way
I’ll be around
When I knew you
Free piece
Sweet and lonely
Opertune (outtake)
A delicate balance (outtake)
Unnamed tune (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Milt Jackson

Recorded February 1, 1991
Broadcast May 11, 1991
Re-broadcast January 7, 2013
Milt Jackson vib, p
"For Someone I Love" (M. Jackson)
"Stardust" (H. Carmichael, M. Parish)
"Nature Boy" (E. Ahbez)
"In A Sentimental Mood" (E.K. Ellington)
"Mean To Me" (F. Alhert, R. Turk)
"Compassion" (M. Jackson)
"Bags Groove" (M. Jackson)
"Easy Living" (R. Rainger, L. Robin)
"Blues For Edith" (M. Jackson)
What am I here for (outtake)
What am I here for (outtake)
Lullaby of the leaves (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Andy LaVerne
Recorded Apirl 16, 1991
Broadcast May 25, 1991
Andy LaVerne p
Stella by starlight
Pleasure seekers
You are my everything
Some other spring
Free piece
By name only
Improviations for Andy
Glass enclosure
I love oyu
You are my everything (outtake)
Pleasure seekers (outtake)
You are my everything (outtake)
By name only (outtake)
When you wish upon a star (outtake)

Marian McPartland – John Bunch

Recorded February 20, 1991
Broadcast June 8, 1991
Re-broadcast July 23, 2010
John Bunch p
"Twelve Plus Twelve" (R. Carter)
"Something to Live For" (E.K. Ellington, B. Strayhorn)
"Doxy" (S. Rollins)
"It's Too Late Now" (F.J. Coots, T. Gayle)
"Have You Met Miss Jones?" (R. Rodgers, L. Hart)
"Forget the Woman" (E. Stratta, R. Whyte)
"Sunday" (C. Conn, B. Krueger, N. Miller, J. Styne)
"When I Fall in Love" (E. Heyman, V. Young)
"What Is This Thing Called Love?" (C. Porter)
Unnamed tune (outtake)

Marian McPartland – James Williams
Recorded February 18, 1991
Broadcast June 15, 1991
James Williams p
Bohemia after dark
Gee baby, ain’t it grand
Straighten up and fly right
Blue Champagne
M. Lullaby
Be real special
Free piece
I hear a rhapsody

Marian McPartland - Harry Connick jr.

Recorded March 11, 1991
Broadcast October 5, 1991
Re-broadcast November 27, 2014
Harry Connick jr. voc, p
"Hudson Bomber" (Connick)
"On Green Dolphin Street" (Kaper, Washington)
"It Had to be You" (Jones, Kahn)
"This Time the Dream's on Me" (Arlen, Mercer)
"I Thought About You" (Mercer, Van Heusen)
"They Didn't Believe Me" (Kern, Rourke)
"Don't Get Around Much Anymore" (Ellington, Russell)
"Twilight World" (McPartland)
"Stompin' at the Savoy" (Sampson, Goodman, Webb, Razaf)

Marian McPartland – Joey DeFrancesco

Recorded April 12, 1991
Broadcast October 19, 1991
Re-broadcast March 10, 2017
Joey DeFrancesco p
"Lights Camera Action" (DeFrancesco)
"O.E.I." (DeFrancesco)
"Teach Me Tonight" (Cahn, DePaul)
"Willow Creek" (McPartland)
"My Funny Valentine" (Rodgers, Hart)
"On Green Dolphin Street" (Bronislaw, Kaper)
"There Is No Greater Love" (Jones, Symes)
"Cherokee" (Noble)
This time the dream’s on me (outtake)

Marian McPartland - Bertha Hope

Recorded August 12, 1991
Broadcast November 2, 1991
Re-broadcast August 14, 2015
Bertha Hope p
“In search of Hope” (B.Hope)
“Nieta” (E.Hope)
“I’m beginning to see the light” (Ellington)
“Twilight world” (McPartland)
“Lover” (Rodgers-Hart)
“My one and only love” (Wood-Mellin)
“Where are all the good companions” (Wilder)
“What is this thing called love” (Porter)
Gone with the wind (outtake)
Gone with the wind (outtake)
What is this thing called love (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Milt Hinton
Recorded August 15, 1991
Broadcast November 9, 1991 (others sources give November 19, 1991)
Re-broadcast April 18, 2006
Re-broadcast November 19, 2010
Re-broadcast October 5, 2012
Re-broadcast November 17, 2017
Milt Hinton b
"Milt's Rap" (M. Hinton)
"All the Things You Are" (O. Hammerstein, J. Kern)
"My One and Only Love" (G. Wood, R. Mellin)
"Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho" (Traditional)
"Willow Weep for Me" (A. Ronnell)
"Old Man Time" (C. Friend, J. Reynolds)
"These Foolish Things" (E. Maschwitz, J. Strachey)
"Stranger in a Dream" (C. Caesar)
"How High the Moon" (M. Hamilton, W.M. Lewis)
My one and only love (outtake)
Joshua fit the battle of Jericho (outtake)
Willow weep for me (outtake)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12016 (lp)

Marian McPartland – Jill McManus
Recorded April 15, 1991
Broadcast November 16, 1991
Jill McManus p
Cloud blessing
A delicate balance
Canyon Road suite
Blame it on my youth
Blue Monk
Blue Monk (outtake)
Flanagram (outtake)
Israel (outtake)
Canyon Road Suite (outtake)
Pensativa (outtake)
Blue Monk (outtake)
Blue Monk (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Michael Moriarty
Recorded September 7, 1991
Broadcast November 30, 1991
Michael Moriarty voc, p
Take the A train
All blues
Willow weep for me
Marian’s tune
Autumn in New York
Lonely town
Portrait of Michael
Straight no chaser
Easy living (outtake)
New York piece (outtake)
Watch what happens (outtake)

Marian McPartland - Amina Claudine Myers

Recorded August 29, 1991
Broadcast December 7, 1991
Amina Claudine Myers p, voc
"B.I." (Myers)
"Mood indigo " (Bigard-Ellington-Mills)
"Windows" (Corea)
"So what" (Davis)
"Call hymn" (Myers)
"Free Improvisation (McPartland-Myers)
"Have mercy upon us" (Myers)
"Portrait of Amina" (McPartland)
"Sonnymoon for two" (Rollins)
I can’t get started (outtake)
Untitled Improvisation (outtake)
Have mercy upon us (outtake)
Straight to you (outtake)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12022 (lp)


Marian McPartland – David Amram
Recorded August 28, 1991
Broadcast December 21, 1991
David Amram p, frh, pennywhistle
Splendor in the grass
Georgia on my mind
Blue Monk
I can’t get started
With you in mind
Take the A train
Splendor in the grass (outtake)
Georgia on my mind (outtake)
I can’t get started (outtake)
Summertime (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Rosemary Clooney

Recorded October 14, 1991
Broadcast January 4, 1992
Re-broadcast May 28, 2010
Re-broadcast September 13, 2013
Rosemary Clooney voc
"Our Love Is Here to Stay" (G. Gershwin, I. Gershwin)
"My Silent Love" (E. Heyman, D. Suessa)
"My Shining Hour" (H. Arlen, J. Mercer)
"Lush Life" (B. Strayhorn)
"Don't Fence Me In" (R. Fletcher, C. Porter)
"I'll Take Romance" (B. Oakland)
"September Song" (K. Weill, M. Anderson)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12003 (lp), TJA-12041-2 (cd)

Marian McPartland – Ray Bryant
Recorded September 9, 1991
Broadcast January 11, 1992
Ray Bryant p
Lullaby petit
When I look into your eyes
Like someone in love
Time after time
Lady Bird
Little Susie
In a mellow tone
Love you madly
Slow freight

Marian McPartland - Skitch Henderson

Recorded September 11, 1991
Broadcast January 18, 1992
Re-broadcast July 31, 2015
Skitch Henderson p
“One morning in May” (Carmichael)
“Theme song from Act I” (Henderson)
“S’wonderful” (Gerhswin)
“Yesterdays” (Harbach-Kern)
“Mood indigo” (Bigard-Ellington)
“These foolish things” ‘(Link-Maschwitz-Strachey)
“I’ll take romance” (Hammerstein-Oakland)
“Fascinating rhythm” (Gershwin)
All the things you are (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Kenny Werner
Recorded August 13, 1991
Broadcast February 1, 1992
Kenny Werner p
Stella by starlight
Time remembered
All the things you are
Mel o dee #2
Free piece
Blue in green
I hear a rhapsody
All the things you are (outtake
A child is born (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Jackie Caine and Roy Kral
Recorded September 10, 1991
Broadcast February 15, 1992
Jackie Caine voc / Roy Kral p
Don’t stop
While we’re young
Bernie’s tune
Where are the good companions
Nikki’s song
I see it now
Jazz waltz for a friend
Spring can really hang you up the most
Joy spring


Marian McPartland – Lee Konitz

Recorded September 6 or 10, 1991 NYC
Broadcast February 29, 1992
Re-broadcast August 16, 2013
Re-broadcast September 1, 2017
Lee Konitz as, ss, p
"I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" (B. Bassman, G. Washington)
"All The Things You Are" (O. Hammerstein, J. Kern)
"Stella By Starlight" (W. Washington, V. Young)
"In Your Own Sweet Way" (D. Brubeck)
"Body And Soul" (J. Green, Heyman, R. Sour, F. Eyton)
"Close Your Eyes" (M. McPartland, L. Konitz)
"Little Girl Blue" (L. Hart, R. Rodgers)
"Naima" (J. Coltrane)
"Like Someone In Love" (J. Burke, J. Van Heusen)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12026 (lp, cd)


Marian McPartland – Charles “Red” Richards

Recorded October 16, 1991
Broadcast March 14, 1992
Re-broadcast July 19, 2005
Charles “Red” Richards p
"Have you met Miss Jones?" (Rodgers-Hart)
"What a wonderful world" (Thiele-Weiss)
"Tangerine" (Mercer-Schertzinger)
"A hundred years from today" (Young)
"Keepin’ out of mischief now" (Razaf-Waller)
"Echoes of spring" (Smith)
"Someday you’ll be sorry" (Armstrong)
"The talk of the town" (Kahn)
"Runnin’ wild" (Gibbs-Grey-Wood

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12011 (lp)

Marian McPartland – Michael Kamen
Recorded August 26, 1991
Broadcast March 21, 1992
Michael Kamen p
Everything that touches you
(Everything I do) I do it for you
Willow creek
Mysterious barricade
Concerto for saxophone (Excerpt)
Concerto for saxophone (Excerpt)
Concerto for saxophone (Excerpt)

Marian McPartland – Dick Sudhalter
Recorded November 15, 1991
Broadcast March 28, 1992
Dick Sudhalter cornet
Isn’t it a lovely day
Chasing shadows
I get along without you very well
Deep summer music
I’ll never be the same

Marian McPartland - Joe Williams

Recorded November 13, 1991
Broadcast April 4, 1992
Joe Williams voc
"Who she do"
"Embraceable you"
"Twilight world"
"I'm confessin' that I love you"
"Prelude to a kiss"
"Nobody’s heart"
"Just friends"
"I'm beginning to see the light"

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12027 (lp)

