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NPR Piano Jazz 1 1979-1989

NPR Piano Jazz - - A SESSIONGRAPHY  part I 1979 - 1989

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No generations' gap - Marian and Norah
(hope the owner of copyright won't mind to see this here)

compiled by Dr. Michael Frohne

Let's start with some explanational words. Although there are some information in the
www, no real research on this subject has been done yet. This is the start -
hopefully it will be continued - as long as I'm not dead I will do the job. Being 70 now, days are getting shorter.... But one of the next generation of jazz fans will continue - I'm sure.

The SESSIONGRAPHY - I like to call it like that because only a few records and lp's were issued and so this is a better expression than discography - contains in order of first broadcast date:

correct recording dates
correct dates of first broadcast
correct dates of re-broadcasts
personnel - without mentioning host and piano player Marian McPartland
all titles with composers given in brackets
information about outtakes
all lp and cd issues - covers will follow soon

In some cases the data has to be verified - so feel free to send corrections.

If titles bear " " signs I have the program in my collection as CD-Rom. If there are no
signs I still search for it. In most cases for these I added the original covers of the shows broadcast on NPR. I have more covers but they will be insert when I receive the broadcast.

Be aware that the Frank Zappa entry is a April's fool joke.

There are still many programs with unknown artists (I will do my best to fill the gaps). There are still some known programs with unknown dates. In both cases I cry for help.

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Part I  - first ten years 1979 - 1989

Marian McPartland – Dr. Billy Taylor

Recorded October 9, 1978
Broadcast April 1, 1979
Re-broadcast April 4, 2009
Dr. Billy Taylor p
"Minor Blues" [Billy Taylor's Theme] (Taylor)
"C A G" (Taylor)
"All the Things You Are" (Hammerstein/Kern)
"I Didn't Know What Time It Was" (Rodgers/Hart)
"Capricious" (Taylor)
"Ambiance" (McPartland)
"I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free" (Taylor)
Some other spring (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Barbara Carroll

Recorded October 10, 1978
Broadcast April 8, 1979
Re-broadcast July 2, 2018
Barbara Carroll p
"Barbara's Carol" (Carroll)
"Dancing on the Ceiling" (Hart, Rodgers)
"Isn't She Lovely" (Wonder)
"In Some Other World" (Carroll)
"Just the Way You Are" (Carroll, Revel)
"Laura" (Raskin)
"Blues Blues" (Carroll)
"Satin Doll/How High the Moon" (Ellington, Mercer)
Unknown (outtakes)

Marian McPartland – Dick Hyman
Recorded October 31, 1978
Broadcast April 15, 1979
Dick Hyman p
You go to my head
Black and blue
Carolina shout
Morning air
Who cares?
Free thing
Take, oh take those lips away
A child is born
Lover come back to me
Do do do (outtake)

Marian McPartland – John Lewis

Recorded October 30, 1978
Broadcast April 22, 1979
Re-broadcast January 1, 2010
John Lewis p
"Blues" (J. Lewis)
"Blues" (J. Lewis, M. McPartland)
"Donna Lee" (C. Parker)
"Django" (J. Lewis)
"Delaunay's Dilemma" (J. Lewis)
"Mariana" (J. Lewis)
"Afternoon in Paris" (J. Lewis)
"Prelude to a Kiss" (D. Ellington, I. Mills, I. Gordon)
"Stompin' at the Savoy" (B. Goodman, E. Sampson, C. Webb)
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Bobby Short

Recorded November 5, 1978
Broadcast April 29, 1979
Re-broadcast July 17, 2009
Re-broadcast September 9, 2011
Bobby Short p, voc
"Camptown Races" (Foster)
"Where Are You" (Adamson/McHugh)
"Isn't It a Pity" (Gershwin/Gershwin)
"Warm Valley" (Ellington)
"Shout 'Em Aunt Tilley" (Ellington/Mills)
"Sophisticated Lady" (Ellington/Mills/Mitchell)
"Let's Make Memories Tonight" (Nash)
"I Hear a Rhapsody" (Sprague)
"Roundabout" (Duke/Nash)
"M & B Blues" (McPartland/Short)
It’s a lovely day tomorrow (outtake)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12010 (lp)

Marian McPartland - Teddy Wilson

Recorded November 5, 1978
Broadcast May 6, 1979
Re-broadcast October 18, 2005
Teddy Wilson p
"Stompin' at The Savoy" (Goodman, Samson, Web)
"Sophisticated Lady/Don’t Get Around Much Anymore" (Ellington,
Mills, Parrish/ Ellington, Russell)
"I'll Remember April" (DePaul, Johnston, Raye)
"Lush Life/Take the A-Train" (Strayhorn)
"Improv on an 8 Note Theme" (McPartland)
"Moonglow" (DeLange, Hudson, Mills)
"Flying Home" (Carter, Hampton, Sydney)
Unknown outtakes

All without outtakes on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12002 (lp), TJA-12052-2 (cd)

Marian McPartland – Mary Lou Williams

Recorded October 8, 1978
Broadcast May 13, 1979
Re-broadcast May 6, 2010
Re-broadcast March 7, 2014
Mary Lou Williams p / Ronnie Boykins b
"Space playing Blues" (M. L. Williams)
"Baby Man" (J. Stubblefield)
"What’s Your story morning glory?" (M. L. Williams)
"Scratchin' in the Gravel" (M. L. Williams)
"Medi No.2" (M.L. Williams)
"Rosa Mae" (M.L. Williams)
"Caravan" (E.K. Ellington, I. Mills, J. Tizol)
"I can’t get started" (M. L. Williams)
"The Jeep Is Jumpin'" (E.K. Ellington, J. Hodge)
"Exit Playing" (M.L. Williams)
Unknown outtakes

All without outtakes on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12019 (lp), TJA-12045-2 (cd)

Marian McPartland – Ellis Larkins

Recorded November 5, 1978
Broadcast May 20, 1979
Re-broadcast May 4, 2012
Ellis Larkins p
"What's New?" (E. Larkins)
"Blues in the Night" (H. Arlen, T. Koehler)
"Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" (H. Arlen, T. Koehler)
"Perfume and Rain" (E. Larkins)
"Perfidia" (B.A. Dominguez, A. Leeds)
"Squeeze Me" (E.K. Ellington, L. Gaines)
"All Too Soon" (E.K. Ellington, C. Sigman)
"Jazz Piece for One Piano (Four Hands)" (E. Larkins, M. McPartland)
"Don't Get Around Much Anymore" (E.K. Ellington, B. Russell)

Marian McPartland – Bill Evans

Recorded November 6, 1978
Broadcast May 27, 1979
Re-broadcast October 8, 2010
Re-broadcast January 25, 2013
Bill Evans p
"Waltz for Debby" (Evans)
"All of You" (Porter)
"In Your Own Sweet Way" (Brubeck)
"Touch of Your Lips" (Noble)
"Reflections in D" (Ellington)
"Days of Wine and Roses" (Mancini, Mercer)
"This Is All I Ask" (Jenkins)
"While We're Young" (Wilder, Palitz, Engvick)
"I love you" (Porter)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12004 (lp), TJA-12038-2 (cd)

Marian McPartland – Chick Corea
Recorded March 4, 1979
Broadcast June 3, 1979
Chick Corea p
Some time ago
Portrait of Chick Corea
Portrait of Marian McPartland
Easy to love
Gondola piece
Two piano conversation
Nevermind blues
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Tommy Flanagan
Recorded March 5, 1979
Broadcast June 10, 1979
Tommy Flanagan p
Our delight
Smooth as the wind
Moon and sand
Something borrowed, something blues
I’ve got a crush on you
Blues in the closet – Swingin ‘till the girls come home
Easy livin’
Lady bird

Marian McPartland – Joanne Brackeen
Recorded March 18, 1979
Broadcast June 17, 1979
Joanne Brackeen p
In a sentimental mood
Giant steps
Internation-al festival
Like someone in love
Jazzz improvisation
In  a circle
That old devil moon
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Dave McKenna
Recorded March 19, 1979
Broadcast June 24, 1979
Dave McKenna p
So blue
Silk stockings
A gal in Galica
Dream dancing
Easy to remember
I’ll be around
Fish and chips
All my tomorrows
In a mist
Fish and chips blues

