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Kenny Clarke
The Kenny Clarke discography is available as revised edition.
Now as CD-Rom.
Added are cover scans of many, many records. New information about live-recordings, new issues on CD, DVD etc. And many new photos.
Price € 40 + postage

Kenny Clarke Introduction
As you may know, the biography of Kenny “Klook” Clarke, written by the well-known jazz journalist Mike Hennessey, was first published in English in 1990. As an appendix, there was an incomplete discography which contained a number of errors. Also, many many CD and LP recordings were missing.
The opportunity to produce a comprehensive discography arose when Hannibal Verlag decided to publish a German-language edition of Mike Hennessey's book. The CD-ROM included with this book contains this discography, listing all the records and compositions recorded by Kenny Clarke throughout his career.
I'm sure there are many jazz fans around the world who don’t understand German and who would think twice about buying the book just to acquire the discography. Because of this, I have produced a extra version of the discography which combines full details of the recordings with a presentation of the album covers - a product which is available on demand.

It was a highly labour-intensive and time-consuming undertaking to combine the record listings with the cover scans.
All cover scans (and the scans from magazines) can be opened by using your own graphic program like Adobe etc.. In doing so the quality is highly improved.

You can easily search the discography for a particular artist, a title, a date or location or a particular record with your text program.

In the introduction section you will be able to find some links to scans from magazines from all over the world, some rare photos and some advertisements. You can easily use the hyperlinks by pointing. In some cases, photographer credits are given ( Montfort, Sulzer, Hartfelder, Oldenburg, Persson). You might be interested to buy original glossy pictures. I hope that, unlike me, you will be lucky enough to find the addresses. All rights for the photos are kept by photographers or magazines.

Of course, there are a few titles and records which are still missing. If there is no running time of titles given, I still long to buy the record. If there is no cover I still miss it. Hopefully, you will find another edition with corresponding cover art in the listing. In all cases, the scans correspond to my own collection.

Search list

LP Carter, Leola Allegro

78rpm Clarke, Kenny Dee Gee XP 1005 All the things you are
78rpm Dieval, Jack Swing (F) 354
Tape Jam aux Beaux Arts (Brussel) Air Shot (B) TBA 37
EP/Single Marquez, Normando Decca (F) 79531
EP Mitchell, Gail Ducretet Thompson (F) 460 V-500
EP Scott, Hazel Consul (F) CM 2053
LP Waldron, Mal + Grey, Sonny Numera Mai 9/8 I have the Japanese re-issue
LP or CD Wilder, Joe (alt. takes ??) on Savoy ZDS 1191 or Savoy (J) COCY-9019 or Savoy (J) COCY-78271

Additional remark about the lay-out
From time to time it might happen that my tab-stops are not compatible with your printer. If you'd like to see the exact lay-out on your screen, change the printer to hp business inkjet 1200

Any corrections would be highly appreciated. Send your notes by e-mail to michael-frohne@web.de or by snail-mail to

Dr. Michael Frohne
Kirchstr. 7
79787 Lauchringen

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