Marian McPartland – Sumi Tonooka

Recorded September 12, 1991
Broadcast April 4, 1992
Re-broadcast February 26, 2016
Sumi Tonooka p
“Somewhere over the rainbow” (Arlen,Harburg)
“Waltz boogie” (Williams)
“Lady Bird” (Dameron)
“What’s your story morning glory” (Lawrence,Webster,Williams)
“Solar” (Davis)
“Phantom carousel” (Tonooka”
“Free piece” (McPartland,Tonooka)
“Straight no chaser” (Monk)

Marian McPartland - Ruby Braff

Recorded December 6, 1991
Broadcast April 18, 1992
Re-broadcast December 18, 2015
Ruby Braff cornet, p
“Thou swell” (Rodgers-Hart)
“These foolish things” (Maschwitz-Strachey)
“This year’s kisses” (Berlin)
“This is all I ask” (Jenkins)
“Blue and sentimental” (Basie-Livingston-David)
“Singing the blues” (Robinson-Conrad-Lewis-Young)
“By myself” (Schwartz-Dietz)
“As time goes by” (Hupfeld)
“Love is just around the corner” (Gensler-Robin)
Unknown outtakes


Marian McPartland - Jessica Williams

Recorded January 22, 1992
Broadcast May 2, 1992
Re-broadcast July 25, 2014
Jessica Williams p
"Why Do I Love You" (Hammerstein, Kern)
"I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" (Bassman, Washington)
"Misterioso" (Monk)
"Willow Creek" (McPartland)
"Free Piece" (McPartland)
"The Child Within" (Williams)
"I'm Old Fashioned" (Kern, Mercer)
"Straight, No Chaser" (Monk

Marian McPartland – Mel Torme

Recorded January 21, 1992
Broadcast May 9, 1992
Re-broadcast August 8, 2008
Re-broadcast December 12, 2014
Mel Torme voc
"Dream Dancing" (Porter)
"I Didn't Know About You" (Ellington, Russell)
"Give Me the Simple Life" (Bloom, Ruby)
"Stranger in Town" (Torme)
"Slow Boat to China" (Loesser)
"Too Late Now" (Lane, Lerner)
"Born to Be Blue" (Torme, Wells)
"Time After Time" (Cahn, Styne)
Stranger in town (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Gerald Wiggins

Recorded January 24, 1992
Broadcast May 16, 1992
Re-broadcast February 20, 2009
Re-broadcast June 15, 2012
Re-broadcast July 14, 2017
Gerald Wiggins p
"If It's the Last Thing I Do" (Cahn/Chaplin)
"Edie Is a Sweetie [Edith Is the Sweetest]" (Wiggins)
"Gone with the Wind" (Wrubel/Magidson)
"Time and Time Again" (McPartland)
"Night Mist Blues" (Jamal)
"Body and Soul" (Green/Heyman)
"Please Be Kind" (Chaplin/Cahn)
"Now's the Time" (Parker)


Marian McPartland – Stephen Scott
Recorded February 24, 1992
Broadcast May 30, 1992
Stephen Scott p
You are too beautiful
Bemsha swing
What is this thing called love
By myself
Sweet and lovely
No more misunderstandings
Free piece
Echoes of yesterdays
I’m getting sentimental over you



Marian McPartland – Shirley Scott

Recorded February 27, 1992
Broadcast June 13, 1992
Re-broadcast March 29, 2013
Shirley Scott org, p
"Au Privave" (Charlie Parker)
"Skylark" (Hoagy Carmichael, John Mercer)
"Embraceable You" (George, Ira Gershwin)
"In a Sentimental Mood" (Duke Ellington)
"Lester Leaps In" (Lester Young)
"These Foolish Things" (Harry Link, Eric Maschwitz, Mitchell Parish)
"Sophisticated Lady" (Ellington, Mills, Parish)
"In a Mellow Tone" (Duke Ellington)


Marian McPartland – Jimmy McGriff
Recorded December 4, 1991
Broadcast June 27, 1992
Jimmy McGriff p
All of me
All of me (reprise)
Time after time
The way you look tonight
Who can I turn to
Just friends
Love you madly
In a mellow tone

Marian McPartland – George Shearing
George Shearing p
Variation On God Save The Queen
Nobody Else But Me
For Heaven's Sake
In The Days Of Our Love
Duo Improvisation
Heather On The Hill
Away In The Manger
Oleo (Rollins)

Marian McPartland – Kenny Barron
Recorded September 9, 1992
Broadcast October 3, 1992
Kenny Barron p
Warm valley
I’m getting sentimental over you
Gone with the wind
I’ll never be the same
Embraceable you
Star-crossed loves
What am I here for
Yardbird suite

Marian McPartland - Doc Cheatham

Recorded September 11, 1992
Broadcast October 10, 1992
Re-broadcast June 5, 2015
Doc Cheatham tp, voc
“I double dare you” (Eaton-Shand)
“It was a dream” (Britt-Coslow-Spier)
“Sunday, Monday or always” (Burke-Van Heusen)
“Sweet Lorraine” (Burwell-Parish)
“A kiss to build a dream on” (Hammerstein-Kalmar-Ruby)
“Lover man” (Davis-Ramirez)
“Love you madly” (Ellington)

Marian McPartland – Billy Stritch
Recorded February 26, 1992
Broadcast October 17, 1992
Billy Stritch p, voc
You stepped out of a dream/Dream dancing
It amazes me
Just in time
Melancholy mood
The shadow of your smile
Never let me go
Portrait of Billy Stritch
No moon at all


Marian McPartland – Roy Gerson
Recorded April 1, 1992
Broadcast October 31, 1992
Roy Gerson p
Got it bad (Tony Bennett with Marian McPartland)
It’s a wonderful world
If I had you
Oh, lady be good
Try a little tenderness
I gotta right to sing the blues
Twilight ime
C jam blues
Do you know aht is meand to miss New Orleans (outtake)
C jam blues (outtake)


Marian McPartland - Margaret Whiting

Recorded July 24, 1992
Broadcast November 7, 1992
Re-broadcast October 16, 2015
Margaret Whiting voc
“Come rain or come shine” (Arlen-Mercer)
“My ideal” (Chase-Robin-Whiting)
“Day in, day out” (Bloom-Mercer)
“Twilight world” (McPartland-Mercer)
“Moonlight in Vermont” (Blackburn-Suessdorf)
“Someone to watch over me” (Gershwin-Gershwin)
“In the days of our love” (McPartland-Lee)
“It had to be you” (Jones-Kahn)

Marian McPartland – William F. Buckley
Recorded April 14, 1992
Broadcast November 14, 1992
William F. Buckley p
B-flat gigue
After you’ve gone
Ain’t misbehavin’
All the things you are
Chromatic fantasy from F minor concerto
Lazy river
Lazy river
Portrait of William F. Buckley
Georgia on my mind


Marian McPartland – Trudy Pitts

Recorded July 23, 1992
Broadcast November 28, 1992
Re-broadcast February 17, 2017
Trudy Pitts p, voc
"Stolen Moments" (Nelson)
Medley: "Jesus Loves The Little Children"/"Jesus Loves Me" (Woolston, Root/Warner)
"When You Wish Upon A Star" (Harline, Washington)
"This Time The Dream's On Me" (Arlen)
"Anicia" (Pitts)
"I Can't Give You Anything But Love" (McHugh, Fields)
"A Child Is Born" (Jones)

"Mood Indigo" (Ellington)


Marian McPartland – Jackie & Roy

Broadcast winter 1992
Re-broadcast October 14, 2016
Jackie Cain, Roy Kral voc
"Don't Stop" (Wilder, Engvick)
"While We're Young" (Engvick, Palitz, Wilder)
"Bernie's Tune" (Miller, Leiber, Stoller)
"Where Are All The Good Companions" (Wilder)
"Nikki's Song" (Kral, Caine)
"I See It Now" (Wilder, Engvick)
"Jazz Waltz for a Friend" (Wilder)
"Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most" (Landesman, Wolf)

"Joy Spring" (Brown)

Marian McPartland - Kenny Drew jr.

Recorded September 8, 1992
Broadcast December 12, 1992
Re-broadcast October 31, 2014
Kenny Drew jr. p
"In Walked Bud" (Monk)
"Ugly Beauty" (Monk)
"Falling In Love With Love" (Rodgers & Hart)
“Ill wind”
"Yesterdays" (Kern, Harbach)
"Coral Sea" (Drew Jr.)
"Indian Summer" (Herbert, Dobin)
"You And The Night And The Music" (Dietz, Schwartz)
Falling in love with love (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Marty Napoleon

Recorded April 13, 1992
Broadcast December 26, 1992
Rebroadcast August 19, 2016
Marty Napoleon p
“Dance only with me” (Comden,Green,Styne)
“Over and over” (Napoleon)
“Satin doll” (Ellington)
“Why try to change me now” (Coleman,McCarthy)
“All of me” (Marks,Simons)
“Prelude to a kiss” (Ellington,Gordon,Mills)
“Silent pool” (McPartland)
“Crazy rhythm” (Caesar,Kahn,Meyer)



Marian McPartland – Arturo Sandoval
Recorded October 6, 1992
Broadcast January 16, 1993
Re-broadcast June 27, 2006
Arturo Sandoval flh, p
Relax (Sandoval)
Autumn Leaves (Joseph, Mercer, Prevert)
I Remember Clifford (Golson, Hendricks)
I've Gotta Right to Sing the Blues (Arlen, Kohler)
Body and Soul (Green, Heyman)
I Left this Space for You (Sandoval)
Marian and Arturo's Blues (McPartland, Sandoval)
Mack the knife (outtake)
Ambience (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Bill Charlap
Recorded April 16, 1991
Broadcast January 30, 1993
Bill Charlap p
Gone with the wind
Spring can really hang you up the most
I remember you
Free piece
Dream dancing
Joyspring (outtake)
Blossom (outtake)
Smitty ditty (outtake)
Smitty ditty (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Ellyn Rucker

Recorded October 8, 1992
Broadcast February 6, 1993
Re-broadcast November 24, 2017
Ellyn Rucker p, voc
"After You/Everything I Love" (Porter)
"But Beautiful" (Burke, Van Heusen)
"This Heart of Mine" (Freed, Warren)
"Twilight Worlds" (McPartland)
"Like Someone In Love" (Burke, Van Heusen)
"Desafinado" (Jobim, De Mendonca)
"Sometime Ago" (Levey)
"Blackberry Winter" (Wilder, McGlohon)
"Blues The Most" (Hawes)
After you – Everything I love (outtake)

Blackberry winter (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Anthony Davis
Recorded October 5, 1992
Broadcast February 20, 1993
Anthony Davis p
Man on a turquoise cloud
Overture to Under the double moon
Prelude to a kiss
Clothed woman
Evidence – Just you, just me
Whose life
Free piece
Straight no chaser
Man on a turquoise cloud (outtake)
Prelude to a kiss (outtake)
Clothed woman (outtake)
Day dream (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Jack deJohnette

Recorded December 11, 1992
Broadcast February 27, 1993
Re-broadcast July 17, 2007
Jack deJohnette dr, p
"Freddy The Freeloader" (M. Davis)
"I Loves You Porgy" (G. & I. Gershwin, DuBose)
"Alice In Wonderland" (Fain, Hilliard)
"It Could Happen To You" (Burke, VanHuesen)
"Ambiance" (McPartland)
"Blue In Green" (Evans, Davis)
"Silver Hollow" (DeJohnette)
"Mr. PC" (Coltrane)
Ambience (outtake)
Ambience (outtake)
Blue in green (outtake)
Silver hollow (outtake)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12018 (lp)