Marian McPartland – Eubie Blake

Recorded December 15, 1979
Broadcast in October 5, 1980
Re-broadcast February 5, 2010
Re-broadcast October 19, 2012
Eubie Blake p
"Betty Washboard Rag" (R. Kreve)
"Marian's Waltz" (J.H. Blake)
"You're Lucky to Me" (J.H. Blake, A. Razaf)
"Charleston Rag" (J.H. Blake)
"Dream Rag" (J.H. Blake)
"For the Last Time Call Me Sweetheart" (A. Johns)
"The Star Spangled Banner"
"Falling in Love With Someone" (V. Herbert, R. Young)
"Kiss Me Again" (V. Herbert, H. Blossom)
"St. Louis Blues" (W.C. Handy)
"I'm Just Wild About Harry" (E. Blake, N. Sissle)
"Gypsy Sweetheart" (V. Herbert, H. Smith)
Unknown outtakes

All without outtakes on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12006 (lp)

Marian McPartland – Jay McShann

Recorded December 16, 1979
Broadcast November 9, 1980
Re-broadcast April 24, 2007
Jay McShann p
“Vine Street Boogie” (McShann)
“Georgia” (Carmichael, Gorrell)
“Deed I Do” (Hersch, Rose)
“Living Backstreet for You” (Lee)
“My Chile (Child)” (McShann)
“Ain't Nobody's Business” (Grainger,Williams, Prince)
“What's Your Story Morning Glory” (Williams, Lawrence, Webster)
“Lady Be Good” (G. & I. Gershwin)
“Confessin The Blues” (McShann, Brown)
Lady be good (outtake)

All without outtakes onThe Jazz Alliance TJA-12030 (lp)

Marian McPartland – Hazel Scott

Recorded November 26, 1979
Broadcast October 12, 1980
Re-broadcast June 10, 2011
Re-broadcast June 12, 2015
Hazel Scott p
"Memories of You" (E. Blake, A. Razaf)
"Do Nothing 'Til You Hear from Me" (E.K. Ellington, Russell)
"Ghost of Yesterday" (A. Herzog, I. Kitchings)
"Some Other Spring" (A. Herzog, I. Kitchings)
"Don't Misunderstand" (G. Parks)
"Kool Bongo" (M. Williams)
"I Hadn't Anyone 'Til You" (R. Noble)
"Soon" (G. Gershwin, I. Gershwin)
"All Too Soon" (E.K. Ellington, S. Carl)
“Fine and dandy” (Swift)
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland - Cedar Walton

Recorded March 29, 1980
Broadcast October 19, 1980
Re-broadcast February 7, 2014
Cedar Walton p
"N.P.S." (Walton)
"My Ship" (I. Gershwin,Weill)
"Fantasy In D" (Walton)
"Lover Man" (Ramirez, Davis,Sherman)
"I Didn't Know What Time It Was" (Hart,Rodgers)
"Warm To The Touch" (Walton)
"Moon Song" (Johnston,Coslow)
"Without A Song" (Eliscu,Rose,Youmans)
Someone in love (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Hank Jones
Recorded November 25, 1979
Broadcast October 26, 1980
Hank Jones p
Oh, what a beautiful morning
Keeping out of mischief now
In a sentimental mood
Prelude to a kiss
The very thought of you
You took advantage of me
There’l be other times
St. Louis blues
Easy to love (outtake)

Marian McPartland – George Shearing
Recorded November 24, 1979
Broadcast November 2, 1980
George Shearing p
Dream dancing
My shining hour
Free thing
Lullaby of Birdland
Delius prelude
Have you met Miss Jones
In the days of our love
Unidentified song
Unknown outtakes


Marian McPartland – Roy Kral
Recorded December 17, 1979
Broadcast November 16, 1980
Roy Kral p
I’ll see you again
Yardbird suite
Anypone can whistle
Who can I turn to
Indian love call
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Patti Bown

Recorded March 28, 1980
Broadcast November 23, 1980
Re-broadcast July 28, 2017
Patti Bown p
"I Love You More Today than Yesterday" (Upton)
"Giant Steps" (Coltrane)
"What Am I Here For" (Ellington)
"G'wan Train" (Bown)
"Gone with the Wind" (Albert, Young)
"Oh My Darling, How I Love You" (Bown)
"Someday My Prince Will Come" (Morey, Churchill)
"I Can't Get Started" (Duke, Gershwin)
"Boogie Woogies" (Bown, McPartland)
"There'll Never Be Another You" (Weir)
Gone with the wind (outtake)

Note: Correct title of "Boogie Woogies" is possibly "Boogie Woogie in C"

Marian McPartland – Duke Jordan

Recorded March 27, 1980
Broadcast November 30, 1980
Re-broadcast April 10, 2007
Re-broadcast June 30, 2017
Duke Jordan p
"I Should Care" (Stordahl, Weston, Cahn)
"I'll Remember April" (Raye, DePaul, Johnston)
"Two Loves" (Jordan)
"Out Of Nowhere" (Heyman, Green)
"How Deep Is The Ocean" (Berlin)
"Jordu" (Jordan)
"Come Rain Or Come Shine" (Arlen, Mercer)
"Groovin' High" (Gillespie, Parker)

Marian McPartland – Sir Roland Hanna
Recorded September 28, 1980
Broadcast December 2, 1980
Sir Roland Hanna p
Limhosue blues
While we’re young
I love you so
Chelsea bridge
Blues for Sarka
This can’t be love
Yesterdays (outtake)
Blues (outtake)

Marian McPartland - Oscar Peterson

Recorded June 2, 1980
Broadcast December 7, 1980
Oscar Peterson p
"Old folks" (Hill-Robison)
"Place St.Henri" (Peterson)
"Like someone in love" (Burke-Van Heusen)
"Body and soul" (Eyton-Green-Heyman-Sour)
"Emily" (Mercer-Mandel)
"Take the A train" (Strayhorn)
"Falling in love with love" (Hart-Rodgers)
"Willow creek" (McGlohon-McPartland)
"Cotton tail" (Ellington)
Unknown outtakes

All without outtakes on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12028 (lp), TJA-12033-2 (cd)

Marian McPartland – Barry Harris
Recorded September 28, 1980
Broadcast December 14, 1980
Barry Harris p
I’ll keep loving you
It could happen to you
In memory of Bill Evans
Jeepers creepers
I love Lucy theme
Silent pool
Sure thing
Donna Lee
Unknown outtakes


Marian McPartland – Ramsey Lewis
Recorded September 29, 1980
Broadcast December 28, 1980
Ramsey Lewis p
After the rain
Just the way you are
The in-crowd
Don’t get around much anymore
With you I’m born again
God rest ye merry gentlemen
All in love is fair
Swinging till the girls come home
Unknown outtakes

It seems there were no programs aired between January 1, 1981 and
March 1982

Marian McPartland – Cy Coleman
Recorded July 1, 1981
Braodcast April 4, 1982
Cy Coleman p
The best is yet to come
I’m going to laugh you out of my life
The colors of my life
At least I tried
By threes
Real live girl
Why try to change me now
If my friends could see me now
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Stanley Cowell
Recorded June 26, 1981
Broadcast April 11, 1982
Stanley Cowell p
Improvised blues
Stella by starlight
Round midnight
Watergate blues
You took advantage of me
God bless the child
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Johnny Guarnieri
Recorded December 2, 1981
Broadcast April 18, 1982
Johnny Guarnieri p
Maple leaf rag
Taking Chopin in stride
Them there eyes
My funny Valentine
Ain’t misbehavin’
Jitterbug waltz
The great Fred Harding circus shout
Willow creek
Find and dandy
The gypsy in my soul (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Alice Coltrane

