Montag, 22. Februar 2010

EGO Records 
(numerische Listung)

Das ist keine LP Angebotsliste, es ist nur eine Hilfe für Sammler!
Compiled by Juergen Deeg (with additions by Michael Frohne)

Please note: This is not a sales catalog! It is only a research tool for collectors.

4001 Joe Haider Quartet „Reconciliation“ Rec. 1974

4002 Sal Nistico With Joe Haider „Just For Fun“ Rec. 1976

4003 Leszek Zadlo Quartet „Thoughts“ Rec. 1976

4004 Benny Bailey Quintet „Serenade To A Planet“ Rec. 1977

4005 Vince Benedetti Quartet „The Dewellers On Th High Plateau“ Rec. 1977

4006 Alan Skidmore-Gerd Dudek Quartet „Morning Rise“ Rec. 1977

4007 Fritz Pauer Trio „Water Plants“ Rec. 1977

4008 Stephan Dietz Quartet „Mirrors“ Rec. 1978

4009 Christoph Spendel Solo „Park Street No. 92“ Rec. 1978

4010 Benny Bailey Quintet “East Of Isar“ Rec.1978

4011 S.O.H. „S.O.H.“ Rec. 1979

4012 European Jazz Quintet „European Jazz Quintet“ Rec. 1978

4013 Joe Haider Trio „Katzenvilla“ Rec. 1971 (RI of Spiegelei 28 772-2 U)

4014 Don Friedman Solo „Themes And Variantion“ Rec. 1979

4015 Changes „Home Again“ Rec. 1979

4016 Dave Liebman Quintet „The Last Call“ Rec. 1976

4017 ORF-Bigband „Maurische Anekdoten“ Rec. 1979

4018 Horace Parlan Quintet „One For Wilton“ Rec. 1980

4019 Austria Drei „Austria Drei“ Rec. 1979

4020 Sigi Busch-Alexander Sputh Duo „A New Way Of Living“ Rec. 1980

4021 Dusko Goykovich-Joe Haider Quintet „After A Long Time“ Rec. 1980

4022 Changes „Some More Changes“ Rec. 1980

95080 Portraits (Sampler with exerpts from above; but there is prob. one title which is from an unissued session recorded 1993: Nobody's name Litschie Hrdlicka Group)

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