Marian McPartland – Jane Ira Bloom

Recorded November 13, 1992
Broadcast March 13, 1993
Re-broadcast January 15, 2016
Jane Ira Bloom ss
“Solar” (Davis)
“Someday my prince will come” (Churchill-Morey)
“If I should lose you” (Rainger-Robin)
“Blue in green” (Davis)
“My romance” (Rogers-Hart)
“Free piece” (McPartland-Bloom)
“For all we know” (Coots-Lewis)
“Out of nowhere” (Green-Heyman)
Solar (outtake)
Ornithology (outtake)
Solar (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Bruce Barth
Recorded November 11, 1992
Broadcast March 27, 1993
Bruce Barth p
Dear old Stockholm
Prelude to a kiss
Star eyes
Until the real thing comes along
Blue Monk
Nefer bond
Autumn in New York
Deloicate balance
Donna Lee
Dear old Stockholm (outtake)
Blue Monk (outtake)
Blue Monk (outtake


Marian McPartland – Eartha Kitt

Recorded February 12, 1993
Broadcast April 10, 1993
Re-broadcast May 1, 2009
Re-broadcast February 13, 2015
Eartha Kitt voc
"God Bless the Child"
"Where Is My Man"
"St. Louis Blues"
"My Heart Belongs to Daddy"
"Lush Life"
"Night and Day"
"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
"You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To"
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Ron Matthews
Recorded December 8, 1992
Broadcast April 17, 1993
Ron Matthews p
Lotus blossom
Lament for love
Old folks
Melancholy mood
Like someone in love
Salima’s dance
A child is born
Blue Monk
It never entered my mind (outtake)
Blue Monk (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Eddie Gomez

Recorded January 15, 1993
Broadcast May 1, 1993
Re-broadcast June 23, 2017
Eddie Gomez b, p
"Sometime Ago" (Mihanovich)
"How Deep Is The Ocean?" (Berlin)
"Blues In The Closet" (Pettiford)
"Imagination" (Van Heusen, Burke)
"Untitled" (Gomez)
"My Foolish Heart" (Washington, Young)
"Free Piece" (McPartland, Gomez)
"All Of You" (Porter)
Imagination (outtake)
Imagination (outtake)
How deep is the ocean (outtake)
My romance (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Warren Bernhardt
Recorded December 9, 1992
Broadcast May 8, 1993
Warren Bernhardt p
Jan in Junuary
I hear a rhapsody
All too soon
Fun ride
Polka dots and moonbeams
What is this thing called love
Bodas de sangue (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Bill Mays
Recorded April 16, 1993
Broadcast May 15, 1993
Bill Mays p
Thanksgiving prayer
Grandpa’s spells
I’m an old cow hand
In the blue of the eveing
What will I do
Twilight world
Free piece
You and the night and the music
Grandpa’s spells (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Kenny Burrell

Recorded April 15, 1993
Broadcast May 29, 1993
Re-broadcast May 10, 2005
Re-broadcast August 7, 2015
Kenny Burrell g
"Listen to the dawn"
"Round midnight"
"I’m old fashioned"
"All too soon"
"Don’t worry ‘bout me"
"Spring can really hang you up the most"
"I’m just a lucky so  and so"
"Rain check"
"Don't Worry About Me"
"Spring Can Hangin' Up The Most"
"I’m just a Lucky So And So"
Unknown outtakes

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12021 (lp, cd)

Marian McPartland – Liz Story

Recorded February 10, 1993
Broadcast June 6, 1993
Re-broadcast December 5, 2014
Liz Story voc
"Empty Forest" (Story)
"Inside Out" (Story)
"All The Things You Are" (Hammerstein, Kern)
"My Romance" (Rodgers, Hart)
"Free Piece" (Story, McPartland)
"Stranger In A Dream" (McPartland)
"My Foolish Heart" (Washington, Young)
Empty forest (outtake)
My romance (not complete outtake)
Mood indigo (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Ruth Brown

Recorded February 8, 1993
Broadcast June 19, 1993
Re-broadcast June 5, 2007
Re-broadcast November 14, 2014
Ruth Brown voc
"Fine And Mellow" (Holiday)
"Skylark" (Carmichael, Mercer)
"Grooveyard" (Perkins)
"When I Fall In Love" (Heyman, Young)
"Yes Sir, That's My Baby" (Donaldson, Kahn)
"Time After Time" (Cahn, Styne)
"Solace" (McPartland)
"B Flat Blues (Hello little boy)" (McPartland, Brown)
Time after time (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Jim McNeely
Recorded April 13, 1993
Broadcast June 26, 1993
Jim McNeely p
On Green Dolphin Street
How long has this been going on
There will never be another you
It’s too late now
I let a song go out of my heart
Blue Monk
If I should lose you (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Eileen Farrell

Recorded January 11, 1993
Broadcast October 9, 1993
Eileen Farrell voc
"In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning" (Mann, Hilliard)
"The Lamp Is Low" (DeRose, Ravel, Shefter)
"It's Only a Paper Moon" (Arlen, Harburg, Rose)
"A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" (Maschwitz, Sherwin)
"It's So Peaceful In The Country" (Wilder)
"A Child is Born" (Jones)
"There'll Be Other Times" (McPartland)
"How High the Moon" (Lewis, Hamilton)

In the wee small hours of the morning (outtake)

1993-1016 or 23
Marian McPartland – Kenny Kirkland
Recorded March 10, 1993
Broadcast October 16 or 23, 1993
Kenny Kirkland p
Fe fi fo fum
Just you, just me
What is thing called love
Free piece
They didn’t believe me
Alone together
Just youm just me (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Ed Bickert
Recorded March 10, 1993
Broadcast October 23, 1993
Ed Bickert g / Mike Lent b
Blues for Edith
You’ve changed
Everything I have is yours
Groove yard
Embraceable you
Willow sreek
You and the night and the music
My foolish heart (outtake)
I should care (outtake)



Marian McPartland – Andrea Marcovicci
Recorded January 13, 1993
Broadcast November 13, 1993
Andrea Marcovicci voc, p
Long ago and far away
All the things you are
Easy come, easy go
Danny boy
This wild night
Love in vain
Echoes of yesterday
They can’t take that away from me
Blackberry winter (outtake)

1993-1113 or 20 or 06
Marian McPartland – Billy Childs
Recorded March 8, 1993
Broadcast November 13, 1993
Billy Childs
Never let me go
Softly as in the morning sunrise
Some other spring
We’ll be together again
It’s you or no one
Pannonica (outtake)
Free piece (outtake)
Time and time again (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Joe Sample
Recorded August 5, 1993
Broadcast November 27, 1993
Joe Sample p
Stormy weather
Stella by starlight
Don’t get around much anymore
In my life
Rainbow seeker
Blues ballet
I got it bad and that ain’t good (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Tommy Banks
Recorded June 27, 1993
Broadcast December 4, 1993
Tommy Banks p
Stella by starlight
Everything I love
Red top
Fire and rain
Airmail special
Unknown outtakes


Marian McPartland – Corky Hale

Recorded August 6, 1993
Broadcast December 18, 1993
Re-broadcast July 24, 2015
Corky Hale harp / Herb Mitchman b
“The touch of your lips” (Noble)
“A nightingale sang at Berkeley Square” (Sherwin-Maschwitz)
“Teach me tonight” (DePaul-Cahn)
“Time and time again” (McPartland)
“Yesterdays” (Kern-Harbach)
“Tea for two” (Youmans-Caesar)
“Here’s that rainy day” (Van Heusen-Burke)
“When you wish upon a star – so many stars” (Harline-Washington-Mendes-Bergman-Bergman)
“Melancholy baby” (Burnett-Norton)
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – John Stetch
Recorded June 26, 1993
Broadcast December 25, 1993
John Stetch p
Cape Spear
My ideal
B minor waltz
Free piece
Last class
On the sunny side of the street
Slow in three
Improv on four notres
Sweet Georgia Brown

Marian McPartland – Clark Terry

Recorded September 21, 1993
Broadcast January 1, 1994
Re-broadcast August 20, 2010
Re-broadcast February 3, 2012
Re-broadcast September 11, 2015
"The Snapper" (C. Terry)
"Come Sunday" (E.K. Ellington)
"There Will Be Other Times" (M. McPartland)
"Mumbles" (C. Terry)
"Simple Waltz" (C. Terry)
"Michelle" (C. Terry)
"Memories of You" (E. Blake, A. Razaf)
"Wham" (J. Hodges)
Unknown outtakes

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12009 (lp)

Marian McPartland – Charles Thomas
Recorded September 24, 1993
Broadcast January 8, 1994
Charles Thomas p
Pick yourself up
Woody’n you
Have you met Miss Jones
In a sentimental mood
East of the sun
Don’t you know I care
When lights are low
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
My shining hour (outtake)
Moonlight in Vermont (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Lyle Mays

Recorded September 23, 1993
Broadcast January 22, 1994
Prob. Re-broadcast March 3, 1997
Lyle Mays p
“Falling Grace”
“Stella By Starlight”
“Time And Time Again”
“The Foolish Heart”
“Mirror Of The Heart”
“Free piece”
“All The Things You Are”
Fictionary (outtake)
Time and time again (outtake)
Mirror of the heart (outtake)

All on Jazz Alliance (unknown number) (cd)

Marian McPartland – George Duke

Recorded August 4, 1993
Broadcast January 29, 1994
Re-broadcast February 15, 2013
George Duke p
"Now's The Time" (C. Parker)
"Geneva" (G. Duke)
"Stella By Starlight" (N. Washington, V. Young)
"Free Piece" (G. Duke, M. McPartland)
"Murwoods Sleep" (G. Duke)
"In A Sentimental Mood" (E.K. Ellington)
"Straight, No Chaser" (T. Monk)
"My Funny Valentine" (L. Hart, R. Rodgers)
"The Intimacy Of The Blues" (B. Strayhorn)
"Blue In Green" (M. Davis)


Marian McPartland – Cyrus Chestnut
Recorded October 5, 1993
Broadcast February 12, 1994
Cyrus Chestnut p
Blues for Nida
East of the sun
Groove yard
Alone together
The nutman blues
East of the sun (outtake)
Scrapple from the apple (outtake)
Echoes of yesterdays (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Cecil Taylor
Recorded October 4, 1993
Broadcast February 19, 1994
Cecil Taylor p
Glass under water
The iridescence
Free piece
Free piece
Five notes
An introduction
There’s always more
The weight of it all (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Jill McCarron
Recorded October 7, 1993
Broadcast February 26, 1994
Jill McCarron p
I’ve never been in love before
You go to my head
This can’t be love
In my life
Besame mucho
My ideal
Sweet and lovely
Gone with the wind
My shining hour
I’ve never been in love before
My shining hour (outtake)
This can’t be love (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Gary Motley
Recorded December 8, 1993
Broadcast March 12, 1994
Gary Motley p
My ideal
Lush life
Oh look at me now
Just squeeze me
In your own sweet way
What is this thing called love

Marian McPartland – Reginald Robinson
Recorded December 10, 1983
Broadcast March 13, 1994
Reginald Robinson p
Souns and silhouettes
Ebony Venus
Memories of you
Poker face
The strong man
Troubadour serenade
Ain’t misbehavin’
Maple leaf rag



Marian McPArtland – Bobby Short
Recorded December 12, 1993
Broadcast April 9, 1994
Bobby Short p, voc
Take love easy
I got it bad
In a mellow tone
Clothed woman
In my solitude
All too soon
Carnegie blues
Bobby Short blues
A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square

Marian McPArtland – Michele Rosewoman
Recorded November 18, 1993
Broadcast April 16, 1994
Michele Rosewoman p
When sunny gets blue
Nica’s dream
Dolphin dance
Close enough for love
Erofodule (Chant Babluaye)
In a sentimental mood
Where is come from
Free piece
Billie’s bounce

Marian McPartland – Grover Washington jr.