Recorded December 4, 1981
Broadcast April 25, 1982
Re-broadcast September 23, 2011
Re-broadcast February 28, 2014
Alice Coltrane p
"Transfiguration" (A. Coltrane)
"Prema (Divine Love)" (A. Coltrane)
"Miles' Mode" (J. Coltrane)
"One for the Father" (A. Coltrane)
"Giant Steps" (J. Coltrane)
"Prelude, Opus 27" (F. Chopin)
"Naima" (J. Coltrane)
"Blues Minor" (J. Coltrane)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12020 (lp, cd)

Marian McPartland – Jaki Byard
Recorded August 31, 1981
Broadcast May 2, 1982
Jaki Byard p
Sweet Georgia Brown
Why did I choose you
In your own sweet way
Black and blue
To them to us
All the things you are
Al too soon
From this moment on
Ode to Billy Joe (outtake)
Sophisticated lady (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Dick Wellstood
Recorded June 27, 1981
Broadcast May 9, 1992
Dick Wellstood p
Ain't Misbehavin'
Medley: Snowy Morning Blues/Carolina Shout
Lulu's Back In Town
Medley: Prelude To Kiss/Sophisticated Lady/Perdido/Caravan
'Deed I Do
Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
Detour Ahead
Fine And Dandy
There’s a small hotel (outtake)
So in love with you rag (outtake)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12007 (lp)

Marian McPartland – Ray Bryant

Recorded August 29, 1981
Broadcast May 16, 1982
Re-broadcast August 5, 2011
Ray Bryant p
"Take the 'A' Train" (B. Strayhorn)
"Slow Freight" (R. Bryant)
"Lady Bird" (T. Dameron)
"Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child" (Trad.)
"Like Someone in Love" (J. Van Heusen, J. Burke)
"Little Susie" (R. Bryant)
"It Never Entered My Mind" (R. Rodgers, L. Hart)
"Billie's Bounce" (C. Parker)
Lullaby (outtake)
I hear a rhapsody (outtake)
My one and only love (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Norma Teagarden
Recorded November 30, 1981
Broadcast November 30, 1981
Norma Teadarden p
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
The man I love
Possumm and taters rag
Tickled to death
Love is just around the corner
Stars fell on Alabama
Nickel nabber blues
Almost like being in love
Rocking chair
C jam blues
Hundred years from today (outtake)
Rocking chair (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Roger Kellaway
Recorded December 3, 1981 (Los Angeles)
Broadcast May 30, 1982
Roger Kellaway p
I’m gettting sentimental over you
Have you met Miss Jones
Remembering you
When I grow to old to dream
Free Improvsation
I see your face before me
Three little words
Blues all over your grace (outtake)
A look in the mirror (outtake)
I’ll remember April (outtake)

Marian McPartland – John Bunch
Recorded September 1, 1981
Broadcast June 6, 1982
John Bunch p
Keeping out of mischief now
My man’s gone away
Cheek to cheek
I’m old fashioned
Don’t get around much anymore
Who cares
B-minor waltz
St. Louis blues
You’ve changed (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Randy Weston
Recorded August 28, 1981
Broadcast June 13, 1982
Re-broadcast July 16, 1995
Re-broadcast May 23, 2006
Randy Weston p
Night In M'Bari (Weston)
Blue Moses (Weston)
Hi-Fly (Weston)
Prelude to a Kiss (Ellington, Mills, Gordon)
Pam's Waltz (Weston)
Little Niles (Weston)
C-Jam Blues (Ellington)
The healers (outtake)
Buenos Consecha (outtake)
Berkshire blues (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Jess Stacy

Recorded December 1, 1981 (Los Angeles)
Broadcast June 20, 1982
Re-Broadcast July 23, 1995
Re-Broadcast August 6, 2018
Jess Stacy p
Re-Broadcast August 6, 2018
Jess Stacy p
"Dancing Fool" (Snyder, Smith, Wheeler)
"Lover Man" (Ramirez, Davis, Sherman)
"Oh baby" (DeSylva-Donaldson)
"Keepin' Out of Mischief Now" (Waller, Razaf)
"Improv in A minor"
"Autumn in New York" (Duke)
"I Would Do Most Anything For You" (Mack)
"Moon Mist" (Ellington)
"Moon Mist" (Ellington)
"Heavy Hearted Blues" (Feather)
"St. Louis Blues" (Handy)
The one I love belongs to somebody else (outtake)
Clap yo’ hands (outtake)
After all (outtake)

All without outtakes on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12017 (lp)

Marian McPartland – Jimmy Rowles
Recorded June 30, 1981
Broadcast June 27, 1982
Jimmy Rowles p
Jitterbug waltz
Poor butterfly
You started something
Tea for two
Castle in the sand
Cotton tail
My Linda Lou (outtake)
Restless (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Dudley Moore
Recorded June 13, 1983
Broadcast October 8, 1983
Dudley Moore p
The way you look tonight I
The way you look tonight II
Long ago and far away
They all laughed
Charles’ theme – Nickey’s theme
Exactly like you
On a slowboat to China
Free Improvisation
Portrait of Dudley Moore
Nice work if you can get it
I’m beginning to see the light (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Marie Marcus

Recorded May 5, 1983
Broadcast October 15, 1983
Re-broadcast January 23, 2007
Re-broadcast April 11, 2014
Marie Marcus p
Fats Waller Medley: "Ain't Misbehavin'" (Waller, Brooks, Razaf),
"Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now" (Waller, Razaf), "Squeeze Me" (Waller,
"After You've Gone" (Layton, Creamer)
"Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans" (Alter, DeLange)
"St. Louis Blues" (WC Handy)
"Struttin' With Some Barbecue" (Hardin, Raye)
"Walkin' In Savannah" (Casher)
"Louisiana" (Johnson, Schaffer)
"Why Did I Choose You" (Leonard, Martin)
"That's A Plenty" (Gilbert, Pollack)

Marian McPartland – Joe Bushkin
Recorded June 15, 1983 (Los Angeles)
Broadcast October 22, 1983
Joe Bushkin p
I can’t get started
They can’t take that away from me
I’ve got a crush on you
Oh look at me now
Someone to watch over me
ThenI’ll be tired of you
Gershwin medley: Bess – It ain’t necessarily so – Summertime – The
man I love
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – McCoy Tyner

Recorded May 4, 1983
Broadcast October 29, 1983
Re-broadcast July 30, 1995
Re-broadcast September 12, 2008
McCoy Tyner p
"The Greeting" (Tyner)
"Prelude to a Kiss" (Ellington, Mills, Gordon)
"Take the A Train" (Strayhorn)
"Lazy Bird" (Coltrane)
"Naima" (Coltrane)
"Fly with the Wind" (Tyner)
"Improvisation" (Tyner, McPartland)
"Deep in a Dream" (Van Heusen, DeLange)
"Passion Dance" (Tyner)

Marian McPartland – Steve Allen
Recorded June 2, 1983
Broadcast November 5, 1983
Steve Allen p
Like someone in love
Stars fell on Alabama
You can depend on me
You go to my head
Until the real thing comes along
I don’t stand a ghost of a chance
Under a blanket of blue
Victory march
Everything’s coming up roses
Happy days are here again
Cocktails for two
Spring in Maine
Dream girl
This could be the start of something big

Marian McPartland – Monty Alexander
Recorded May 31, 1983
Broadcast November 12, 1983
Monty Alexander p
St. Thomas
Close enough for love
The shadow of your smile
Thre is no greater love
How insensitive
What’ll I do
Things ain’t what they used to be
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Albert Dailey

Recorded June 3, 1983
Broadcast November 19, 1983
Re-broadcast November 18, 2011
Albert Dailey p
"Dailey Double" (Dailey)
"Indecision" (Dailey)
"Gone With The Wind" (Wrubel)
"If You Could See Me Now" (Dameron)
"A Night In Tunisia" (Gillespie, Paparelli)
"Pogo" (Dailey)
"Last Night When We Were Young"
"Just One Of Those Things" (Porter)
Get happy (outtake)