Recorded January 25, 1993
Broadcast April 23, 1994
Re-broadcast December 9, 2016
Grover Washington jr. sax
"I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)" (Ellington)
"What Am I Here For?" (Ellington)
"Come Sunday" (Ellington)
"In A Sentimental Mood" (Ellington)
"I'm Beginning To See The Light" (Ellington, Hodges, James, George)
"Prelude To A Kiss" (Ellington)

"Take The 'A' Train" (Strayhorn)


Marian McPartland - Danilo Perez

Recorded February 25, 1994
Broadcast May 7, 1994
Re-broadcast January 30, 2015
Danilo Perez p
"Reflections" (Monk)
"Alphonsina Y El Mar" (Ramirez)
"Easy To Remember" (Rodgers)
"Threnody" (McPartland)
"Reminisce" (Perez)
"Serenata/My Funny Valentine" (Franzetti/Hart, Rodgers)
"Bohemia After Dark" (Pettiford)
"Some Other Spring" (Kitchings)
"Oleo" (Rollins)

Marian McPartland – Allen Farnham
Recorded January 26, 1993
Broadcast May 14, 1994
Allen Farnham p
The glide
Theme for Ernie
In your own sweet way
Long ago and far away
Cheek to Chiko
Lotus blossom
Willow weep for me
You stepped out of a dream
In your own sweet way (outtake)
Blame it on my youth (outtake)
Blame it on my youth (outtake)
Blame it on my youth (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Mercer Ellington

recorded January 24, 1993
broadcast May 21, 1994
Re-broadcast April 22, 2011
Re-broadcast March 13, 2015
Mercer Ellington p
"C Jam Blues" (E. K. Ellington)
"Prelude to a Kiss" (D. Ellington)
"Chelsea Bridge" (B. Strayhorn)
"Moon Mist" (M. Ellington)
"Things Ain't What They Used to Be" (M. Ellington)
"Portrait of Mercer Ellington" (M. McPartland)
"In My Solitude" (D. Ellington. E. DeLange, I. Mills)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12014 (lp)

Marian McPartland - Susannah McCorkle
Recorded February 24, 1994
Broadcast May 28, 1994
Susannah McCorkle voc
A fine romance
Isn't it a lovely day
Twilight world
I'll be around
Easy to love
Blood count
Bye bye blues


1994-0000 (?)
Marian McPartland – Stanley Cowell

Recorded NPR-Studio, Washington, DC
Broadcast 1994
Re-broadcast winter 1999
Re-broadcast April 24, 2015
Stanley Cowell p, kalimba
"Bright Passion" (Cowell)
"Anthropology" (Parker, Gillespie, Bishop)
"Love Walked In" (Gershwin, Gershwin)
"Warm Valley" (Ellington)
"Equipoise" (Cowell)
"Waltz for Debby" (Evans, Lees)
"Tenderly" (Gross, Lawrence)

"Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise" (Romberg, Hammerstein)

Marian McPartland – Daryl Sherman
Recorded January 27, 1993
Broadcast June 11, 1994
Daryl Sherman p, voc
Fun to be fooled
Exactly like you
Mary Lou
Forever spring
Tropical beat
Next time
As long as I live
I’m beginning to see the light
Next time (outtake)
Next time (outtake)
I’m in the mood for love (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Stephen Sondheim

Recorded February 23, 1994
Broadcast June 18, 1994
Re-broadcast December 30, 2011
"I wish I could forget" (Sondheim)
"All the things you are" (Kern-Hammerstein)
"Anyone can whistle" (Sondheim)
"Send in the clowns" (Sondheim)
"Pretty women" (Sondheim)
"Losing my mind" (Sondheim)
"Not a day goes by" (Sondheim)
"Old friends" (Sondheim)
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Ted Rosenthal
Recorded February 22, 1994
Broadcast June 25, 1994
Ted Rosenthal p
New light
How deep is the ocean
Drop me a line
Better you than me
Free thing
Strike up the band
Unknown outtakes

prob. there were no broacasts aired between July and September 1994


Marian McPartland - Tania Maria

Recorded April 14, 1994
Broadcast October 8, 1994
Re-broadcast May 13, 2016
Tania Maria p, voc
“Chorinho do marquinho” (Maria)
“Chega de saudade” )(Jobim,Mendoca)
“Carona” (Maria)
“Meditation” (Jobim,Mendonca)
“Stranger in a dream” (McPartland)
“How insensitive” (Jobim,Gimbel,Moraes)
“Ta tudo certo” (Maria)
“Velas” (Lin)
“Wave” (Jobim)

Marian McPartland – Dave McKenna

Recorded May 19, 1994
Broadcast October 15, 1994
Dave McKenna p
“Cat’s cradle” (McKenna)
“Theodore the thumper” (= Teddy Bal game) (McKenna)
“Just the way you are” (Joel)
“I’m a fool to want you” (Herron-Sinatra-Wolf)
“Let’s get away from it all” (Adair-Dennis)
“Steve Wonder medley: My cherie amour – All in love is fair – Isn’t she lovely” (Wonder)
“I’ll never be the same” (Kahn-Malneck-Signorelli)
“Struttin’ with some barbecue” (Hardin-Raye)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12023 (lp)

Marian McPartland – Benny Golson
Recorded April 15, 1994
Broadcast October 22, 1994
Benny Golson ts / Todd Coolman b
Beautiful love
I remember Clifford
Melancholy mood
Whisper not
In the days of our love


Marian McPArtland – Eddie Higgins
Recorded May 16, 1994
Broadcast November 5, 1994
Eddie Higgins p
If dreams come true
Waltz for Allison
Singing the blues
A wolf in chic clothing
T’ain’t no use
I can’t believe that you’re in love with me

Marian McPartland – Fred Hersch
Recorded April 18, 1994
Broadcast November 12, 1994
Fred Hersch p
If I should lose you
Moon and sand
Trouble is a man
Tango bittersweet
Free thing
Portrait of Fred Herch
Secret love

Marian McPartland – Meredith d’Ambrosio

Recorded May 17, 1994
Broadcast November 19, 1994
Re-Broadcast December 2, 2016
Meredith d’Ambrosio p, voc
Beware of spring
Give it time
Alone together
Blue in green
In the days of our love
No one knows
My foolish heart
What’s your story, morning glory (Williams)
How deep is the ocean


Marian McPartland – Bob Dorough
Recorded July 16, 1994
Broadcast December 3, 1994
Bob Dorough p, voc
Nothing like you
What ever happened to love songs
Better than anything
Comin’ home baby
Tell me
I thought about you
Baby you should know it

Marian McPartland – Roberta Piket
Recorded June 17, 1994
Broadcast December 10, 1994
Roberta Piket p
A long wait
I remember you
Free piece
Daily affirmation
Portrait of Roberta Piket
Moon and sand

Marian McPartland – Ran Blake
Recorded August 12, 1994
Broadcast December 17, 1994
Ran Blake p
Last train to Auschwitz
Old devil moon
Good morning heartache
Free piece


Marian McPartland – Terry Waldo
Recorded August 11, 1994
Broadcast December 31, 1994
Terry Waldo p, oc
Charleston rag
Memories of you
Lover come back
Ruby Lorraine
The wrong side
12th Street rag
Blue skies

Marian McPartland – Terence Blanchard
Recorded November 18, 1994
Broadcast January 7, 1995
Terence Blanchard tp, p
Detour ahead
Lady sings the blues
I’m getting sentimental over you
In my solitude
Little Miss Olivia Rae
I cried for you
New Orleans
Sing Soweto
Billie’s bounce

Marian McPartland – Lincoln Mayorga
Recorded October 18, 1994
Broadcast January 14, 1995
Lincoln Mayorga p
Davenport blues
They can’t take that away from me
Singin’ the blues
Days of wine and roses
Here and now
Little rock getaway


Marian McPartland – Bud Freeman
Recorded March 20, 1994
Broadcast January 28, 1995
Marian McPartland and Dick Sudhalter discuss the career of Bud Freeman and play selection from an earlier Chicago concert with
Bud Freeman ts / Marian McPartland p / Larry Gray b / Charlie Brown dr
I love you
I cover the waterfront
Willow weep for me
You took advantage of me

Marian McPartland – Diana Krall

Recorded July 24 or August 24, 1994
Broadcast February 4, 1995
Re-broadcast August 1, 2008
Diana Krall p, voc
"I've Got the World on a String" (Arlen, Koehler)
"I'm Just a Lucky So and So" (Ellington, David)
"Broadway" (Wood, McRae)
"Surrey with the Fringe on Top" (Rodgers, Hammerstein)
"Jimmie" (Krall)
"Frim Fram Sauce" (Riccardello, Evans)
"Body and Soul"(Green, Heyman)
"Only Trust Your Heart" (Cahn, Carter)
"The Blues" (Krall, McPartland)


Marian McPartland – Mario Grigorov

Recorded December 8, 1994
Broadcast February 18, 1995
Re-broadcast October 28, 2016
Mario Grigorov p
“Iconic smiles” (Grigorov)
“Prelude and Fugue” (Bach)
“Presence of absence” (Grigorov)
“Rhymes with orange” (Grigorov)
“Wave” (Jobim)
“Body and soul” (Green)
“Lost city” (Grigorov)
“Wandering in a maze of frenetic feeling, blues lines rushing down from Jupiter” (McPartland, Grigorov)
“Nobody’s blues” (Grigorov)

“All the things you are” (Kern-Hammerstein)

Marian McPartland – Jim Hall
Recorded December 5, 1994
Broadcast February 25, 1995
Jim Hall g
Why not dance
Canto nostalgico
One morning in May
All the things you are
In a sentimental mood
Free piece
How deep is the ocean

Marian McPartland - Ralph Sharon
Recorded October 20, 1994
Broadcast March 4, 1995
Ralph Sharon p
In a sentimental mood
Call me irresponsible
I should care
Chasing shadows
Someone to watch over me
Prelude to a kiss
I guess I'll have to change my plans
Our love is here to stay


Marian McPartland – Janice Friedman
Recorded August 25, 1994
Broadcast March 18, 1995
Janice Friedman p
Turn out the stars
How deep is the ocean
Softly as in the morning sunrise
Who can I turn to
It’s you or no onw
Finger paintings
Trouble is a man
A hip little rock n’ roll tune

Marian McPartland - Jacky Terrasson

Recorded November 14, 1994
Broadcast March 25, 1995
Re-broadcast July 22, 2016
Jacky Terrasson p
“In your own sweet way” (Brubeck)
“Oleo” (Rollins)
“Polka dots and moonbeams” (van Heusen,Burke)
“All the things you are” (Kern,Hammerstein)
“Stranger in a dream” (McPartland)
“Well you needn't” (Monk)
“Lost” (Terrasson)
“Close enough for love” (Mandel,Williams)
“The song is you” (Kern)


Marian McPartland – Paquito D’Rivera

Recorded January 10, 1995
Broadcast April 8, 1995
Re-broadcast June 21, 2005
Re-broadcast April 25, 2014
Paquito d'Rivera as, cl, p /  David Finck b
"Donna Lee" (C. Parker)
"Birk's Works" (J. Gillespie)
"A Night In Tunisia" (J. Gillespie, F. Paparelli)
"A Night In Englewood" (P. D'Rivera)
"Con Alma" (J. Gillespie)
"Corcovado" (A.C. Jobim)
"Samba For Carmen" (P. D'Rivera)
"Stranger In A Dream" (M. McPartland)
"Billie's Bounce" (C. Parker)

Marian McPartland – Weslia Whitfield
Recorded November 15, 1994
Broadcast April 15, 1995
Weslia Whitfield voc / Mike Greensill p / Michael Moore b
Thou swell
I#m confessin’
A gal in Galico
Where are the good companions
The very thought of you
Love you madly
For all we know
This can’t be love


Marian McPartland – Jaki Byard

Recorded January 9, 1995
Broadcast April 29, 1995
Re-broadcast November 6, 2015
Jaki Byard p
“Hello Young Lovers” (Rodgers-Hammerstein)
“European Episode” (Byard)
“Rose room” (Hickman-Williams)
“In A Mellow Tone” (Ellington)
“How High The Moon” (Hamilton-Lewis)
“Ornithology” (Parker)
"We Kiss In The Shadow" (Rodgers-Hammerstein)
"On A Clear Day" (Lerner-Lane)
“June in January” (Rainger-Robin)
"Free Piece" (McPartland)
“My silent love” (Suesse-Heyman)
“Lester leaps in – I got rhythm” (Young-Gershwin)


Marian McPartland – Helen Merrill

Recorded January 6, 1995
Broadcast May 13, 1995
Re-broadcast September 21, 2010
Prob. Re-broadcast September 5, 2014
Helen Merrill voc
"You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To" (C. Porter)
"What's New" (B. Haggart)
"Dream of You" (S. Oliver)
"Blame It On My Youth" (Levant, Heyman)
"The Winter of My Discontent" (A. Wilder)
"Don't Explain" (B. Holliday, A. Herzer)
"Home on the Range" (J. Lomax)
"Portrait of Helen Merrill" (M. McPartland)
"Gone With the Wind" (H. Magidson, A. Wrubel)


Marian McPartland – Dick Hyman
Recorded December 6, 1994
Broadcast May 27, 1995
Dick Hyman p
Londonderry Air
Shreveport stomp
Echeos Of Spring
Londonderry Air
Ain't Misbehavin'
The world is waiting for the sunrise
Londonderry air
Sweet Lorraine
Londonderry air
Piano jazz boogie


Marian McPartland – Bob Winter
Recorded January 13, 1995
Broadcast June 10, 1995
Bob Winter p
Rhode Island is famous for you
Where or when
Spring will be a little late this year
Blues in the night
Gone with the wind
Ain’t misbehavin’
What is this thing called love


Marian McPartland – Dave Brubeck
Broadcast June 25, 1995
Dave Brubeck p
St.Louis blues
Thank you (Dziekuje)
The Duke
In your own sweet way
One moment worth years
Summer song
Free piece
Polytonal blues
Take five

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12001 (lp), TJA-12043 (cd)

Marian McPartland – McCoy Tyner
Recorded May 4, 1983.
Broadcast October 29, 1983
Re-broadcast July 30, 1995
Re-broadcast September 12, 2008

Marian McPartland – Reuben Brown
Recorded February 10, 1995
Broadcast June 24, 1995 (prob. wrong date!)
Reuben Brown p
Afternoon in Paris
Young and foolish
Au privave
Dream dancing
In a sentimental mood
In your own sweet way
Softly as in a morning sunrise

Marian McPartland – Randy Weston
Recorded August 28, 1981
Broadcast June 13, 1982
Re-broadcast July 16, 1995
Re-broadcast May 23, 2006

Marian McPartland – Jess Stacy
Recorded December 1, 1981 (Los Angeles)
Broadcast June 20, 1982
Re-broadcast July 23, 1995

Marian McPartland – Shirley Horn

Recorded October 19, 1994
Broadcast October 7, 1995
Shirley Horn p, voc
“End of a beautiful friendship” (Kahn,Styne)
“You don’t know me” (Walker,Arnold)
“Isn’t it romantic” (Rodgers,Hart)
“Days of our love” (McPartland)
“Wouldn’t it be lovely” (Lerner,Lowe)
“I thought about you” (Mercer,VanHeusen)
“Old devil called love” (Roberts,Fisher)
“Shirley’s blues” (McPartland)

Marian McPartland - Marilyn and Alan Bergman

Recorded March 8, 1995
Broadcast October 14, 1995
Re-broadcast February 27, 2015
Marilyn Bergman voc / Alan Bergman p
"Nice 'n' Easy" (Spence, Bergman, Bergman)
"The Windmills of Your Mind" (Legrand, Bergman, Bergman)
"What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?" (Legrand, Bergman, Bergman)
"Summer Knows" (Legrand, Bergman, Bergman)
"Where Do You Start?" (Mandel, Bergman, Bergman)
"You Must Believe in Spring" (Legrand, Demy, Bergman, Bergman)
"How Do You Keep the Music Playing?" (Legrand, Bergman, Bergman)
"The Way We Were" (Hamlisch, Bergman, Bergman)


Marian McPartland - Myra Melford
Recorded February 8, 1995
Broadcast October 28, 1995
Myra Melford p
Over the river Club
Free piece
Don’t you know
Free piece
The death of Danny Love
This that way
Breaking light
Blue in green


Marian McPartland – Eric Reed

Recorded March 9, 1995
Broadcast November 11, 1995
Re-broadcast July 29, 2016
Eric Reed p
"Cedfar’s blues"
"I let a song go out of my heart"
"I’m a fool to want you"
"Sweet Lorraine"
"Free piece"
"Between the devil and the deep blue sea"

Marian McPartland – T.S. Monk

Recorded February 7, 1995
Broadcast November 18, 1995
Re-broadcast May 12, 2017
T.S. Monk dr / Scott Colley b
Re-broadcast May 12, 2017
T.S. Monk dr / Scott Colley b
"Blue Monk" (Monk)
"Ugly Beauty" (Monk)
"Well You Needn't" (Monk)
"'Round Midnight" (Monk)
"Bemsha Swing" (Monk)

"Straight, No Chaser" (Monk)


Marian McPartland – Charles Brown

Recorded March 7, 1995
Broadcast December 2, 1995
Charles Brown p, voc
"These blues"
"All my life"
"Is you or is you ain’t (Ma’ baby)"
"Drifting blues"
"Willow weep for me"
"There is no greater love"
"’Round midnight"
Round midnight
"Sweet slumber"
"Joyce’s boogie"
Seven long days

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12032 (lp), TJA-12032-2 (cd)

Marian McPartland - Gonzalo Rubalcaba

Recorded April 21, 1995
Broadcast December 9, 1995
Re-broadcast May 15, 2015
Gonzalo Rubalcaba p
"I Remember Clifford" (Golson)
"Donna Lee" (Parker)
"Con Alma" (Gillespie)
"Night In Tunisia" (Gillespie, Paparelli)
"Dizzy" (McPartland)
"Woody 'N' You" (Gillespie)
"Free Piece" (McPartland, Rubalcaba)
"Mima" (Rubalcaba)
"Well You Needn't" (Monk)
"Straight No Chaser" (Monk)

Marian McPartland - Bill Dobbins
Recorded April 22, 1995
Broadcast December 16, 1995
Bill Dobbins p
This is new
Clothed woman
Alone together
Prelude No.12
Free piece
Billy Strayhorn medley: Isfahan - After all - U.M.M.G.


Marian McPartland – Alan Broadbent
Recorded March 10, 1995
Broadcast December 30, 1995
Alan Broadbent p
Everything I love
Inn love in vain
There’ll be other times
I hear a rhapsody
Reets and I
Upper Manhattan Medical Group
Blue in green
Au privave

Marian McPartland – Wynton Marsalis
Recorded January 1, 1995
Broadcast January 6, 1996
Wynton Marsalis tp, p
Spring yaounde
Just friends
Body and soul
Just squeeze me
When it’s sleepy time down South

Marian McPartland – Dave Kikoski
Recorded July 25, 1995
Broadcast January 13, 1996
David Kikoski p
Sweet Georgia Brown
Layers of psyche
All the things you are
The folks who live on the hill
Old folks
Giant steps
Delicate balance
Dave’s blues


Marian McPartland – Celia Powell
Recorded August 14, 1995
Broadcast January 27, 1996
Celia Powell interview, Bud Powell p from tape recordings / Marian McPartland with bass accompaniment
Bouncing with Bud
Lullaby of Birdland
Embraceable you
I’ll keep loving you
In walked Bud
Portrait of Bud

Marian McPartland – Don Friedman

Recorded July 14, 1995
Broadcast February 3, 1996
Re-broadcast April 30, 2018
Don Friedman p / Gary Mazzaroppi b
"Alone Together" (Dietz, Schwartz)
"In Your Own Sweet Way" (Brubeck)
"Yesterdays" (Harbach, Kern)
"Days of Wine and Roses" (Mancini)
"Stella by Starlight" (Washington, Young)
"Waltz for Marilyn" (Friedman)
"These Foolish Things" (Strachey, Maschwitz, Link)
"How Deep is the Ocean" (Berlin)
"Getting Sentimental Over You" (Kahn, Malneck)


Marian McPartland – Claudio Roditti

Recorded August 17, 1995
Broadcast February 17, 1996
Re-broadcast December 1, 2017
Claudio Roditti tp, flh / Gary Mazzaroppi b
"Speak Low" (Nash, Weill)
"Arparador" (Roditi)
"Ceora" (Morgan)
"I'll Close My Eyes" (Friend, Cliff)
"I'll Remember April" (Ray, DePaul)
"I Can't Get Started" (Duke, Gershwin)
"Time And Again" (McPartland)
"Come Rain Or Come Shine" (Arlen, Mercer)
"Bye Bye Blackbird" (Dixon, Henderson)
"Triste" (Jobim)

Marian McPartland – Carla Bley – Steve Swallow

Recorded August 15, 1995
Broadcast February 24, 1996
Re-broadcast August 12, 2011
Re-broadcast July 15, 2016
Carla Bley p / Steve Swallow b
"Major" (C. Bley)
"King Korn" (C. Bley)
"Carnation" (S. Swallow)
"Sing Me Softly of the Blues" (C. Bley)
"Romantic Notion #3" (C. Bley)
"Instant Romance" (M. McPartland)
"Chopsticks" (E. Allen)
"Ida Lupino" (C. Bley)
"Ad Infinitum" (C. Bley)

Marian McPartland – Sergio Salvatore

Recorded February 19, 1996
Broadcast June 15, 1996
Re-broadcast January 29, 2016
Sergio Salavatore p
“Revolving door” (Salvatore)
“Always a beginning” (Salvatore)
“Isn’t it romantic” (Rodgers-Hart)
“It’s too late now” (Lane-Lerner)
“What is this thing called love” (Porter)
“Darn that dream” (Van Heusen-DeLange)
“Free thing” (McPartland-Salvatore)
“Some day my prince will come” (Morey-Churchill)
“Crystal silence” (Corea)
“Autumn leaves” (Kosma)