Marian McPartland – Derek Smith
Recorded June 14, 1983 (Los Angeles)
Broadcast December 17, 1983
Derek Smith p
Dream dancing
Sweet Lorraine
How about you
A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square
People will say we’re in love
Autumnn leaves
Alone together
I poured my heart into a song
Sweet Georgia Brown
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Valerie Capers
Recorded June 1, 1983
Broadcast November 26, 1983
Valerie Capers p
Send in the clowns
Memories of you
They can’t take that away from me
Wig thig bod and major too
Jitterbug waltz
Lush life
Polka dots and moonbeams
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Adam Markovicz
Recorded May 3, 1983
Broadcast December 3, 1988
Adam Markovicz p
You do something to me
Just friends
Original #7
Nice work if you can get it
Time after time
A child is born
Orinigal #3 (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Dorothy Donegan

Recorded May 6, 1983
Broadcast December 10, 1983
Re-broadcast January 18, 2005
Re-broadcast April 7, 2017
Dorothy Donegan p
"Stormy Weather" (Arlen, Koehler)
"Darn That Dream" (Van Heusen, DeLange)
"Lullaby Of Birdland" (Shearing, Weiss)
"Shadow Of Your Smile" (Mandel, Webster)
"Just In Time" (Comden, Green, Styne)
"I Can't Get Started" (Duke, Gershwin) - "Sweet Lorraine" (Burwell,Parish)
"Lady Is A Tramp" (Rodgers, Hart)
"It's The Talk Of The Town" (Livingston, Neiburg, Symes)
"Rosetta" (Hines, Woode)
"Little Rock Getaway" (Sullivan)
It’s the talk of the town (outtake)


Marian McPartland – Richie Beirach
Recorded June 6, 1983
Broadcast December 24, 1983
Richie Beirach p
Some other time
Blue and green
All blues
In the days of your love
Softly as in the morning sunrise
Pendulum (outtakes)

Marian McPartland – Ross Tompkins
Recorded June 16, 1983
Broadcast December 31, 1983
Re-broadcast May 29, 2007
Ross Tompkins p
Every Time we Say Goodbye
Like Someone In Love
You And The Night And The Music
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
Just Squeeze Me
Where Is Your Heart
This Time The Dream's On Me
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Glad To Be Happy
It's You Or No One

Marian McPartland – Dave Brubeck

Broadcast March 23, 1984
Dave Brubeck p
“St. Louis blues” (Handy)
“Thank you” (Brubeck)
“The Duke” (Brubeck)
“In your own seet way” (Brubeck)
“One moment worth years” (Brubeck)
“Summer song” (Brubeck)
“Free piece” (Brubeck)
“Polytonal blues” (Brubeck)
“Take five” (Desmond)

The Jazz Alliance TJA-12043 (lp), TJA-12043-2 (cd)

Marian McPartland – Joyce Collins
Broadcast 1984

Marian McPartland - Art Hodes

Broadcast fall 1984
Re-broadcast December 24, 2015
Art Hodes p
“Washboard blues” (Carmichael-Mills-Callahan)
“St. Louis blues” (Handy)
“Watermelon man” (Hancock)
“Someone to watch over me” (Gerhswin)
“The preacher” (Silver)
“Grandpa’s spells” (Morton)
“Do you know what is means to Miss New Orleans” (Alter-DeLange)
“Black and blue” (Waller-Razaf-Brooks)
“Liza” (Gershwin-Kahn)

Marian McPartland – Richard Rodney Bennett

Marian McPartland – George Wein
Broadcast 1984

Marian McPartland – Clare Fischer
Broadcast 1984

Marian McPartland – Roger Williams
Broadcast 1984

Marian McPartland – Joanne Grauer
Broadcast 1984

Marian McPartland – Peter Nero
Broadcast 1984

Marian McPartland – Steve Kuhn

Marian McPartland – Makoto Ozone

Broadcast fall 1984
Re-broadcast October 27, 2017
Makoto Ozone p
"Love for Sale" (Porter)
"Chrystal Love" (Ozone)
"Corcovado" (Jobim, Lees)
"Here's That Rainy Day" (Van Heusen, Burke)
"Sonata: 3rd Movement" (Ozone)
"Everything Happens to Me" (Dennis, Adair)
"Ill Wind" (Arlen, Koehler)

"You Stepped Out of a Dream" (Brown, Kahn)

Marian McPartland – Dardanelle Hadley

Broadcast Fall 1984
Re-broadcast March 27, 2015
Dardanell Hadley vib
"All The Things You Are" (Kern, Hammerstein)
"My One And Only Love" (Wood, I. Mellin)
"Crazy Rhythm" (Meyer, Kahn, Caesar)
"For A Girl" (Carter)
"You Do Something To Me" (Porter)
"Look To The Sky" (Jobim)
"Ode To A Rose"
"It's Delovely" (Porter)
"Sand In My Shoes" (Schertziner, Loesser)
"Get Happy" (Arlen, Kohler)

Marian McPartland – Frank Kimbrough

Marian McPartland – James Williams
Broadcast 1984
James Williams p
Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
Unknown title
Inner Urge
Unknown title
Unknown title
Groovin' High
Unknown title

Marian McPartland – Dave Frishberg


Marian McPartland – Shirley Horn

Recorded December 11, 1984
Broadcast prob. 1985
Shirley Horn p, voc
“Our Love Is Here To Stay”
“I Could Have Told You”
“Billie's Bounce”
“Blood Count”
“Love You Madly”
“Violets For Your Furs”
“There's No You”
“I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry”
“Shirley's Blues”

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12053-2 (cd)

Marian McPartland – Dizzy Gillespie

Recorded January 29, 1985
broadcast prob. 1985
Re-broadcast July 25, 2008

Re-broadcast December 29, 2017
Dizzy Gillespie tp
"Con Alma" (D. Gillespie)
"In a Mellow Tone" (D. Ellington)
"On the Alamo" (I. Jones)
"Manteca" (D. Gillespie)
"Profile of the Diz" (M. McPartland)
"Round Midnight" (T. Monk)
"Profile of the Diz II" (M. McPartland)
"Night in Tunisia" (D. Gillespie)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12005 (lp), TJA-12042 (cd)

Marian McPartland – Ahmad Jamal

Recorded in 1985
Broadcast prob. 1985
Re-broadcast August 29, 2008
Re-broadcast March 3, 2017
Ahmad Jamal p
"Spain" (Jamal)
"Without You" (Jamal)
"Ill Wind" (Kohler, Arlen)
"But Not for Me" (G. & I. Gershwin)
"Close Enough for Love" (Mandel, Williams)
"Polka Dots and Moonbeams" (Burke, Van Heusen)
"Firefly" (Jamal)
"Poinciana" (Bernier, Simon)
"Woody 'n' You" (Gillespie)

Marian McPartland – Blossom Dearie

Recorded 1985
Broadcast 1985
Re-broadcast October 30, 2009
Re-broadcast September 28, 2012
Blossom Dearie voc
"My New Celebrity Is You" (J. Mercer)
"I'm Shadowing You" (J. Mercer, B. Dearie)
"Surrey With the Fringe on Top" (R. Rogers, O. Hammerstein)
"Inside a Silent Tear" (B. Dearie, A. King)
"Bye Bye Country Boy" (B. Dearie, J. Segal)
"Everything I've Got Is Yours" (R. Rodgers, L. Hart)
"The Things We Did Last Summer" (S. Cahn, J. Styne)
"If I Were a Bell" (F. Loesser)

Marian McPartland – George Wallington

Broadcast spring 1985
Re-broadcast October 30, 2015
George Wallington p
“Soap bubbles” (Wallington)
“Oh foolish leaf” (Wallington)
“One kiss” (Romberg-Hammerstein)
“I saw stars” (Goodhart-Hoffman-Sigler)
“Heart of hearts” (Wallington)
“Godchild” (Wallington)
“Franca (A warm conversion)” (Wallington)
“As time goes by” (Hupfeld)
“ Poor Pierrot” (Kern-Harbach)
“Fine and dandy” (Swift-DePaul)

Marian McPartland – Carmen McRae

Recorded March 11, 1985
Re-broadcast April 10, 2015
Carmen McRae voc
"I'm Pulling Through" (Kitchings, Herzog)
"Sweet Lorraine" (Burwell, Parish)
"I Never Felt This Way Before" (Ellington)
"Theme For Carmen" (McPartland)
"As Time Goes By" (Hupfeld)
"Carmen's Blues" (McPartland, McRae)
"As Long As I Live" (Arlen)
"Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry" (Cahn, Styne)
"I Hadn't Anyone Till You" (Noble)
"Embraceable You" (Gershwin)
"Old Devil Moon" (Harburg, Lane)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12039-2 (cd)

Marian McPartland – Cleo Brown

Broadcast April 7, 1985
Re-Broadcast April 9, 2018
Cleo Brown voc, p
"(Lookie Lookie Lookie) Here Comes Cookie" (Gordon)
"That Fat Gal's Blue" (Brown)
"Pinetop's Boogie-Woogie" (Smith)
"Come Sunday" (Ellington)
"This is My Day" (Brown)
"A Closer Walk with Thee" (Traditional)
"You're a Heavenly Thing" (Little, Young)
"I'm So Glad, Dear Jesus, that You're In Love with Me" (Brown)
"Silent Night" (Traditional)

"When the Saints Go Marching In" (Traditional)

Marian McPartland – Henry Mancini

Recorded March 14, 1985
Broadcast May 29, 1985
Re-broadcast September 18, 2008
Re-broadcast April 17, 2015
"Two for the Road" (H. Mancini, L. Bricusse)
"Meggie's Theme" (H. Mancini)
"The Pink Panther" (H. Mancini)
"Mr. Lucky" (H. Mancini)
"Dreamsville" (H. Mancini, R. Evans, J. Livingston)
"Charade" (H. Mancini, J. Mercer)
"Days of Wine and Roses" (H. Mancini, J. Mercer)
"Moon River" (H. Mancini, J. Mercer)
"Baby Elephant Walk" (H. Mancini)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12024 (lp)

Marian McPartland – Bill Dobbins
Broadcast 1985

Marian McPartland – Walter Bishop jr.
Broadcast 1986

Marian McPartland – Paul Smith
Broadcast 1986

Marian McPartland – Pete Jolly

Broadcast Spring 1986
Re-broadcast November 7, 2014
Pete Jolly p
"While My Lady Sleeps" (Kaper)
"Never Never Land" (Styne, Comden, Green)
"I Hear A Rhapsody" (Fragos, Baker, Gasparre)
"Close Enough For Love" (Mandel, Williams)
"Dearly Beloved" (Coltrane)
"You And The Night And The Music" (Schwartz, Dietz)
"Barbados" (Parker)
"New Orleans" (Carmichael)
"Oleo" (Rollins)

Marian McPartland - Sammy Price

Broadcast spring 1986
Re-broadcast October 9, 2015
Sammy Price p
“Honeysuckle rose” (Waller-Razaf)
“Begin the beguine” (Porter)
“Squeeze me” (Ellington-Gaines)
“All too soon” (Ellington-Sigman)
“St. Louis blues” (Handy)
“Get happy” (Arlen-Koehler)
“Everything I love” (Porter)
“Boogie woogie” (Price)
“Star eyes” (DePaul-Raye)

Marian McPartland – Sarah Vaughan

Recorded January 17, 1986
Broadcast May 8, 1986
Re-broadcast July 18, 2008
Re-broadcast June 10, 2016
Sarah Vaughan voc
"Misty" (Burke, Garner)
"You are So Beautiful" (Fisher, Preston)
"Nice Work If You Can Get It" (G. Gershwin, I. Gershwin)
"Tenderly" (Fields, McHugh)
"My Funny Valentine" (Hart, Rodgers)
"East of the Sun" (Bowman)
"I Can't Get Started" (Duke, Gershwin)
"There'll Be Other Times" (McPartland, Jones)
"Poor Butterfly" (Hubbell)
"Swingin' Till the Girls Come Home" (Pettiford)
"If You Could See Me Now" (Dameron, Sigman)

Marian McPartland – Nellie Lutcher

Recorded January 30, 1986
Broadcast June 5, 1986
Re-broadcast October 9, 2007

Re-broadcast November 18, 2016
Nellie Lutcher voc
"Hurry On Down" (Lutcher)
"Keepin' Out Of Mischief" (Waller, Razaf)
"Tea For Two" (Youmans, Caesar)
"Birth Of The Blues" (Henderson, DeSylva, Brown)
"My Little Boy" (Lutcher)
"Sophisticated Lady" (Ellington, Mills, Parish)
"Real Gone Guy" (Lutcher)
"I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues" (Arlen, Koehler)
"Love Is The Sweetest Thing" (Noble)

"The Song Is Ended" (Berlin)

Marian McPartland – Mel Torme
Broadcast 1986
Mel Torme voc
Walking My Baby Back Home
I'm Just A Stranger in Town
Born To Be Blue
Too Late Now
I Remember You
Autumn Nocturne
Pick Yourself Up
Time After Time

Marian McPartland – Kenny Barron
Broadcast September 1987
Kenny Barron p
Like Someone In Love
The Star Crossed Lovers
Cotton Tail
Light Blue
Misterioso (Monk)

Marian McPartland – Roy Eldridge

Recorded August 18 or 21, 1986
Broadcast January 8, 1987
Roy Eldridge tp, p
"Fast Boogie" (Roy Eldridge)
"Ball of Fire" (Roy Eldridge, Gene Krupa)
"Petite Laitue" (Roy Eldridge)
"Rockin' Chair" (Hoagy Carmichael)
"I Want a Little Girl" (Murray Mencher, B. Moll)
"Indian Summer" (Victor Herbert, Al Dubin)
"M & R Blues" (Marian McPartland, Roy Eldridge)

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12025 (lp, cd)

Marian McPartland – Michel Petrucciani

Recorded August 21, 1986
Broadcast January 22, 1987
Re-broadcast August 7, 2009
Re-broadcast December 24, 2014
Michel Petrucciani p
"In a Sentimental Mood" (D. Ellington)
"The Prayer" (M. Petrucciani)
"Turn Around" (H. Belafonte, A. Greene, M. Reynolds)
"The Night We Called It a Day" (M. Dennis, T. Adair)
"My Funny Valentine" (R. Rodgers, L. Hart)
"Giant Steps" (J. Coltrane)
"Night and Day" (C. Porter)

Marian McPartland – Judy Roberts
Recorded August 26, 1986
Broadcast January 29, 1987
Judy Roberts p
Sweet Lorraine
You are there
Honeysuckle rose
I’ve got a crush on you
My heart belongs to Daddy
Days of our love
Blue Monk
You are there (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Cecil Taylor

Recorded September 9, 1986
Broadcast February 5, 1987
Cecil Taylor p, voc
“Mountain Eyes”
“Free thing”
Improvisation on five notes
“G-minor on "Get out of town"
“No title improvisation”
“Chelsea bridge”
“The Iridescence”
“All Right?”
“Always More”

Marian McPartland – George Shearing

Recorded November 12, 1986
Broadcast February 12, 1987
Re-broadcast November 20, 2009
Re-broadcast June 8, 2012
George Shearing p
"Little Man You've Had a Busy Day" (A. Hoffman, M. Sigler, M. Wayne)
"Yesterdays" (O. Harbach, J. Kern)
"I've Got You Under My Skin" (C. Porter)
"Glad to Be Unhappy" (R. Rodgers, L. Hart)
"After You" (C. Porter)
"We'll Be Together Again" (C. Fischer, F. Laine)
"Silent Pool" (M. McPartland)
"Indiana" (J. Hanley, B. McDonald)
Free Improvisation (outtake)
Unknown song (outtake)