Marian McPartland - Mike Polad
Broadcast March 9, 1996
Mike Polad p
After theatre tango
Davenport blues
In a mist
In the dark
The crapshooters
Land of the loon
Old guide’s story
Persimmon pucker
Calm lake and quiet lovers


Marian McPartland – Bela Fleck

Recorded July 28, 1995
Broadcast March 23, 1996
Re-broadcast April 29, 2011
Re-broadcast May 31, 2013
Bela Fleck banjo
"In Walked Bud" (Monk)
"The Star Spangled Banner" (Sousa)
"First Light" (Fleck)
"Delicate Balance" (M. McPartland)
"All the Things You Are" (Kern, Hammerstein)
"Not Really" (Fleck)
"Free Thing" (McPartland)
"Polka Dots and Moonbeams" (Burke, Van Heusen)
"Crystal Silence" (Corea, Potter)
"Royal Garden Blues" (Williams)


Marian McPartland – Joshua Redman
Recorded October 10, 1995
Broadcast April 6, 1996
Joshua Redman ts / Ray Drummond b
You and the night and the music
Easy living
Alone together
My ideal
My one and only love
Au privave
What am I here for
Lonely woman
Will you still be mine



Marian McPartland – Roy Haynes

Recorded October 9, 1995
Broadcast April 27, 1996
Re-broadcast September 4, 2007
Re-broadcast June 4, 2018
Roy Haynes dr / Christian McBride b
"So What" (Davis)
"Lady Bird" (Dameron)
"Shades of Senegal" (Haynes)
"It Might As Well Be Spring" (Rodgers and Hammerstein)
"Bemsha Swing" (Monk)
"Windows" (Corea)
"Cantaloupe Island" (Hancock)
"Dolphin Dance" (Hancock)
"Kaleidoscope" (McPartland)

Marian McPartland – Marc Puricelli
Recorded December 4, 1995
Broadcast May 4, 1996
Marc Puricelli p
Nothing changes, too
Her kiss
Norwegian wood
Free piece
Now’s the time

Marian McPartland – Randy Weston
Recorded December 7, 1995
Broadcast May 11, 1996
Randy Weston p
African village
The healer
Berkshire blues
Portrait of Randy Weston
Little Niles
Pam’s waltz

Marian McPartland – Nnenna Freelon
Recorded December 6, 1995
Broadcast May 18, 1996
Nnenna Freelon voc
Body and soul
What am ‘I here for
I’ll be around
‘Tis autumn
Nature boy
The winter of my discontent
I fall in love too easily


Marian McPartland – David Lalama
Recorded February 22, 1996
Broadcast June 1, 1996
David Lalama p
The end of a beautiful friendship
Yardbird suite
Fungi mama
Moon river
Fe fi fo fum
Love walked in



Marian McPartland – Jon Faddis
Recorded February 23, 1996
Broadcast June 22, 1996
Jon Faddis tp, p / Peter Washington b
Upper Manhattan Medical Group
West End blues
Tin tin deo
Prelude to a kiss
All blues
Forever more
Dizzy atmosphere
No greater love

Marian McPartland – Brad Mehldau

Broadcast September 12,1996 (or recording date)
Brad Mehldau p
“From this moment on” (Porter)
“Ron's place” (Mehldau)
“Stella by starlight” (Washington-Young)
“I get along without you very well” (Carmichael)
“When I fall in love” Heyman-Young)
“Our love is here to stay” (Gershwin-Gershwin)
“I see your face before me” (Dietz-Schwartz)
“No particular blues” (McPartland-Mehldau)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-30154-2 (cd)

Marian McPartland – Eden Atwood

Broadcast fall 1996
Re-broadcast February 5, 2016
Eden Atwood p, voc
“When the sun comes out” (Arlen-Koehler)
“The nearness of you” (Carmichael-Washington)
“Twilight world” (McPartland-Mercer)
“I thought about you (Mercer-vanHeusen)
“There’s no such thing asas love” (Newley-Frasier)
“I’ve grown accustomed to her face” (Lerner-Lowe)
“In the days of our love” (McPartland-Lee)
“A ship without a sail” (Rodgers-Hart)
“Old devil moon” (Harburg-Lane)

Marian McPartland - Ernestine Anderson

Broadcast fall 1996
Re-broadcast September 4, 2015
Ernestine Anderson voc
“Our love is here to stay” (Gershwin)
“What a difference a day makes” (Grever-Adams)
“All blues” (Davis)
“Autumn nocturne” (Gannon-Myrow)
“Love walked in” (Gershwin)
“This can’t be love” (Rodgers-Hart)
“I’ll be seeing you” (Kahal-Fain)
“It might as well be spring” (Rodgers-Hammerstein)
“In a mellow tone” (Ellington)

Marian McPartland – Joe Locke

Recorded Penny Lane Studios
Broadcast November 23, 1996
Re-broadcast July 11, 2014
Joe Locke vib, p
"I Should Care" (Cahn, Stordahl, Weston)
"My One And Only" (Wood, Mellin)
"The Days Of Wine And Roses" (Mancini)
"Seven Beauties" (Locke)
"If I Should Lose You" (Rainger, Robin)
"Both Sides Now"/Theme FromWorking Girl (Mitchell/Simon)
"Au Privave" (Parker)






Marian McPartland - Ray Brown

Broadcast fall 1996
Re-broadcast September 25, 2015
Ray Brown b
“What am I here for” (Ellington-Kennedy)
“Love you madly” (Ellington)
“My foolish heart” (Young-Washington)
“Like someone in love” (Burke-Van Heusen)
“I'm a fool to want you” (Herron-Wolf-Sinatra)
“Lady be good” (Gershwin-Gershwin)
“Embraceable you” (Gershwin-Gershwin)
“One morning in May” (Parish-Carmichael)
“Blues” (Brown-McPartland)
“Swingin’ ‘till the girls come home” (Pettiford)

Marian McPartland – Dave Brubeck

Recorded 1997
Recorded Borders Books and Music in Washington, D.C., 1997
Broadcast January 18, 1997
Re-broadcast December 10, 2010
Re-broadcast December 7, 2012
Dave Brubeck p
"Just You, Just Me" (R. Klages, J. Greer)
"Thank You" (D. Brubeck)
"Marian McPartland" (D. Brubeck)
"In Your Own Sweet Way" (D. Brubeck)
"Summer Song" (D. Brubeck)
"Desert and Parched Land" (D. Brubeck)
"One Moment Worth Years" (D. Brubeck)
"St. Louis Blues" (R. Johnson, W.C. Handy)

Marian McPartland – Lyle Mays
Recorded September 23, 1993
Broadcast January 22, 1994
Prob. Re-broadcast March 3, 1997

Marian McPartland – James Moody

Recorded January 8, 1997
Broadcast March 8, 1997
Re-broadcast May 20, 2011
James Moody as, ts
"Body and Soul" (J. Green, F. Heyman, R. Sour, F. Eyton)
"Love and Marriage" (S. Cahn, J. Van Heusen)
"Moody's Mood for Love" (J. Moody, D. Fields, J. McHugh)
"Con Alma" (J. Gillespie)
"I Should Care" (S. Cahn, Weston, F. Stordahl)
"Giant Steps" (J. Coltrane)
"A Night in Tunisia" (J. Gillespie, J. Hendricks, F. Paparelli)
"Anthropology" (C. Parker, J. Gillespie, W. Bishop)

Marian McPartland – Frank Kimbrough

Rec. prob. 1997
Broadcast spring 1997
Re-broadcast February 19, 2018
Frank Kimbrough p
"Wildflower" (Nichols)
"20 Bars" (Kimbrough)
"Sweet and Lovely" (Arnheim, Tobias, Daniels)
"All Too Soon" (Ellington, Sigman)
"Wish I Knew" (Warren, Mack)
"Lonely Woman" (Coleman, Guryan)
"Doxy" (Rollins)

Marian McPartland – Willie Pickens

Recorded Live at Manchester Craftmen’s Guild, Pittsburgh, PA
Broadcast spring 1997
Re-Broadcast April 16, 2018
Willie Pickens p
"Boogie Woogie" (Pickens)
"Lush Life" (Strayhorn)
"Ain't Misbehavin'" (Waller, Razaf, Brooks)
"What Is This Thing Called Love" (Porter)
"Un Poco Loco" (Powell)
"Blue Monk" (Monk)
"Rodgers, Hart" (Rodgers, Hart)
"Just One of Those Things" (Porter)

Marian McPartland - Lalo Schifrin

Broadcast April 5, 1997
Re-broadcast July 19, 2013
Re-broadcast January 20, 2017
Lalo Schifrin p
"Down Here On The Ground" (L. Schifrin)
"Chano" (L. Schifrin)
"Stone Wall" (M. Jackson)
"Davenport Blues" (B. Biederbecke)
"In A Mist" (B. Biederbecke)
"Singing The Blues" (B. Biederbecke)
"Firebird (Intro)" (I. Stravinsky)
"Parker's Mood" (C. Parker)
"Nearness Of You" (N. Washington, H. Carmichael)
"Con Alma" (D. Gillespie)
"Gillespiana (excerpts)" (L. Schifrin)
"Woody'n You" (D. Gillespie)

Marian McPartland - Carline Ray

Recorded 1997
Broadcast May 24, 1997
Re-broadcast October 4, 2013
Re-broadcast February 5, 2018
Carline Ray voc
"In A Sentimental Mood" (E.K. Ellington)
"Lil' Darlin'" (N. Hefti)
"But Beautiful" (J. Van Heusen, J. Burke)
"Come Sunday" (E.K. Ellington)
"The More I See You" (H. Warren, M. Gordon)
"We Need A Little Christmas" (J. Herman)
"All Of Me" (G. Marks, S. Simons)
"Someone To Watch Over Me" (G. Gershwin, I. Gershwin)
"After Hours" (A. Parrish)

Prob. there were no broadcasts aired between July and September 1997

Marian McPartland – Bobby Short
Recorded May 1997
Broadcast 1997
Re-broadcast March 22, 2005
Bobby Short p
Just one of those things (Porter)
Lotus blossom (Strayhorn)
Back home again in Indiana (Tatgenhorst)
Twilight world (McPartland)
Where are you (Adamson,McHugh)
Looking at you (Porter)
I can’t get started (Gerhswin,Duke)
Portrait of Bobby Short (McPartland)
When lights are low (Carter,Williams)

Marian McPartland – Eddie Palmieri

Recorded January 31, 1997
Broadcast October 4, 1997
Re-broadcast July 31, 2007
Re-broadcast April 12, 2013
Re-broadcast January 15, 2018
Eddie Palmieri p / Hugo Duran b / Jose Claussell dr / Richie Flores congas / Martin Iones bongos
"Dona Tere" (Palmieri)
"Liza" (Palmieri)
"Definitely In" (Palmieri)
"Portrait Of Eddie Palmieri" (McPartland)
"Boleros Dos" (Palmieri)
"Iraida" (Palmieri)
"M.E. Blues" (McPartland, Palmieri)
"Comparsa" (Palmieri)