Marian McPartland - Mulgrew Miller
Recorded August 19, 1986
Broadcast February 19, 1987
Mulgrew Miller p
Song for Damell
Would you like to take a walk
What is this thing called love
I wished on the moon
Night and day
Warm valley
Someday my prince will come
I surrender dear
Blues in two flats

Marian McPartland – Butch Thompson
Recorded August 29, 1986
Broadcast February 26, 1987
Butch Thompson p
Ecuadorian memories
Crooked blues
If I could be with you
Easy street
Keepin’ out of mischief now
Snowy morning blues
All of me

Marian McPartland – Carol Britto
Recorded September 8, 1985
Broadcast March 5, 1987
Carol Britto p
A child is born
Stolen moment
I hear a rhapsody
Just a closer walk with thee
My bells – Con alma
Some other time
Stompin’ at the Savoy

Marian McPartland – Larry Novak
Recorded August 25, 1986
Broadcast March 12, 1987
Larry Novak p
Too late now
I’m a fool to want you
Gee baby, ain’t I god to you
Little princess
All in love is fair
Alone together

Marian McPartland – James Dapogny
Recorded August 28, 1986
Broadcast March 19, 1987
James Dapogny p
Bert Williams
Wilson and Magnolia
The devil and the deep blue sea
Do you know what is means to miss New Orleans
Cottontail rag
Wolverine blue
Cottage for sale

Marian McPartland – Oliver Jones
Recorded September 11, 1986
Broadcast March 26, 1987
Oliver Jones p
Street of dreams
Here comes the summer
Cheek to chekk
In love in vain
How about you
Comething for Chuck
My old flame
Straight no chaser

Marian McPartland – Herbie Hancock

Recorded January 3, 1987
Broadcast April 2, 1987
Re-broadcast August 15, 2008
Re-broadcast November 25, 2011
Re-broadcast January 31, 2014
Herbie Hancock p
"Chan's Song" (Hancock, Corea)
"Dolphin Dance" (Hancock)
"Limehouse Blues" (P. Braham, D. Furber)
"Still Time" (Hancock)
"Easy to Love" (C. Porter)
"Free Thing 'Improv'" (McPartland, Hancock)
"It Never Entered My Mind" (Rodgers, Hart)
"That Old Black Magic" (Arlen, Mercer)
Maiden voyage (outtake)
Time and time again (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Gerry Mulligan

Recorded January 7, 1987
Broadcast April 9, 1987
Re-broadcast June 19, 2015
Gerry Mulligan bs, p
“Ontet” (Mulligan)
“Good Neighbour Thelonious” (Mulligan)
“Maybe September”
“Line for Lyons” (Mulligan)
“Lonesome Boulevard” (Mulligan
“Flying” (Mulligan)
“The Real Thing” (Mulligan)
“Moonlight in Vermont” (Blackburn-Suessdorf)
“I'll Be Around” (Wilder)
“Blues Angst” (McPartland-Mulligan)
Gone (outtake)
Darn that dream (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Diane Schuur
Recorded January 26, 1987
Broadcast April 16, 1987
Diane Schuur voc, p
All the things you are
I can’t believe that you’re in love with me
In the days of our love
Musical portrait of deedles
It’s impossible
Life goes on
Castles in the sand
It don’t mean a thing

Marian McPartland – Gary Burton
Recorded December 16, 1986
Broadcast April 23, 1987
Gary Burton vib, p
Falling grace
Turn out the stars
How deep is the ocean
O grande amor
Like someone in love
But beautiful
The night has a thousand eyes
Beautiful love (outtake)
Stella by starlight (outtake)

Marian McPartland - Danny Zeitlin
Recorded December 15, 1986
Broadcast April 30, 1987
Danny Zeitlin p
Country fair
Quiet now
What is this thing called love
All of you
Conversation (outtake)
I cover the waterfront (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Chick Corea

Recorded January 27, 1987 Mad Hatter’s Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Broadcast May 7, 1989
Re-broadcast August 8, 2006
Re-broadcast September 26, 2008
Chick Corea keyboards
"I Hear a Rhapsody" (Baker, Fregos, Gasparre)
"Round Midnight" (Monk, Williams, Hanighen)
"On Green Dolphin Street" (Kaper, Washington)
"Don't Blame Me" (Fields, McHugh)
"Crystal Silence" (Corea, Porter)
"Arpeggio" (Corea)
"What Is This Thing Called Love" (C. Porter)
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Dave Grusin
Recorded November 14, 1986
Broadcast May 14, 1987
Dave Grusin p
Theme from St. Elesewhere
It might be you
Stella by starlight
Onn golden pond
Get along little doggie
On Green Dolphin street
Blood count
I’ll remember April
Time and time again (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Patrice Rushen

Recorded January 28, 1987
Broadcast May 21, 1987
Re-broadcast August 25, 2017
Patrice Rushen p
"Night in Tunisia" (Gillespie, Paparelli)
"Ocean Song" (Rushen)
"Mean to Me" (Ahlert, Turk)
"So Many Things" (McPartland)
"Improvisation" (McPartland, Rushen)
"Take the A Train" (Strayhorn)
"What's Your Story, Morning Glory?" (William, Laurence, Webster)

"Autumn Leaves" (Kosma, Mercer, Prevert)

Marian McPartland – Ellis Marsalis
Recorded December 17, 1986
Broadcast May 28, 1987
Ellis Marsalis p
Fourth autumn
Lady Bird - Half Nelson
I’m confessin’ that I love you
Lush life
Afternoon in Paris
A Delicate balance
Blue and boogie
Isfahan (outtake)

Marian McPartland – John Colianni
Recorded January 6, 1987
Broadcast June 4, 1987
John Colianni p
Slow blues
Pick yourself up
Melancholy mood
Long ago and far away
Jitterbug waltz
Everything I love
It’s so peaceful in the country
Get happy

Marian McPartland – Peter Duchin
Recorded November 13, 1986
Broadcast June 11, 1987
Peter Duchin p
Sleeping bee
Somewhere to watch over me
Satin doll
It never entered my mind
What is this thing called love
Killing me softly
You’d be so nice to come home to
Time on my hands
Blues in the closet
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Jane Jarvis
Recorded December 18, 1986
Broadcast June 18, 1987
Jane Jarvis p
The bounder
The more I see you
Echoes of yesterday
I’ve got you under my skin
Take me out to the ball game
I’ll be around
They can’t take that away from me
J & M blues
My funny Valentine (outtake)

Marian McPartland – Ram Ramirez
Recorded December 19, 1985
Broadcast June 25, 1987
Ram Ramirez p
Mad about you
Lotus blossom – Up jumped spring
Lullaby in rhythm
After all
When lights are low
The man I love
Lover man
Lover man
Lover man
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Phineas Newborn
Broadcast 1987
Phineas Newborn p
Willow Weep For Me
All The Things You Are
Embracable You
Prelude To A Kiss
Take The A Train

Marian McPartland – Kenny Kirkland
Broadcast 1987
Kenny Kirkland p
“Dream of the blue turtles”
“Just you, just me”
“We work the black seam”
“Dolphin dance” (Hancock)
“Crystal silence” (Corea)
“Softly as in the morning sunrise”
“Ambiance” (McPartland)

“Billie’s bounce” (Parker)

Marian McPartland – Hilton Ruiz

Recorded October 19, 1987
Broadcast 1988
Re-broadcast October 31, 2006

Re-broadcast November 27, 2015
Hilton Ruiz p
"Home Coming" (Ruiz)
"Gemini" (Heath)
"If I Were A Bell" (Loesser)
"There's No You" (Adair, Hopper)
"It's Easy To Remember" (Hart, Rodgers)
"Mary's Waltz" (H. Nichols)
"Have You Met Miss Jones" (Hart, Rodgers)
"Soon" (Hart, Rodgers)
"I'll Remember April" (DePaul, Johnston, Raye)

1988-0000  (Attention this is nothing but an April fool’s joke)
Marian McPartland – Frank Zappa

Broadcast beginning 1988
Frank Zappa g, voc / Bobby Martin p / Scott Thunes b / Chad
Wackerman dr
Peaches En Regalia
Oh No
Zoot Allures
G. W.
Stolen Moments
Twenty Small Cigars
King Kong. 