Marian McPartland – Marcia Ball

Recorded prob. 1997
Broadcast fall 1997
Re-broadcast June 18, 2018
Marcia Ball p, voc
"Crawfishin'" (Garlow)
"That's Enough of That" (Ball)
"Woke Up Screaming" (Robey)
"Red Beans" (Morganfield)
"St. Gabriel" (Ball)
"Fingernails" (Ely)

"Go to the Mardi Gras" (Roeland, Thomas)

Marian McPartland – Keith Ingham

Recorded prob. 1997
Broadcast fall 1997
Re-broadcast February 10, 2017
Keith Ingham p
"A Foggy Day (In London Town)" (Gershwin)
"Don't You Know I Care / Birmingham Breakdown" (David, Ellington)
"How About You / Too Late Now / I Hear Music" (Freed, Lane, Lerner, Loesser)
"Moon Song" (Coslow)
"Change Partners" (Berlin)
"A Sleeping Bee" (Arlen)
"If I Love Again" (Murray, Oakland)
"Little Rock Getaway" (Sullivan, Sigman)

Marian McPartland – Liz Magnes

Recorded prob. 1997
Broadcast Fall 1997
Re-broadcast January 22, 2018Liz Magnes p
"Someone to Watch Over Me" (Gershwin)
"Go to the Desert" (Argov)
"Embraceable You" (Gershwin)
"Skylark" (Carmichael, Mercer)
"Here's that Rainy Day" (Burke, Van Heusen)
"Prayer for Peace" (Magnes)
"Little Star" (Magnes)
"Ain't Misbehavin'" (Waller)

Marian McPartland - Jay Jay Johnson
Broadcast 1997
Jay Jay Johnson tb / Marian McPartland p / Christian McBride b
“Jaybone” (JJ Johnson)
“Vista” (JJ Johnson)
"I Love You" (Porter)
“Lament” (JJ Johnson)
“Autumn leaves” (Kozma, Mercer, Prevert)
“In the days of our love” (M. McPartland, P. Lee)
“Satin doll” (Ellington,Mercer,Strayhorn)

“Bags’ groove” (M.Jackson)







Marian McPartland – Tommy Flanagan
December 21, 1997 Cleveland,OH
Tommy Flanagan p
Sweet Georgia Brown
In a mellotone
Beyond the blue bird
Prelude to a kiss
Gone with the wind
Angel eyes
I'm beginning to see the light
Poor butterfly
Lady be good


Marian McPartland - Barry Harris
January 4, 1998
Barry Harris p
Just one of those things
Lady Bird
If you could see me now
Star eyes
I'll keep loving you
Jeepers creepers
Au privave

Marian McPartland – Karrin Allyson

Recorded September 9, 1997
Broadcast March 14, 1998
Re-broadcast May 6, 2011
Karrin Allyson voc
"I've Got the World on a String" (Koehler, Arlen)
"There Will Be Other Times" (McPartland)
"Daydream" (Ellington, Strayhorn)
"Things We Did Last Summer" (Cahn,Styne)
"My Foolish Heart" (Young, Washington)
"Sweet Home Cookin' Man" (Allyson)
"Twilight World" (McPartland)
"Yeh Yeh" (Hendricks, Patricks, Grant)
"Everything Must Change" (Ighner)
"Straight No Chaser" (Monk)

1998-0326 or 21 or 28
Marian McPartland – John Dankworth

Recorded November 2, 1997 Eastman School of Music in Rochester, N.Y.
Broadcast March 26, 1998
Re-broadcast August 16, 2005
Re-broadcast June 18, 2010
Re-broadcast February 21, 2014
John Dankworth as / Cleo Laine voc / Jeff Campbell b
"I Can't Give You Anything but Love" (Fields, McHugh)
"In the Days of Our Love" (M. McPartland, P. Lee)
"Like Someone in Love" (J. Van Heusen, J. Burke)
"Fine and Mellow" (B. Holiday)
"T'ain't What You Do, It's the Way That You Do It" (Young, Oliver)
"I'll Be Around" (A. Wilder)
"Stompin' at the Savoy" (B. Goodman, Razaf, Webb, Sampson)
"How High the Moon" (Hamilton, Williams)

Marian McPartland – Oscar Peterson

Recorded November 9, 1997
Broadcast April 4, 1998
Re-broadcast May 16, 2008
Re-broadcast August 15, 2014
Oscar Peterson p
"Like Someone in Love" (J. Burke and J. Van Heusen)
"Lament" (J.J. Johnson)
"Reunion Blues" (Milt Jackson)
"Love Ballad" (Peterson)
"Nighttime" (Peterson)
"A Child Is Born" (Jones)
"Portrait of Oscar Peterson" (McPartland)
"Portrait of Marian" (Peterson)
"In a Mellow Tone" (Ellington)

Marian McPartland – Virginia Mayhew

Broadcast spring 1998
Re-broadcast May 7, 2018
Virginia Mayhew as
"Au Privave" (Parker)
"All the Things You Are" (Kern, Hammerstein)
"Body and Soul" (Sour, Heyman, Green)
"This Time the Dream's on Me" (Arlen, Mercer)
"The More I See You" (Mack, Warren)
"Quiet Nights" (Jobim, Kaye, Lees)
"Free Piece" (McPartland, Mayhew)

"Darn that Dream" (Van Heusen, DeLange)













Marian McPartland - David Sanchez

Broadcast June or fall 1998
Re-broadcast August 12, 2016
David Sanchez ts / John Benitez b / Adam Cruz dr
“My shining hour” (Arlen, Mercer)
“Woody'n you” (Gillespie)
“Darn that dream” (Van Heusen-DeLange)
“The way you look tonight” (Kern, Fields)
“Time after time” (Cahn,Styne)
“Freedom jazz dance” (Harris)
“Oleo” (Rollins)

Prob. 1998-0702
Marian McPartland – Noreen Grey Lienhard
Broadcast prob. July 2 or 4, 1998
Noreen Grey Lienhard p, voc

Prob. there were no broadcasts aired until September 29, 1998

Marian McPartland – Max Roach

Recorded April 21, 1998
Broadcast September 29, 1998
Re-broadcast February 22, 2008
Re-broadcast January 8, 2016
Ray Drummond b / Max Roach dr
"The Drum Also Waltzes" (Roach)
"Now's the Time" (Parker)
"Billy the Kid" (Roach)
"I'll Remember Clifford" (Golson)
"The Smoke that Thunders" (Roach)
"Joy Spring" (Hendricks, Brown)
"Giant Steps" (Coltrane)
"All the Things You Are" (Hammerstein)

Marian McPartland - Mark Murphy

Broadcast fall 1998
Re-broadcast March 11, 2016
“Sometimes I’m happy” (Caesar,Grey,Youmans)
“What’s new” (Burke,Haggart)
“Song for the geese” (Murphy,Smith)
“Willow creek” (McGlohon,McPartland)
“Detour ahead” (Carter,Frigo,Ellis)
“I’ll remember April” (Johnston,Raye,DePaul)
“Gone with the wind” (Magidson,Wrubel)
“Blues” (McPartland)

Marian McPartland – Ernie Andrews

Recorded prob. 1998
Broadcast fall 1998
Re-broadcast September 8, 2017
Ernie Andrews voc
"The More I See You" (Gordon, Warren)
"If I Loved You" (Rodgers, Hammerstein)
"Time After Time" (Cahn, Styne)
"Don't Get Around Much Anymore" (Ellington, Russell)
"Blood Count" (Strayhorn)
"Sophisticated Lady" (Ellington, Mills, Parish)
"Lucky So and So" (Ellington, Mack)
"Parker's Mood/Word from Bird" (Parker, Charles)
"From this Moment On" (Porter)

Marian McPartland - Marilyn Crispell

Recorded prob. March 1998
Broadcast Fall 1998
Re-broadcast August 5, 2016
Marilyn Crispell p
“After the rain” (Coltrane)
“Touching” (Peacock)
“Fragments” (Crispell)
“Red shift” (Crispell)
“Twilight world” (Mercer-McPartland)
“Crystal silence” (Corea,Potter)
“All the things you are” (Hammerstein,Kern)
“Free piece” (McPartland,Crispell)
“The clothed woman” (Ellington)
“Straight no chaser” (Monk)

Marian McPartland – Nicholas Payton

Recorded prob. 1998
Broadcast fall 1998
Re-Broadcast April 2, 2018
Nicholas Payton tp / Ray Drummond b
"Four" (Davis)
"Your Heart is Mine Alone" (Herzer, Lehar, Löhner-Bedar)
"Just One of Those Things" (Porter)
"These Foolish Things" (Link, Maschwitz, Stachey)
"The Island" (Bergman, Bergman, Lins)
"The Best Thing for You Is Me" (DeSylva, Brown, Henderson)
"With a Song in my Heart" (Hart, Rodgers)
"Payton's Other Place Blues" (Payton, McPartland, Drummond)

Marian McPartland - Barbara Cook

Recorded prob. 1998
Broadcast fall 1998
Re-Broadcast May 21, 2018
Barbara Cook voc
"It Might as Well Be Spring" (Hammerstein, Rodgers)
"Beginning to See the Light" (George, Ellington)
"Errol Flynn" (McBroom, Hunt)
"Young and Foolish" (Hague, Horwitt)
"Far from the Home I Love" (Harnick, Bock)
"All the Things You Are" (Hammerstein, Kern)
"Man I Love" (Gershwin, Gershwin)
"Little Girl Blue" (Hart, Rodgers)

"She Loves Me" (Harnick, Bock)

Marian McPartland – Gene Harris
Recorded Janary 21, 1988
Broadcast November 19, 1988
Prob. Re-broadcast November 14, 1998
Re-Broadcast August 30, 2018

Marian McPartland – Valerie Capers

Recorded  August 5, 1997
Broadcast Winter 1998
Re-broadcast October 17, 2000
Re-broadcast July 1, 2016
Valerie Capers p, voc
"It Could Happen To You" (Van Huesen, Burke)
"Round Midnight" (Monk)
"Isn't It Romantic" (Rodgers, Hart)
"Lament" (J.J. Johnson)
"Duke's Place" (Ellington, Roberts, Thiele, Katz)
"The Entertainer" (Joplin)
"He's Chosen Me" (Capers)
"Embraceable You" (G. and I. Gershwin)
"Scrapple From The Apple" (Parker)

Marian McPartland - Regina Carter
Broadcast 1998
Regina Carter violin
Lady be good
Squatty Roo
Body and soul
God bless the child
Tico Tico
Free improvisation
Don’t explain
Don’t get around much anymore

Marian McPartland - Onaje Allan Gumbs

Broadcast winter 1998
Re-broadcast September 18, 2015
Onaje Allan Gumbs p
“The First Time We Met” (Gumbs)
“Maybe next year” (Gumbs)
“Meditation” (Gimbel)
“The Eyes Of Wisdom” (Gumbs)
“Delicate balance” (McPartland)
“Remember their innocence” (Gumbs)
“My One And Only Love” (Wood)
“One Morning In May” (Carmichael)
“Surrey with the fringe on top” (Hammerstein-Rodgers)