Marian McPartland – Claude Bolling
Recorded October 21, 1987
Broadcast April 9, 1988
Claude Bolling p
Etude in blue
Carolina shout
Autumn leaves
St. Louis blues
Tiger rag
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – John Dankworth
Recorded November 7, 1987
Broadcast April 16, 1988
John Dankworth p, sax
Fred Astaire medley
Lady be good
Theh Duke
I fall in love too easily
The days of wine and roses
Body and soul
Melancholy mood
J.D.’s blues
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Michael Feinstein
Recorded January 12, 1988
Broadcast April 23, 1988
Michael Feinstein, p, voc
Someone to watch over me
I can’t get started
Blame it on my youth
The very thought of you
By Strauss
How about you
What’ll I do
What’ll I do
This is new
As long as I live
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Henry Butler
Recorded October 20, 1987
Broadcast April 30, 1988
Henry Butler voc, p
Improvisations on an Afghanistan theme
L.A. Samba
Body and soul
Blue room
Things ain’t what they used to be
The breaks
I want Jesus to walk with me
The man I love
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Eliane Elias

Recorded November 16, 1987
Broadcast May 7, 1988
Re-Broadcast April 23, 2018
Eliane Elias p
"Darn that Dream" (DeLange, Van Heusen)
"Beautiful Love" (Gillespie, King, Van Alstyne)
"Choro" (Jobim)
"Days of Our Love" (McPartland, Lee)
"Falling in Love with Love" (Rodgers, Hart)
"All the Things You Are" (Kern, Hammerstein)
"Liza" (Hancock)
"Indian Summer" (Dubin, Herbert)
"Have You Met Miss Jones?" (Rodgers, Hart)

Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland - Muhal Richard Abrams
Recorded October 16, 1987
Broadcast May 14, 1988
Muhal Richard Abrams p
You took advantage of me
All too soon
Reflections in D
Time into space into time
Point of departure
What am I here for

Marian McPartland – Judy Carmichael
Recorded October 22, 1987
Broadcast May 21, 1988
Judy Carmichael p
Honeysuckle rose
Alligator crawl
Jive at five
Someday sweetheart
Keepin’ out of mischief now
I would do anything for you
Love is just around the corner
Memories of you
California here I come

Marian McPartland – Harold Mabern
Recorded October 15, 1987
Broadcast May 28, 1988
Harold Mabern p
Dat dere
Raintree country
I’ve got the world on a string
In the blue of the evening
In love with vain
To Wane
I’ll string along without you very well
Nice work if you can get it
Lullaby of Broadway

1988-0611 or 1988-0618
Marian McPartland – Marcus Roberts
Recorded January 18, 1988
Broadcast June 11, 1988
Marcus Roberts p
Blue Monk
In walked Bud
Round midnight
Memories of you
The truth is spoken here
Time and time again
Straight no chaser

1988-0618  or  1988-0611
Marian McPartland – George Cables
Recorded January 11, 1988
Broadcast June 11, 1988
George Cables p
Embraceable you
Helen’s song
A foggy day
It never entered my mind
Over the rainbow
I told you so
Sweet Rita suite
Ship without a sail
There will never be another you
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Dick Katz
Recorded November 13, 1987
Broadcast June 25, 1988
Dick Katz p
Such sweet thunder (Star crossed lovers)
Monk’s mood
Friday the 13th
Some other spring
When lights are low
Lotus blossom
The devil and the deep blue sea
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Sharon Freeman

Recorded November 12, 1987
Broadcast July 2, 1988
Re-broadcast July 26, 2005
Re-broadcast May 8, 2015
Sharon Freeman frh
"Waltz For Achim" (Freeman)
"Heaven" (Ellington)
"Shiny Stockings" (Foster)
"Scratchin' In The Gravel" (Williams)
"All Blues" (Davis)
"Body And Soul" (Green, Heyman)
"Stella By Starlight" (Young, Washington)
"Then I'll Be Tired Of You" (Harburg, Schwartz)
"Roll 'Em" (Williams)


Marian McPartland – Judy Collins
Recorded January 25, 1988
Broadcast October 8, 1988
Judy Collins voc, p
Trust your heart
Where or when
Both sides now
My father
Days of our love
Send in the clowns
Portrait of Judy
They can’t take that away from me

Marian McPartland – Harry Connick jr.
Recorded April 22, 1988
Broadcast October 15, 1988
Harry Connick jr. p, voc
Our love is here to stay
Birth of the blues
New Orleans
Little clown
East of the sun
Basin Street blues
Into each life some rain must fall
Straight no chaser
Unknown outtakes


Marian McPartland – Nadine Jansen

Recorded January 13, 1988
Broadcast October 29, 1988
Re-broadcast February 22, 2005
Re-broadcast March 21, 2014
Nadine Jansen p, flh
"Yours Is My Heart Alone" (Herzer, Leher)
"I Thought About You" (Mercer, Van Heusen)
"Nadine's Blues" (Jansen, McPartland)
"Dream Of You" (Lunceford, Moran)
"Like Someone In Love" (Burke, Van Heusen)
"Little Sunflower" (F. Hubbard)
"Just Friends" (Klenner, Lewis)
"Yesterdays" (Kern, Harbach)
"How Deep Is The Ocean" (Irving Berlin)
"S'Wonderful" (G. & I. Gershwin)
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland - Paul Shaffer

Recorded April 25, 1988
Broadcast November 5, 1988
Re-broadcast January 9, 2015
Paul Shaffer p
"All The Things You Are" (Kern, Hammerstein)
"Emily" (Mercer)
"Isn't She Lovely" (Wonder)
"Room With A View" (Fulsom, McCord)
"All In Love Is Fair" (Wonder)
"Watermelon Man" (Hancock, Gloria)
"Portrait Of Paul Shaffer" (McPartland)
"My Favorite Things" (Rodgers, Hammerstein)
"Marian And Paul's Blues" (Shaffer, McPartland)
Unknown outtakes


Marian McPartland – Gene Harris

Recorded Janary 21, 1988
Broadcast November 19, 1988
Prob. Re-broadcast November 14, 1998
Re-Broadcast August 30, 2018
Gene Harris p
"Black and Blue" (Styne, Kahn, Waller )
"Georgia On My Mind" (Gorrell, Carmichael)
"Rose Room" (Hickman, Williams)
"Try a Little Tenderness" (Campbell, Connelly, Woods)
"Idaho" (Stone)
"Someone To Watch Over Me" (Gershwin, Gershwin)
"Lady Be Good" (Gershwin, Gershwin)
"At Last" (Warren, Gordon)
"Bag's Groove" (Jackson)

Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Johnny Costa

Recorded January 19, 1988
Broadcast November 26, 1988
Re-broadcast January 17, 2006
Johnny Costa p
"Mr. Rogers' Medley" (Costa, Rogers)
"Begin The Beguine" (Porter)
"Our Love Is Here To Stay" (George, Ira Gershwin)
"Love Walked In" (George, Ira Gershwin)
"My Funny Valentine" (Hart, Rodgers)
"Tea For Two Potpourri" (Irving, Youmans)
"How Long Has This Been Going On?" (George, Ira Gershwin)
"Love For Sale" (Porter)

Marian McPartland – Bob Thompson
Recorded April 21, 1988
Broadcast December 3, 1988
Bob Thompson p
On the horizon
New river blue
A flower is a lovesome thing
Crazy horse blues
I remember Clifford
Just friends
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Rose Murphy

Recorded July 23, 1988
Broadcast December 10, 1988
Re-broadcast April 29, 2016
Rose Murphy voc
“Cecilia” (Dreyer,Ruby)
“Time on my hands” (Adamson,Gordon,Youmans)
“Satin doll” (Ellington,Mercer,Strayhorn)
“Blue moon” (Rodgers,Hart)
“Jitterbug waltz” (Waller)
“I can’t give you anything but love” (Fields,McHugh)
“My blue heaven” (Donaldson,Whiting)
“In the blue of the evening” (Adair,D’Artega)
“What to do” (Murphy)
“There’ll be other times” (McPartland)
“St. Louis blues” (Handy)