Marian McPartland - Roy Hargrove

Broadcast Winter 1998
Re-broadcast October 24, 2014
Roy Hargrove tp
"There'll Never Be Another You" (Warren, Gordon)
"Chameleon" (Hancock, Jackson)
"I Remember Clifford" (Johnson, DePaul, Raye)
"I Remember April" (Ellington, Mills, Irving)
"Threnody" (McPartland)
"Never Let Me Go" (Livingston, Evans)
"Portrait Of Roy Hargrove" (McPartland)
"End Of A Love Affair" (Redding)
"I Wish I Knew" (Warren, Mack)
"Free Piece" (McPartland, Hargrove)
"Ballad For The Children" (Hargrove)
"You And The Night And The Music" (Dietz, Schwartz)

Marian McPartland - Joe Bushkin

Broadcast 1998
Re-broadcast May 30, 2014
Joe Bushkin p
"Oh, Look At Me Now" (Bushkin, DeVries)
"Manhattan/California Here I Come" (Rodgers, Hart, DeSilva, Jolson)
"Emily" (Mandel, Mercer)
"They Can't Take That Away From Me" (Gershwin)
"Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin" (Bushkin, DeVries)
"I've Got A Crush On You" (Gershwin)
"Like Someone In Love" (Burke, VanHeusen)
"Here's That Rainy Day" (Burke, VanHeusen)

Marian McPartland - Freddie Cole

Broadcast Winter 1998
Re-broadcast September 26, 2014
Freddie Cole p, voc
"Sometimes I'm Happy" (Grey, Youmans, Caesar)
"It Could Happen to You" (Burke, VanHeusen)
"I Didn't Mean to Love You" (Butler, Phillip)
"We've Only Just Begun" (Williams, Nichols)
"I'm Glad There's You" (Coleman, Coleman)
"Polka Dots and Moonbeams" (Burke, VanHeusen)
"Afternoon" (Fields, Hall)
"Just One More Chance" (Johnston, Coslow)
"In the Middle of A" (Coslow)
"You're Sensational" (Porter)
"You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To" (Porter)
"You're Everything" (Corea, Potter)
"My Hat's on the Side of My Head" (Woods, Hulbert)
"Everything I Have Is Yours" (Adamson, Lane)
"Guilty" (Akst, Whiting, Kahn)
"I'll Be Seeing You" (Kahal, Fain)

Marian McPartland – Loston Harris

Broadcast spring 1999
Re-Broadcast December 30, 2016
Loston Harris p, voc
"Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You" (Razaf, Redman)
"I Just Can't See For Looking" (Robinson, Stanford)
"Tea For Two" (Youmans, Caesar)
"Absolutely No One But You" (Harris, Greenberg)
"In The Days Of Our Love" (McPartland)
"This Time The Dream's On Me" (Arlen, Mercer)
"Nancy (With The Laughing Face)" (Van Heusen, Silvers)
"Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me" (Ellington, Russell)
"Come Dance With Me" (Cahn, Van Heusen)

"Bluesology" (Jackson)

Marian McPartland - Diane Reeves

Recorded November 19, 1998
Broadcast May 4, 1999
Re-broadcast May 1, 2007
Re-broadcast May 13, 2011
Re-broadcast March 28, 2014
Diane Reeves voc
"Million Dollar Secret" (Bihari, Humes)
"That's All" (Brandt, Haymes)
"Exactly Like You" (Fields, McHugh)
"Some Other Spring" (Herzog, Kitchings)
"Portrait of Diane Reeves" (McPartland)
"Close Enough for Love" (Mandel, Williams)
"Old Country" (Adderley, Lewis)
"Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise" (Romberg, Hammerstein)

Marian McPartland - Don Byron

Broadcast May 11, 1999
Re-Broadcast July 9, 2018
Don Byron cl
"Perdido" (Drake, Lengsfelder, Tizol)
"Mood Indigo" (Ellington, Bigard, Mills)
"Klezmer Music" (Traditional)
"Lotus Blossom" (Strayhorn)
"All Too Soon" (Ellington, Sigman)
"Jubilee Stomp" (Ellington)
"Dizzy Fingers" (Confrey)
"Free Piece" (McPartland, Byron)

"Main Stem" (Ellington)



Marian McPartland – Les Paul

Recorded January 28, 1999, at Avatar Studios, New York.
Broadcast June 1, 1999
Re-broadcast August 14, 2009
Re-broadcast July 3, 2014
Lou Paulo b / Paul Nowinsky dr
"Summertime" (George Gershwin)
"Deed I Do" (Walter Hirsh, Fred Rose)
"I Can't Get Started" (Vernon Duke)
"I Found a New Baby" (Jack Palmer, Spencer Williams)
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (Harold Arlen)
"Just One More Chance" (Les Paul)
"How High the Moon" (Morgan Lewis)

Marian McPartland – Chucho Valdes

Broadcast June 8, 1999
Re-broadcast October 7, 2016
Chucho Valdes p
"My Romance" (Rodgers, Hart)
"Embraceable You" (Gershwin, Gershwin)
"Blue Monk" (Monk)
"It Never Entered My Mind" (Rodgers, Hart)
"Waltz For Debby" (Evans)
"Liza" (Gershwin, Gershwin, Kahn)
"Mambo Influenciado" (Valdés)
"Claudia" (Valdés)
"Caravan" (Ellington, Tizol, Mills)

Note: according to October 7, 2016 broadcast this was first broadcast in the fall of 2000.

Marian McPartland – James Williams
Broadcast 1999
James Williams p
Come Sunday
Take The Coltrane
All To Soon
Don't Get Around Much Anymore
Reflections In D (Ellington)
Clothed Woman
It Don't Mean A Thing

Marian McPartland – Cassandra Wilson

Recorded NYC, Museum Of Television And Radio prob. 1999
Broadcast March or April 1999
Re-broadcast October 17, 2014
Cassandra Wilson voc / Peter Washington b
"Surrey With The Fringe On Top" (Rodgers, Hammerstein)
"I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face" (Lerner, Loewe)
"Old Devil Moon" (Harburg, Lane)
"Moon Song" (Coslow, Johnston)
"Blue Skies" (Berlin)
"Autumn Nocturne" (Gannon)
"I'm Old Fashioned" (Kern, Mercer)

Marian McPartland – Clare Hansson
Recorded February 10, 1999
Broadcast prob. 1999
Clare Hansson p
I'll Remember April (P. Johnson, D. Raye, G. DePaul)
In a Mist (B. Beiderbecke)
A Foggy Day in London Town (G. Gershwin)
Black & White Rag (Bushicouis)
A Delicate Balance (M. McParltand)
My Romance (R. Rodgers)
Portrait of Marian (C. Hannson)
All the Things You Are (J. Kern, O. Hammerstein)
Green Dolphin Street (B. Capers, N. Washington)

Marian McPartland - Rachel Z

Recorded April 30, 1999
Broadcast prob. 1999
Re-Broadcast May 9, 2014
Re-Broadcast July 30, 2018
Rachel Z p
"Gently Sleeps The Pear Tree" (Nicolazzo)
"Artemisia" (Nicolazzo)
"Footprints" (Shorter)
"What's Your Story Morning Glory?" (Lawrence, Webster, Williams)
"Autumn Leaves" (Kozma, Mercer, Prevert)
"Bodhisattva" (Nicolazzo)
"A Room Of One's Own" (Nicolazzo)
"All The Things You Are" (Hammerstein, Kern)

Marian McPartland – Jackie Cain

Recorded 1999
Broadcast Fall 1999
Re-broadcast February 20, 2015
Jackie Cain voc / Dean Johnson b
"I'm Confessin' That I Love You" (Neiburg, Reynolds, Dougherty)
"You're Blasé" (Ord, Sievier)
"There Will Never Be Another You" (Gordon, Warren)
"Where Are The Good Companions?" (Wilder)
"Remember My Child" (Wilder, Engvick)
"Days Of Our Love" (McPartland, Lee)
"Wait 'Til You See Her" (Rodgers, Hart)
"Portrait Of Jackie Cain" (McPartland)
"You Don't Know What Love Is" (DePaul, Raye)

Marian McPartland - Kyle Eastwood

Broadcast fall 1999
Re-broadcast October 23, 2015
Kyle Eastwood b, voc
“Swingin’ ‘till the girls come home” (Pettiford)
“In a sentimental mood” (Ellington)
“Stella by starlight” (Young)
“Folks who live on a hill” (Hammerstein-Kern)
“All blues” (Davis)
“Nardis” (Davis)
“Turn around” (Coleman)
“Blue in green” (Davis)
“Oleo” (Rollins)

Marian McPartland – Teri Thornton

Recorded 1999
Broadcast fall 1999
Re-broadcast October 31, 2000
Re-broadcast November 3, 2017
"East Of The Sun" (Bowman)
"I'll Be Easy To Find" (Howard)
"Castles In The Sand" (Marks, McPartland)
"I Can't Get Started" (Duke, Gershwin)
"Lord's Prayer" (Thornton)
"Salty Mama" (Thornton)
"I Dig Music" (Thornton)
"This Time the Dream's On Me" (Arlen, Mercer)
"I'll Be Seeing You" (Fain, Kahal)

Marian McPartland - Barbara Lea

Broadcast fall 1999
Re-broadcast April 8, 2016
Barbara Lea voc
“Lazy bones” (Carmichael-Mercer)
“Heart and soul” (Carmichael,Loesser)
“The nearness of you” (Carmichael,Washington)
“Two sleepy people” (Carmichael,Loesser)
“I get along with you” (Carmichael)
“One Morning in May” (Carmichael)
“Winter moon” (McPartland)
“In the cool, cool, cool of the evening” (Carmichael,Mercer)
“Stardust” (Carmichael,Parish)

Marian McPartland – Mike Longo

Recorded prob. 1999
Broadcast winter 1999
Re-broadcast April 22, 2016
Mike Longo p
“Stella by starlight” (Washington,Young)
“Con alma” (Gillespie)
“Softly as in the morning sunrise” (Hammerstein,Romberg)
“Dizzy” (McPartland)
“Sweet and lovely” (Arnheim,Daniels,Tobias)
“Ill wind” (Arlen,Koehler)
“The shadow of your smile” (Mandel,Webster)
“Conflict of interest” (Longo)
“Dawn of a new day” (Longo)
“Oleo” (Rollins)

Marian McPartland – Harry Sweets Edison
Recorded 1999 Sunset Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Broadcast Winter 1999
Re-broadcast May 14, 2018
Harry Sweets Edison tp / Andy Simpkins b
"Mean To Me" (Ahlert, Turk)
"Dejection Blues" (Brown)
"Sunday" (Conn, Krueger, Miller)
"In a Sentimental Mood" (Ellington)
"No Greater Love" (Jones, Symes)
"I Wish I Knew" (Gordon, Warren)
"Warm Valley" (Ellington)
"Centerpiece" (Hendricks, Edison)

Marian McPartland – Marlene verPlanck
Recorded prob. 1999
Broadcast 1999
Re-Broadcast August 20, 2018
Marlene verPlanck voc
"End of a Beautiful Friendship" (D. Kahn, S.H. Styne)
"Taking A Chance On Love" (Duke, Fetter, LaTouche)
"The Winter of My Discontent" (A. Wilder)
"Willow Creek" (McGlohon, McPartland)
"Detour Ahead" (J. Frigo, L. Carter, H. Ellis)
"Don't Worry About Me" (Bloom, Koehler)
"Blackberry Winter" (A. Wilder, L. McGlohon)
"A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" (Maschwitz, Sherman)

“Our Love Is Here to Stay” (G. & I. Gershwin)