Marian McPartland – Mose Allison

Recorded June 22, 1988
Broadcast December 17, 1988
Re-broadcast April 5, 2013
Re-broadcast March 31, 2017
Mose Allison p, voc
"Somebody’s Gonna have to Move" (M. Allison)
"Perfect Moments" (M. Allison)
"Blue Lou" (I. Mills, E. Sampson)
"Everything Happens To Me" (T. Adair, M. Dennis)
"Tennessee Waltz" (P. King, R. Stewart)
"Hymn To Everything" (M. Allison)
"Marian's Improv" (M. McPartland)
"Don't Get Around Much Anymore" (S. Russell, E.K. Ellington)
"One Morning In May" (M. Parish, H. Carmichael)
"No Trouble Living" (M. Allison)
"Your Red Wagon" (G. DePaul, R. Jones, D. Raye)
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Lee Shaw
Recorded January 20, 1988
Broadcast December 24, 19988
Lee Shaw p
Nice work if you can get it
Chelsea bridge
Shiny stockings
Oh, what a beautiful morning
Wrap your troubles in dreams
Just you just me
After you
It’s a lovely day tomorrow
Secret love
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Leonard Feather

Recorded January 15, 1988
Broadcast December 31, 1988
Re-broadcast September 16, 2016
Leonard Feather p
Blues Medley: "Mighty Like The Blues," "Blues Before Dawn"
Blues Medley: "Low Flame," "Blues At Mary Lou's" (Feather)
"Lost In The Stars" (Weill, Anderson)
"Some Other Spring" (Kitchings, Herzog)
"Whisper Not" (Feather)
"Sweet Lorraine" (Burwell, Parish)
"Lonesome As The Night Is Long" (Feather)
"Ambiance" (McPartland)
"Heavy Hearted Blues" (Feather)
"This Is New" (Weill, Gershwin)
"One O'Clock Jump/Blues In F" (Basie)

Marian McPartland – Lionel Hampton

Recorded January 12, 1989
Broadcast April 8, 1989
Re-broadcast April 11, 2008
Re-broadcast May 22, 2015
Lionel Hampton vib, p
"Teach me tonight"
"Sweet Georgia Brown"
"Midnight sun"
"How high the moon"
"What’s new"
"Mack the knife"
"Flying home"
Unknown outtakes

All on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12029 (lp), TJA-12046-2 (cd)

Marian McPartland – John Lewis

Recorded December 12, 1988
Broadcast April 15, 1989
Re-broadcast November 11, 2011
Re-broadcast December 28, 2012
John Lewis p
"Milano" (Lewis)
"A bid of two spades" (Bach, arr.Lewis)
"Afternoon in Paris" (Lewis)
"Django" (Lewis)
"Delaunay’s dilemma" (Lewis)
"Round midnight" (Monk)
"Two degrees East, Three degrees West" (Lewis)
"All too soon" (Ellington, Sigman)
"I’ll remember April" (DePaul)

Marian McPartland – Peter Schickele
Recorded January 5, 1989
Broadcast April 22, 1989
Peter Schickele p
Cool boogie blues
Two teeny prludes
Bags’ groove
Yes, we have no bananas
Elegy for Lenny
Medley: Three Shakespeare songs
Duet (Improvisation)
C Jam blues
Unknown outtakes


Marian McPartland – Dr. John

Recorded January 19, 1989
Broadcast May 5 or 6, 1989
Re-broadcast October 29, 2010
Re-broadcast October 12, 2012
Dr. John p, voc
"Right Place, Wrong Time" (M. Rebennack)
"Pine Top Boogie" (P. Smith, C. Kenner)
"Do You Know What It Means (To Miss New Orleans)" (L. Alter, E.
"Struttin' With Some BBQ"  (L. Armstrong)
"Makin' Whoopie From Whoopee"  (G. Kahn, W. Donaldson)
"Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin'" (L. Jordon, J. Greene)
"Big Chief" (H.R. Byrd)
"Tin Roof Blues" (P.J. Mares, W. Melrose)
"Swanee River" (S.C. Foster, S. Oliver)
Unknown outtakes


Marian McPartland - Benny Carter
Recorded February 21, 1989
Broadcast May 20, 1989
Benny Carter p
"Easy money"
"Far away"
"Blues in my heart"
"Lonely woman"
"Evening star"
"A kiss from you"
"Key Largo"
"Summer serenade"
"When lights are low"
Unknown outtakes

All except the outtakes on The Jazz Alliance TJA-12015 (lp)

Marian McPartland – Fred Hersch
Recorded December 16, 1988
Broadcast May 27, 1989
Fred Hersch p
Everything I love
One morning in May
Days of our love
I mean you
Portrait of Fred Hersch
Yardbird suite
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Jeannie Cheatham

Recorded February 17, 1989
Broadcast June 3, 1989
Re-broadcast January 13, 2017
Jeannie Cheatham p, voc
"Finance Company Blues" (Cheatham, Cheatham)
"How Long Blues" (Carr, Williams)
"Summertime" (Gershwin, Gershwin, Heyward)
"Black and blue" (Razaf, Waller, Brooks)
"Perdido" (Drake, Lengsfelder, Tizol)
"Midnight Mama" (Cheatham, Cheatham)
"Little Girl Musician"/"Am I Blue" (Gershwin, Akst, Clarke)
"What's Your Story Morning Glory" (Lawrence, Webster, Williams)
"Roll 'Em Pete" (Johnson, Turner)
Unknown outtake

Marian McPartland – Matt Dennis
Recorded February 21, 1989
Broadcast June 10, 1989
Matt Dennis p
Violets for your furs
Love turns winter to spring
Let’s get away from it all
Angel eyes
Never you mind
Everything happens to me
Junior and Julie
Will you still be mine
The night we called it a day
Show me the way to get out of this world

Marian McPartland – Ben Sidran

Recorded January 3, 1989
Broadcast June 17, 1989
Re-Broadcast May 28, 2018
Ben Sidran p
"Get to the Point" (Sidran)
"Mitsubishi Boy" (Sidran)
"Little Sherry" (Sidran, Rouse)
"House of Blue Lights" (Raye, Slack)
"Have You Met Miss Jones" (Rodgers, Hart)
"Willow Weep for Me" (Ronell)
"Piano Players" (Sidran)
"Along Came Betty" (Golson)

"What Is This Thing Called Love" (Porter)

Marian McPartland – Carmen Cavallaro

Recorded January 10, 1989
Broadcast June 24, 1989
Re-broadcast May 5, 2017
Carmen Cavallaro p
"I Get A Kick Out Of You" (Porter)
"I've Got You Under My Skin" (Porter)
"Begin The Beguine" (Porter)
"Puttin' On The Ritz" (Berlin)
"Lover, Love Me Tonight" (Rodgers, Hart)
"Poinciana" (Berner, Simon)
"I've Got A Crush On You" (Gershwin, Gershwin)
"Serenata" (Anderson)
"Delores My Own" (Cavallaro, Lamar)
"Gone With The Wind" (Boland, Bowman)

"Lover Come Back To Me" (Hammerstein, Romberg)
Unknown outtakes

Marian McPartland – Donald Brown
Recorded December 20, 1988
Broadcast July 1, 1989
Donald Brown p
If I should lose you
Nature’s folk song
Speak low
You go to my head
I should care
Swingin’ ‘till the girls come home
Quiet nights
My one and only love
It’s you or no one
Unknown outtakes


Marian McPartland Pat Moran McCoy
Broadcast July 14, 1989
Pat Moran McCoy voc

Marian McPartland - Tommy Flanagan
Broadcast 1989
Tommy Flanagan p
That Tired routine called love
Indian summer
Then I'll be tired of you
Glad to be unhappy
What's new
Au privave (Parker)


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